America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: Auditions Week 3 Live Blog

Jelly Boy the Clown - America's Got Talent 2024
Pictured: Jelly Boy the Clown — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: We’re live blogging Auditions Week 3

America’s Got Talent 2024 season 19 continues on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews as host. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize.

America’s Got Talent 2024 Spoilers Auditions 3 – Meet the Acts (Photos)

The new season will feature more Golden Buzzers than ever before, as each judge gets TWO buzzers and Terry can pick one. That’s a total of nine Golden Buzzers for the new season.

Andrei Burton – Mountain bike trails rider

Andrei is British and participated in Britain’s Got Talent Season 16 in 2023. It’s weird that Simon is acting as if he never met him before. He performs his bike stunts using surrounding architecture and crew props. After finishing outside, which the judges and audience watch on monitors, he rides into the auditorium. His final stunt is hopping onto production risers to make his way onto stage. Then he continues to perform stunts, including hopping over fire.

“You are like a one man BMX show” says Howie. Heidi calls it amazing. Simon calls him exciting. – 4 yeses

Bboy Samuka – Bboy dancer

This Brazilian dancer performs with only one leg which was amputated at 13 years old after a cancer diagnosis. He performs using two metal canes at first. But he tosses them aside for an uninhibited free-style, in which he delivers old-school bboy moves. His balance and agility are impressive.

Heidi said it was good in the beginning, but kept better and better, wilder and wilder. Simon says the whole world will applaud him. He dubs Samuka a “12” and an inspiration. Sofia calls him one of the best acts she’s seen. Howie calls his style contemporary and mesmerizing. – 4 yeses

The Reklaws – Country music duo

These Canadians, Stewart and Jenna Walker, are siblings, and grew up on a farm/amusement park run by their parents. Sadly, they lost their mother to “mental health” in 2022. The brother and sister will dedicate their original song to her. Note: AGT alum Drake Milligan recorded a track with the duo earlier this year. The country ballad is about holding feelings in and how destructive that can be. They have that sibling harmony thing going. It’s a solid song. Unusual for a country song to deal so explicitly with mental health issues. But, being Canadian separates them somewhat from the American country mindset.

Howie LIKES this original song. But the theme resonates with him as one who constantly advocates for mental health. He calls it an important song “I think you are going a long way in this competition.” Heidi can tell they want it and she thinks they deserve it. Simon calls it a great audition and calls the song “stunning.” – 4 yeses

Studmuffin Supreme – Comedian

The family is in the audience screaming for Aaron aka “studmuffin supreme.” Heidi mistakes his mother for his wife. OOPS. “Studmuffin” describes being a TikTok star which led him to audition for AGT. So his thing is “dancing.” Sofia and Heidi are enjoying his moves. I get why he’s a hit on Tik Tok, but he’s bound to get buzzed on AGT, which Howie, Simon and even Sofia proceeds to do.

Heidi LOVED it. She thinks Howie is jealous. Sofia liked it in the beginning, but feels he needed more steps. Simon actually gives him some tips (more steps) It’s all good. It’s apparent that Aaron didn’t expect to advance. He just wanted to attract more followers on his socials. – Heidi says yes, the rest no

Roni Sagi & Rhythm – Dog act

Roni grew up with rescue dogs and got into dog therapy and training. When she adopted Rhythm, he was so trainable that she developed an act with him. She describes the doggo as a “dancer.” And indeed, she performs contemporary dance, incorporating Rhythm into her routine. It’s different–no props at all, just Roni and her dog moving on stage. He flips, turns and struts.

Sofia says, “The whole thing was like magic.” Simon says her act was a level up from even Adrian and Hurricane (Last year’s winners). Heidi loved it. Howie agrees with Simon–even better than Hurricane. I wouldn’t go that far. Why even compare them? – 4 yeses

Solange Kardinaly – Singer/quick change magician

Solange claims to have created something new and never seen before. She hopes to eventually have her own show in Las Vegas. Essentially she performs magic tricks alongside quick changing her outfits. She seemingly pulls an outfit off a hanger and on to her body. And, she makes instant outfits out of scraps of material. She’s clever.

