America’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions 4 Recap – Live Blog (VIDEO)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Auditions 4" Episode 1404 -- Pictured: Detroit Youth Choir, Terry Crews (center) -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Tonight more acts perform for America’s Got Talent 2019 Season 14 Auditions 4 episode on NBC. New judges Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union join veterans Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel on the panel. Terry Crews from the Champion’s edition is the new host. We’re live blogging all the performances with video here.

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Melissa Arlett – Rat Lady – Her three rats are part of her act. Ew. She’s single, but at the end of a long day, she has her rats waiting for her at home. No likey the rats. She names them after diseases. EEEWWWW. However, it’s not like she picked them up off the street. Domesticated rats are definitely a thing. Rats are known to be very intelligent. It’s why they’ll survive after humans are long gone. Basically, this is like any act featuring trained animals. Only with an added ick factor, because….rats. Her big finish is a headstand. It’s an upside-down split, which allows a rat to scamper right across her crotch. OK then. Howie calls it entertaining and unique. Gabrielle calls Henta the rat a star. Julianne says “HASHTAG I LIKE WEIRD!” Simon calls it “bonkers.” He believes rats are actually sweet and have a bad rap. – 4 yeses.

The panel rejects a few off key warblers. Oh well! Simon calls one singer “karaoke.” Simon advises a young singer to come back next year “with a better plan.”

Ansley Burns – Tween Singer – After all the rejected singers, 12 year old Ansley is nervous to sing in front of Simon. She used to sing in church in her small South Carolina town. However, the young singer went viral last year after her mom posted a video of Ansley singing “Cry Pretty.” The video went so viral, Carrie Underwood gave her a shout out on Twitter. Ansley performs Aretha Franklin’s “Think.” It feels like a county fair performance. Simon complains about the corny backing track, but I suspect it’s a ruse to stir up some trouble.  “That was terrible,” Simon tells her. He suggests that she sing a’cappella, but Ansley looks unsure. Simon gives up his big cup of Dunkin Donuts water, which gives her a little courage. With the audience cheering her on, she sings without the track. She has a big voice, but at this point, she’s too imitative and pageantry to make a mark beyond her big voice. She needs a few years to find her voice. She cries with relief at the end. Simon calls her a little fighter. “You’re an amazing person,” says Howie. Gabrielle compliments her level of professionalism. It’s true, she handled all that really well. “You absolutely crushed it,” says Julianne. Simon says, “We’re going to remember you.” – 4 yeses.

SOS – Magician – Oh. His parents are Sos and Victoria the quick change act from season 11. His best friend growing up was magic. But his parents have been his idol. SOS does card tricks. As far as card magic is concerned, he’s OK. He’s no Shin Lim. But not bad.  In his act, cards change colors and sizes. It’s got a high energy, rock n roll vibe. Gabrielle calls it like “nothing we’ve seen yet this season.” Howie says, “You did a great job.” Julianne calls it a “full blown spectacle show.” Simon loved everything about his presentation. Backstage, SOS becomes very emotional, calling it the “best day of my life.” – 4 yeses

Marcin Patrzalek – Guitarist – He is a Polish percussive fingerstyle guitarist, He was extremely shy until music opened him up. He’s only 18 and will be attending college in the states. As you might imagine, he plays guitar with flying fingers. In this case, Beethoven.  The percussive elements are pretty cool. I’d be interested in a song selection that wasn’t so hokey, though. He is very talented. Gabrielle calls it “out of this world.” Simon revealed that he tried to learn the guitar when he was a kid, but failed. Huh. “That was amazing,” he says. Julianne can’t wait for more performances. Howie says “You MURDERED the guitar.” – 4 yeses

Oh look. America’s Got Talent has “karaoke time.” The crowd is singing “Don’t Stop Believing.” Simon says, “Karaoke makes me physically sick!”

Andy Rowell – Comedian – He is claiming to be a singer. But SPOILER. He’s really a Chicago based comedian. He says karaoke is how he learned to sing. He fires up a karaoke machine. It plays the instrumental “Tequila” and all he adds is the word from the chorus in the most deadpan voice. Not very clever, actually. Terry doing the Pee Wee dance backstage is more entertaining. Simon says “I want to hear a whole album…It was so stupid, I loved it.” Julianne calls it brilliant. She’s impressed that his simple bit got the crowd so hype. Uh. The AGT audience is pretty easy to win over, especially with producers on the floor ginning them up. I’m just saying!  “Song choice is always important,” says Howie. He sarcastically compliments Andy’s exuberance, but adds that he loved it. – 4 yeses

