Big Brother 16 – Week 6 – Live Blog Eviction Results (VIDEOS)

Big Brother 16 Week 6 Eviction Live Blog

Post Show Feeds UPDATE: Christine and Nicole are the new HoH’s. They agreed that Christine will put up Donny and Zack, Nicole will put up Caleb and Victoria.

Team America new mission is to convince someone to go up as a pawn and then get them evicted. All three team members have to participate.

RESULTS: Jocasta and Hayden are evicted. Caleb won HoH for the second eviction. He nominated Donny and Hayden. Donny won Power of Veto and took himself off the block. Caleb put up Nicole. Hayden became the second eviction.

Nicole’s attempt to make a big move, utterly failed. The Detonators still run the house. Specifically, Derrick and Cody are large and in charge. Derrick is the puppet master, and the rest of the house doesn’t even know it. Poor Hayden was completely blindsided. I have to admit, though, I’m glad Zach is still around. He is just too amusing. He’s annoying, but he’s not a villain. At this point, I am losing hope that a big, surprising move can be made in this house. Derrick and Cody appear to be destined to take each other to the end.

Ooooh! Double eviction tonight on Big Brother! Additionally, while the house had been planning all week to evict Zach, last night there was a last minute flip. It looks like Frankie’s BFF will continue to drive his fellow houseguests crazy, while Jocasta heads out the door.

I’ll be live blogging all of the results here.

The Jury begins tonight! The two evicted houseguests, says Julie, will head straight for the Jury House.

The Detonators initially decided to send their fellow alliance member, Zach home, because they didn’t trust him anymore.  Here’s how all that changed.

Frankie freaks out when he walks into the room and Derrick and Cody stop talking. He’s completely paranoid. He grills Derrick to find out what’s going on. The master, Derrick, works to ease his mind. Frankie is afraid there is a three way alliance between Derrick, Cody and Zach. Derrick denies it and adds that Zach might be playing him. “He may have to go home,” says Derrick. In diary, Frankie is sad to vote out Zach, but if the rest of the alliance no longer trusts him he has to go along.

Derrick and Cody try to convince Caleb to vote out Zach. He’s reluctant, because he feels Zach has his back. He gets Derrick thinking about numbers. Maybe the Detonators need to stay together for now. Derrick is thinking that Nicole is playing them. Also, if Zach is evicted, he’ll probably blow up the alliance.

Cody reveals to Christine that Nicole was planning to backdoor Frankie if she used the Veto, and that Christine was her next target. Frankie joins the convo and learns the shocking truth. Nicole and Hayden have been playing them, says Cody. Appalled, they are  now more than willing to keep Zach in the house. Once again, played perfectly by Cody and Derrick.

Julie announces that the double HoH twist is dead. Just for now, because DOUBLE EVICTION. And that tonight’s evictees will join the jury. Julie teases that just because a house guest is out of the house, doesn’t mean they can’t affect the game. Ooh.

Now for the pre-vote pleas. Jocasta praises God yada yada. Zach recites a very sweet Roses are Red Violets are Blue poem. It’s actually pretty cute. Julie: THANK YOU RANCEYPANTS.

The vote:

Donny – Zach
Caleb – Jocasta
Christine – Jocasta
Derrick – Jocasta
Cody – Jocasta
Hayden – Zach
Frankie – Jocasta
Victoria – Jocasta

Finally, a house vote that isn’t unanimous. Jocasta is OUT.

Post eviction interview with Julie: Jocasta is not shocked. “This is what God wanted,” she says, “I’m cool.” Her strategy was upping her social game. She promised her mama that she wouldn’t lie. Julie teases that there MAY be a chance that she’ll get back in the game! A Jury House peep will probably re-enter the house soon.

One HoH will be crowned. The competition, Mathcathalon, are math questions based on events that happened in the house this summer. The answer is more, less or the same as. Caleb, Christine and Zach are the only contestants left after the first question. Zach is eliminated after the second question. Christine and Caleb are left. They both guess the 3rd question, but they both get it right. They guess the 4th question, and CALEB WINS HoH.

Next, Caleb will put up two houseguests for eviction. Who will it be?

After the break, Caleb nominates Hayden and Donny. Ugh. The detonators will rule the house forever. The Power of Veto competition is next, after the break.

Christine, Caleb, Donny, Hayden and Zach are playing. It’s called “Best of Duck.” The players have to dig through some balls to retrieve 3 rubber duckies. The first one to place their ducks in a row wins the competition. Zach pulls out ahead! He gets two ducks in place right away. The others begin finding ducks. Victoria lags as usual, but then Donny PULLS IT OUT! DONNY WINS THE POWER OF VETO. He’ll surely take himself off of the block.

After the break, Donny announces that he will use the Power of Veto to save himself. Caleb chooses Nicole to take his place. NOT A SURPRISE.

Back from break! Time for the live vote. Hayden is hurt that he was left in the dark. He calls out Christine and Frankie for planting the seeds about evicting Frankie. Oops. He compliments Zach on playing a good game. Nicole accuses Frankie and Christine of playing a dirty game.  Hayden looks super nervous. Nicole looks REALLY PISSED.

The vote:

Cody – Nicole
Christine – Hayden
Derrick – Hayden
Donny – Nicole
Frankie – Hayden
Zach – Hayden
Victoria – Hayden

Hayden will be the second houseguest evicted from Big Brother.

“I got boned!” said Hayden. He admits he was totally blindsided. He had no idea that the plan to evict Zach had changed. Hayden is excited to learn he could possibly get back into the house. He only seems mildly interested in continuing a romance with Nicole outside of the house.

Two more HoH will be nominated. We’ll learn the results on Sunday.

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  1. They just had POV I think Caleb will nominate Nichole, and she might be the one evicted.
    Hope Donny is ok, though.
    Glad it went the way it did.

  2. From what I gather a few people in the house still want to work with Nichole and were less trusting of Donny or Hayden. Not sure though.

  3. This are getting interesting Nicole and Christine are the new HoH’s!

  4. It was so hard to stay off the internet to avoid spoilers; the most exciting episode of the season thus far delayed by football? CBS why you do me that way!

  5. Nicole has nominated Caleb and Frankie & Christine has nominated Donny and Zach for evition

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