Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (First Week’s Nominees)

Find out which HoH remains in power, as well as the two nominees who remain on the block.

Hello, I’m Steven! I covered the past two seasons of The Amazing Race, and now I will be helping cover Big Brother 16 for this site.

As revealed in tonight’s episode, the twist for this season is that there will be two Heads of Household who will each nominate two houseguests for eviction. However, with a new competition called Battle of the Block, two of the four nominees can save themselves. As a result, the HoH who nominated them will lose his or her power. Frankie and Caleb are the first two HoHs, but which one remains in power?

The Battle of the Block competition has already happened, and Caleb is the HoH still in power. As well, the two nominees still on the block are Paola and Donny. Apparently Frankie had nominated Brittany and Victoria, but those two won the Battle of the Block competition.

The Power of Veto competition is set for tomorrow with Caleb, Paola, Donny, Cody, Zach, and Victoria playing. At the moment, Donny seems to be the target since rumors have spread about him being some sort of secret genius. But of course things can change after the Veto Ceremony.

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