Adem Dance Crew – This crew made it to the finals of Asia’s Got Talent season 2. Watch their semi-final performance HERE. They take the stage, and don’t talk at all. They launch into a highly precise robotic routine. They exhibit lots of control. Those robotic moves look easy, but they really aren’t. Ohhh. One of the dancers can contort his body. Another guy leans back and holds a pose that looks IMPOSSIBLE. Wow. That was some clever choreography. After, they say Jabbawockeez inspired them to become dancers. Juliane calls the moves “articulate, impactful and tight.” Simon says they have “imagination.” He thanks them for coming on the show. Howie calls them “talent.” Gabrielle says, “You came to slay and we are deceased.” – 4 yeses

Voices of Service – Singing Group – They are all veterans or active members of the military. They sing to help their brethren cope with injuries or PTSD. They started their group when they were all active soldiers in Afghanistan. They cover Katy Perry’s Rise. I barely recognize it! The female member has a good voice. The harmonies could use some work, though. Howie thanks them for their service. Gabrielle “I can’t thank you enough for all of it,” she says. Julianne calls what they are doing “phenomenal.” Simon calls their story and message “stunning” and “this is what we need right now.” Simon adds, “You’ve got 4000 yesses.” – 4 yeses.

Before we see a couple of flautists, Terry Crews reveals that he plays the instrument. He took lessons for 7 years, up until high school. 

First, there is RiRia, a Japanese native who lives in Los Angeles now. She’s also an actress. But after a performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” it’s a no for her. “You didn’t nail that,” says Julianne. Simon is dismissive, “I just don’t know why that instrument was invented. I can’t think of anyone who would buy a flute record. RiRia gives him a big ole eye roll. Fellow flautist, Terry, comforts her backstage. And then comes out with a flute just to troll Simon. Ha. He plays for a bit. Simon buzzes him. 

Brandon Coprich – Flautist – Uh oh, Another flute player. This one  calls himself “Dark Victory.” and is an all around musician and performer. He also promotes himself as a model. Hm. His playing is pretty boring. This is obviously a setup to something else. Oh. It’s a Chippendales routine, with flute playing. He’s about to have sex with that flute. Oh noes. Simon hits his buzzer. Then jumps up to hit everyone else’s buzzer. The crowd is on Brandon’s side. Simon is so annoyed, he gets up to leave. Terry joins Brandon on stage, shirtless, for a flute duet. Simon is now REALLY REALLY annoyed. Sure that bit was contrived, but I laughed.  IT’S A NO.

Sonya Fitzpatrick – Pet Psychic – Julianne joins her on stage, with her cute puppers. Sonya makes several very general observations that could apply to anybody. Which is pretty much how these grifters psychics work. She does mention that the dogs dance with Julianne sometimes. But, duh, Julianne is a dancer, there’s a pretty good chance she dances with her doggos for fun. One of her pups gets bored and wanders away. Simon buzzes her. IT’S A NO

Dominguez Poodle Review – Dog act – Dad, mom, two kiddos and a bunch of POODLES make fun for everyone. Simon loves his dog acts. Ha ha. A married couple run the review with their two adorable kids. The little girl is an expert animal herder, while the boy performs tumbling feats with help from the puppers. There are poodles jumping through hoops, over hurdles and dancing on their front legs. Gabrielle says, “You guys delivered!” Julianne says, “I was losing my mind! That was so fun.” Howie calls the family “amazing and adorable.” Simon thinks it’s important that people understand that dogs are like humans. He notes that the terrier of the bunch doesn’t really do anything. “He’s the star,” Simon quips. – 4 yeses

Middle aged ladies sing like chickens and get buzzed. Howie compares them to his kids as 7 years old putting on a show in the living room. Then, an acapella group sings “Havana”  horribly offkey. “I HATED IT” declares Simon.

Berywam – Beatboxers – This French beatbox crew is based in Toulouse, France. They competed in the Italian TV talent show Tú sí que vales. They also won the beatbox battle world championship in crew category in 2018.  They make some unhuman sounding noises–really unique percussive sounds are coming from this group. However, they  need some singers. I couldn’t handle a steady diet of all percussion. “It was amazing, I had so much fun,” says Gabrielle. Howie calls it exciting and unexpected. Julianne notes how they changed tempo several times. Simon thinks they could put DJs out of business. “This is ahead of the times.” He calls them a “cool Pentatonix.” Hm. Pentatonix is plenty cool enough. – 4 yeses.

Detroit Youth Choir – Choir – The choir serves kids between the ages the ages of 8-18. Director Anthony White has been helping at risk kids for over 21 years. Simon loves choirs, as we know. I like them too, but not in competitions like this. They dance and rap. Which I was not expecting. But you know. It’s a choir. The rapping was actually better than the solo singing. Howie says, ‘This was your moment. I love you all.” Julianne says, “You guys came together and created something…I love it.” OK A GOLDEN BUZZER IS COMING! Simon thinks they could win (no). OK it’s Terry. He interrupts the voting. He’s practically crying. He identifies with them. He’s from Flint. So it makes sense that HE CHOOSES THEM AS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Terry says, all it takes is one person to believe in one young man or woman. Then Terry hits the buzzer.  That means the group goes straight through to the live shows. 


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