Big Brother 16 Episode 21 – Recap and Discussion

What a crazy episode of Big Brother. The drama in the house has really ramped up now that the double eviction has happened. If you have the feeds, you’ll know that what was shown on tonight’s episode doesn’t even cover everything that went on Thursday and Friday in the house. After watching tonight’s episode I definitely think anything can happen now. Onto tonight’s recap.

We start the episode with a reminder of how Derrick and Cody joined a new alliance with Nicole and Hayden called the Rationale to turn against the Detonators and get  Zach out of the house. However, Derrick and Cody rethought their loyalities when Caleb mentioned to them that they would be taking out of their numbers by evicting Zach. Derrick and Cody then plotted to keep Zach in the house. We then go to the live eviction which quickly turned into a double eviction night. During the episode we see that Jocasta was evicted and Cody and Derrick had to quickly cover their tracks with what happened with Zach. After Caleb won Head of Household, Hayden tried to damage control with the rest of the house but it didn’t work. They tried to throw Christine and Frankie under the bus but Hayden was evicted from the house anyway leaving Nicole all alone in the game.

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We then return to the show with the aftermath of what happened after the double eviction. During the aftermath, Nicole goes off on Christine and Zach for their roles in sending Hayden home and flipping the vote back without telling her. She then goes to the bathroom where Donny tries to comfort her. When she comes out of the bathroom, Caleb and Nicole go off on each other about what happened and Zach gets in on the action as well. He taunts her while Nicole confronts Christine and Frankie about how he supposedly made an alliance with her, Hayden, and Christine and how conspired to get Zach out of the house. Zach believes that Nicole could be telling her the truth about Christine and Frankie but still wants to stir things up. While this is going on, Derrick knows that everyone is throwing everyone else under the bus and they still have no idea about how Derrick was the one responsible for flipping the vote and not Christine and Frankie. Caleb then goes to Frankie and startts to doubt him as well.

It is then time for the new Head of Household competition. This competition involves a knockout style and the last 2 houseguests standing will be the new Heads of Household. The competition is Big Brother Tourn-Eye-Ment and  involves the houseguests reading charts that look like what you would find in an eye doctor’s office but  relate to the game. Each chart is a question that can be answered by the number 1 or 2. The houseguests have to buzz in with the correct answer. If they buzz in 1st correctly, they will move on. However, if they answer incorrectly they will be out of the game. The last 2 houseguests standing will be the new Heads of Household. Cody and Nicole go 1st and Nicole moves on. In the next round, it is Derrick and Victoria and Derrick is eliminated. The next round is Donny and Christine and Christine moves on. The round after that is Zach and Frankie and Zach moves on. Nicole then goes against Victoria and Nicole becomes the 1st Head of Household for the week. Nicole is super excited to be the 1st Head of Household and wants to get revenge for Hayden.  The competition then comes down to Christine and Zach. Zach answers incorrectly so Christine becomes the 2nd Head of Household for the week. Frankie is nervous that Nicole could put him on the block this week.

We then go to Frankie and Christine talking about their strategy for the week. Frankie mentions to Christine that the nominations for the week should consist of Cody, Zach, Derrick, and Caleb since they are the “alpha males” of the house. Christine is not happy that Frankie would suggest those nominations since she is supposed to be an alliance with the guys. Christine then mentions to us that she doesn’t know what to do with Frankie after he would want her to do something like that.

Zach then goes to Nicole to talk to her about where her head’s at for this week’s nominations. He mentions that Frankie and Christine are major liars and Nicole says that she is aware of that. Zach then asks Nicole who her targets are but she won’t tell him who they are since she knows Zach has a big mouth. Since she won’t give up any information, Zach decides to tell Nicole everything about his game up to that point including how the Detonators was formed 2 weeks ago and not 3 days ago like Nicole was lead to believe. Nicole then tells Zach that she had formed an alliance with Hayden, Cody, and Derrick which surprises him. Nicole finally reveals to Zach that Frankie approached her about nominating himself, Cody, Derrick and Caleb this week and is stunned that Frankie would do something like that. Zach then approaches Nicole about working together since they are both alone in the game but Zach says he has to think about it.

Using the information that Nicole gave him, Zach goes to Derrick, Cody, and Caleb and a plan to evict Frankie is set in motion. Their plan involves having Nicole nominate Frankie and whomever is nominated with him will throw the Battle of the Block competition so that Frankie remains on the block. They also decide that if Frankie happens to win the Power of Veto, Christine will be the replacement nominee and will go home since she would be the dethroned Head of Household. Derrick then takes the plan back to Nicole and Nicole is for it since she trusts Derrick.

It is then time for the nomination ceremony. At the nomination ceremony, Christine nominates Donny and Zach and says it’s just part of the game. Nicole nominates Frankie and Caleb and tells Frankie that he is nominated because he’s a liar. During the nomination ceremony, Zach goes off on Frankie and Christine and calls them both liars. Frankie remains confused as to why Zach would call him a liar not remembering that he was the one who threw Zach under the bus all season. After the nomination ceremony, Zach says that both Christine and Frankie are dead to him. Frankie goes into the room with Nicole and Zach and Zach leaves the room since he can’t be around Frankie. Frankie tells Nicole that it’s okay that she nominated him and is excited to be on the block with Caleb not knowing that Caleb plans on throwing the Battle of the Block competition.

Next, it’s time for the Battle of the Block competition. This week’s Battle of the Block competition ties into Thursday Night Football since CBS will air it in the fall. The competition involves using a bar that is attached to 2 chains between various wide receivers to score a touchdown. The 1st team to score a touchdown will be the winners of the Battle of the Block competition and will also receive a trip out of the house to an NFL event including a gourmet tailgating party. Once the competition begins, Frankie knows by the way that Caleb is acting that he plans on throwing the competition. Frankie tries to get Caleb to participate but Caleb is having none of it and mentions to Frankie that he is the reason that Amber was sent home and sits down on the field for Frankie to do it by himself. The show then goes to commercial break.

When the show comes back from commercial break, we see that Caleb is still sitting down on the field and the competition gets underway without him. Zach and Donny initially take the lead over Frankie but Frankie soon catches up to them. Once Zach sees that Frankie may be using the better strategy he decides to copy the same strategy and Donny goes to the sidelines. However, Zach struggles by himself and eventually Donny comes back to help him and the make it a tie game. However, Frankie gets the touchdown before them and he and Caleb are the Battle of the Block winners. This means that Christine is the sole Head of Household for the week and Donny and Zach remain on the block. Frankie is overwhelmed that he won by himself and knows that he has to mend fences with the other houseguests. He decides that the best way to do this might be to reveal who is his sister is. And with that, the episode is over.

Will Frankie truly reveal his secret to the other houseguests? What will they think if he does? Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used? Tune in Wednesday night to find out!


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  1. The show has been delayed in the East tonight, it is now supposed to be on at 10 EST. Going to be interesting seeing what they show.

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