The panel gives her a standing ovation. “You’re very very good,” says Heidi. Howi calls her the best quick change they’ve ever seen. Sofia wants to see more. Simon calls her act slick. – 4 yeses

Biko’s Manna – Singing kid sibling trio

This young sibling trio is from South Africa. The oldest, Biko is 17 and she looks MUCH younger. She explains that her entire family is musical. Biko started solo before her brothers joined her. Ha. The little 9 year old brother instructs the crew member that his mic was off, like a pro. They sing “Don’t Worry be Happy,” which is a truly annoying song. That little one is a little too precocious. I can’t get past how much I dislike this song. But the singing is pleasant.

Heidi says, “The sun just came up. We love reggae.” Howie calls them young and talented. He thinks they could win. Sofia says, “You guys are amazing.” Simon likes that they know their lane and calls their performance beautifully simple. 4 yeses

Legion – Dance crew – Sofia’s 1st Golden Buzzer

They are a dance crew from Argentina. They all have day jobs, rehearsing at night after their “real” jobs. A crew member comes out to SET THEIR SHOES ON FIRE. And commercial break. Afterword, they perform a routine heavy on footwork and DRUMS. For a bit there they play drums. “You can feel the heat!” Terry exclaims offstage.

Simon says, “That was epic!” and could see the show in Vegas. The lead dancer is in tears. “It’s everything to us.” Heidi felt every bit of it. “I loved it.” Sofia is familiar with the dance and believes they need to do something spectacular. It’s an awkward attempt at seeming negative before hitting her Golden Buzzer.

BORAH the Witch – Witch educator

BORAH is from Salem, Massachusetts, the home of epic witch tourism aka take something tragic like the Salem Witch Trials and profit the heck out of it! BORAH conducts tours, which to the towns credit, are historically accurate. Around Halloween, the tour of the jail they kept the accused in is worth your time. ANYWAY. BORAH is about to get buzzed here, I’m afraid. And in the middle of casting a spell on Simon, the buzzes begin. – 4 nos

Scufflemoss Treemen – Singer/comedian

Inexplicably, Scufflemoss begins a goofy dance to Christmas music. This is VERY WEIRD. But I kind of like it. Unfortunately 4 buzzes come really fast. Offstage Terry says, “I like everything, and I didn’t like it.” – 4 nos

Olive – Creepy act

The act begins with a small wagon moving around on stage by itself. Olive is “invisible.” The act consists of a disembodied voice attempting to create a horror-like atmosphere. “Olive” invites Sofia on stage to do a bit where Simon anticipates something Sofia saw on stage. And then all four buzzers go off. Very chaotic. The bit never really ends. – 4 nos

Jelly Boy The Clown – Circus performer

Simon hates clowns and now is officially creeped out. But Jelly Boy is auditioning because his parents love the show. Ugh. He swallows the blade of a buzz saw while using it to cut a Watermelon. So he’s actually a gross out danger act. He swallows a thing, and then spits fire. Next, he electrocutes himself. It’s a REALLY dangerous act.

Sofia notes astutely, “You’re really not a clown.” Simon calls it “fantastic” and a great audition. Heidi liked it too. Howie says, “You were great.” – 4 yeses.

Randy Beams – Variety act

A 63 year old from Texas throws nunchucks and gets buzzed really fast. “Not a million dollar act,” says Simon.

Jacob Hoffman – Comedian

After going viral on Tik Tok, Jacob quit his job to pursue comedy full time. He tells a bunch of corny come on lines. It took two seconds to buzz him off. – 4 nos

Dee Dee Simon – Singer

Dee Dee is a registered nurse at San Quentin prison. She’s worked there for 19 years. The show frames her act as if she’s an amateur. But she had a record deal with UMG which she lost after a couple of mergers. She recorded a song with Rome that charted in R&B. NBC previewed this audition last week. She tackles the mother of all diva songs, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and gives it everything she’s got, falling to her knees at one point.

Heidi calls her one of the best singers of the season. Howie says “Welcome to the world you deserve to be in.” Simon comforts her. “You are going to inspire lots of people.” Dee Dee hopes to inspire artists to keep dreaming and never give up. – 4 yeses

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