Big Brother 16 Episode 4 – Recap and Discussion

Welcome to another episode of Big Brother 16. Tonight’s episode is the first Power of Veto Competition and meeting of the season. These competitons tend to very entertaining. We start tonight’s episode with what has happened so far in the game. This includes Caleb and Frankie both wining Head of Household and the two nomination ceremonies. We also see highlights of the 1st Battle of Block competition where Frankie’s two nominees (Brittany and Victoria) won therefore taking themselves off the block and also dethroning Frankie. This means that Caleb will remain in the Head of Household position and Paola and Donny remain on the block. Who will win the Power of Veto? We’ll find out tonight.

When the show comes back from the opening credits, we go to Day 6. The houseguests are celebrating the victory of Brittany and Victoria in the Battle of the Block competition. Everyone is seen drinking what is left over from the competition. The action then goes to Donny, Derrick, and Devin talking about what happened in the competition as well. Once Derrick and Devin leave the roo, Paola and Donny talk about their performance in the competition. Paola is disappointed that they didn’t win the competition and wants to save both herself and Donny from being evicted this week. We then go to the Head of Household room where Devin, Caleb, and Frankie think that Donny is a major threat in the game. I’m confused as to where Dvin is going with this. Donny does not seem like a threat to me at all (at least not yet).

We then go to Donny and Devin having a talk about how he is treated by the younger houseguests since he is the oldest. Donny likes that the houseguests have been so kind to him so far  Donny also thinks he is still working with Devin in the game but Devin reminds the viewers that his main alliance is to the Bomb Squad but wants to keep up appearances with Donny. Once this segment is over, we go to the fire bedroom during the nighttime and see that Nicole is still afraid of the ghosts in the Big Brother house. Nicole and Christine then go exploring around the house to make sure that their are no ghosts in the house that could affect their games. After this segment is over we go back to the bomb squad members in the Head of Household room where Devin tries to convince the other members of the Bomb Squad that Donny is not telling them the truth about his occupation. Devin is convinced that he is some kind of “super soldier” while Frankie does not buy it at all. However, Caleb does and decides that Donny should be the target for eviction this week. The show then goes to commercial break.

When the show comes back from break , we see a segment with Devin and Donny talking about his occupation during the night. Devin wants to use this chance to allow Donny to come clean to him about not really being a groundskeeper and that Donny could have some involvement with the military. However, Donny tells Devin that he’s never been in the military and will prove it when he wins Head of Household and can show Devin pictures of his life. Devin remains skeptical of Donny and Donny doesn’t understand where Devin is coming from since they are supposed to be in alliance and doesn’t trust Devin as much as he did before. Once this is over, it is time to see who will a Have Not for the week. This will involve eating slop and sleeping in an uncomfortable bedroom. Since Caleb is Head of Household, he can pick 4 houseguests to be the Have Nots for the week. The 4 that volunteer are Hayden, Joey, Brittany, and Cody. The Have Not bedroom looks like “Ice” and involves the houseguests sleeping on beds made to look like ice in a cold bedroom with only emergency blankets. The Have Nots are also given “slop pops” when they enter this bedroom.

Next, Paola and Joey talk about the fact that there could be an all guys alliance in the house. In order to deal with this, Joey suggests making an all girls alliance to go up against the guys. However, the other girls in the same room do not think that this is a good idea. Derrick sees the girls talking and notices that something could be up with them. He decides to voice his suspicions about this to Caleb in the Head of Household bedroom. Amber is in the room as well and Caleb tells her that the girls are starting trouble and she admits to him that Joey was the one that approached her about being in all girls alliance but she turned her down. Caleb is not happy with Joey because of this. Joey also admits to Devin that she tried to start an all girls alliance and doesn’t want it to be a personal attack against him. It is then time to pick player for the Power of Veto Competition.

Only 6 players will play in the Power of Veto Competition. These players are the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three other players selected by random draw. The 6 players to compete in this competition are Caleb, Zach, Paola, Cody, Donny, and Victoria. .This week’s Power of Veto competition was called “Miami Lice” and had a head lice theme and was hosted by Jocasta. The backyard was made to look like what you would find with head lice. In this compettion, competitors had the spell the longest word in the shortest amount of time. In order to do this, competitors had to go through suds and under a hairbrush to look for letters that looked like lice. Once the competitors had letters, they had to make a word and spell it correctly with the most letters to in win the competition. Only one letter could be brought back to the competitors’ boards at a time.  Zach spelled the word warning which was a correctly spelled 7 letter word. Cody tried to spell the word competively but spelled it wrong. Caleb tried to spell specialize but couldn’t find all the letters he needed. Paola tried to spell calculators but didnt have enought letters to do so and made up her own word. Victoria tried to spell pharmacist but didn’t have enough letters like other competitors. The Veto then came down to Zach and Donny. Donny spelled the word “splitters” which beat Zach’s 7 letter word. Therefore he won the Power of Veto.

Once the competition was over, the houseguests began to worry about who would be nominated in Donny’s place. Joey was the main person brought up for this since she admitted to wanting to start a girl’s alliance and she talked to Caleb and tried to get the target off her back.  At the Veto meeting Caleb chose to nominate Joey as the replacement because he found out that she tried to start an all girls alliance to take on the guys in the house and was unhappy. This means that Paola and Joey are the final 2 nominations for eviction this week. Overall, this was a solid episode of Big Brother and I’m curious to see who will be evicted tomorrow night. Now that she has been nominated for eviction, I wonder what would happen to the Team America twist. We might find that out tomorrow night. Hope guys enjoyed tonight’s episode and tune in tomorrow night to see who will be the 1st houseguest leaving the house.