Big Brother 16 Post Finale Media Roundup (The Talk and More)


It was no shock when Derrick Levasseur took the Big Brother crown this week. He had dominated the game nearly the entire season! On Thursday, the house guests, finally free from quarantine, made the rounds of media outlets.

Here’s an interview Derrick and Frankie Grande sat for Big Brother host Julie Chen and the ladies of The Talk. Frankie addresses the controversial remarks he made about women “choosing to become lesbians” later in life in a discussion that took place on the late night feeds. Hm. He’s backpedalling on what he actually said, with a well rehearsed speech.

Derrick talks about why he didn’t tell his fellow competitors that he was actually a cop. Because nobody in the house really liked cops much. He plans to eventually go back to his job as a police sergeant in Rhode Island when it’s all over. But I suspect he’ll get offers for other reality shows. At the very least, Derrick will get offers to do commentary when Big Brother comes back next summer (its been renewed for 2 years.) After all, Derrick is destined to go down as one of the greatest Big Brother players in the show’s history.

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Here’s Derrick’s exit interview on the official CBS channel, conducted by Jeff Schroeder.

Two days before he entered the house, Derrick almost dropped out because his daughter was having surgery. His wife convinced him to go anyway. Derrick thought strategy 24/7. There wasn’t a decision that he made that didn’t benefit his game in some way. He talks a lot about his fellow hitman, and runner-up, Cody Calafiore. He also elaborates on his relationship with 3rd place finisher, Victoria Rafaeli.

Media interviews:

Derrick tells Zap2it that if the timing was right, he’d be willing to come back for a Big Brother all star edition.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Derrick reveals that if either of the hitmen had brought Victoria to the final two thinking it was an easy win, the jury members made it clear they would have given her the money. Cody and Derrick also pledged that if either reneged on the agreement they made, they wouldn’t vote for each other.

Runner up, Cody Calafiore, tells Zap2it that he doesn’t regret taking Derrick to the final 2. The Team America reveal was a hard pill for Cody to swallow, especially when he learned the amount of money Derrick would be taking home. Also, realizing that the jury looked upon him as Derrick’s pawn was difficult. At that point, he figured he wasn’t going to win. He also discusses his “flirtmance” with Christine. Cody believes that they never crossed the line. He would feel bad if their relationship would have an effect on Christine’s relationship with her husband.

Cody tells Zap2it that he spoke with Christine’s husband after the finale, and he seemed fine. But Christine would not even look his way.

Donny Thompson spills details about his The Bold and the Beautiful role to TV Guide. Man. He REALLY does not like Derrick.

Frankie Grande blah blah blah my sister Ariana blah blah blah blah. in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. I wonder if he realizes yet how much he was disliked by Big Brother fans.

Buzzfeed posted a huge mega interview with all of the contestants, conducted in the backyard media round right after the finale. Victoria believes she could have beaten both Derrick and Cody if she had been sitting next to them. Zach claims that his “showmance” with Frankie was all strategy. Frankie, on the other hand, claims Zach returned a few of his “love bites.” TMI. Hayden and Nicole are actually and truly a couple. They are making plans to maybe move to Chicago together. Amber believes that Caleb’s obsession with her totally ruined her game. She tried to let him down nicely, but in the Big Brother house, there was nowhere to go. Caleb, unbelievably, still believes he has a chance with her. Gah. I hated the way the show just glossed over that whole deal. Caleb literally stalked and harassed Amber. It was gross. Caleb also addressed the hateful stuff he wrote on instagram that came to light before the show premiered. He claims to not remember writing it and points to his behavior in the house, which he believes proves he’s neither racist or homophobic. Frankie explained away the disgusting the rape jokes he made about Victoria as strategy, and an attempt to be “one of the boys” in the house. Ugh. No excuse. I’m sorry.

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