America’s Got Talent 2015 Predictions Quarterfinals Week 3

America's Got Talent 2015 Predictions Quarterfinals Week 3 -- Pictured: Benjamin Yonattan -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2015 Predictions Quarterfinals Week 3

Another Tuesday, another live America’s Got Talent show for me to weigh in on!

Hey everyone, it’s Adam, here to share my thoughts/predictions/review of last night’s America’s Got Talent. Like last week I was privileged to get to be in the audience for last night’s show with a few friends, and to be honest, we all had a blast. But you guys are not here for me babbling on about that, let’s get on with the review!

I am actually kind of shocked, because I actually had a lot more fun at this show than I did last week. With last week being packed with some great talent and this week…. well not having great acts, I was thoroughly expecting for tonight to be a snoozer, but it actually wasn’t and in actuality was super entertaining. While there were some clear duds in the mix this week (I’m looking at you Daditude!) as a whole the night was filled with some sparkles of great talent that might just take this whole shebang. Last night was by far one of the highlights of my personal summer, and I am finding it such a shame that the show is moving back to LA for the next season. I’m still hoping for a miracle guys!

Anyway, on to the review.

I’d Eat My Computer (And Then Regurgitate It) If They Don’t Advance

1- Oz Pearlman– I was watching America’s Got Talent live with a bunch of friends last night, one of which is a talented magician who had consistently been able to figure out how these tricks are done. Tonight, Oz stumped him. For that alone he should advance, but the fact that he had a great delivery and strong trick means that this reviewer would risk eating his own computer if he didn’t make it through.

2- Freelusion– Me and my friends were a little annoyed with this act, and here is why. What you guy’s don’t know sitting at home, is that this performance was pre-taped way before I walked into Radio City, and the show created an illusion that they performed live. During their performance, the two dancers stood behind a curtain waiting while overhead monitors showed the audience their performance, then when it was time for their judging they simply walked out from behind the judges to be judged. I don’t know, the whole thing just felt really fake to us. Anyway, going home and getting to re-watch their performance these guys were still fantastic and should sail right on to the next round. I did shed a tear though for Freckled Sky after Freelusion was done.

Likely Going To Advance

1- Mountain Faith Band- For me personally, these guys were my favorite act of the night. I just love how they take these modern songs and make them all blue-grassy. Yes the singer isn’t the best, but for the band it is more then just the voice, and really about their super cool arraignments. Also it doesn’t hurt that their singer is kinda incredibly beautiful.

2- Benjamin Yonattan– In Radio City, I watched Benjamin perform 3 times: once for his rehearsal, once for his actual performance and one more time for his televised routine. All were amazing, and I thought he definitely delivered. With a sob story to boot, Benjamin should sail on to the next round.

Heading Home On The DeLorean (#seewhatididthere) Of Shame

1- Daditude!– If I was to take out a dictionary and look up the word “fodder,” these guys’s faces picture would be staring back to me, but that would probably be because I’m not wearing my glasses and I went to the wrong page and was really looking at the word “plaid” (geddit? Cause of their shirts?). The only reason these guys were brought back was so they could be sent home once again. I’d feel bad for them if I wasn’t so furious that their wildcard spot didn’t go to a more deserving act. I must say though, these guys will go down in history as the first act I have ever seen get 4 buzzers during a live show at this stage.

2- Selected Of God Choir– Being in Radio City for this performance, when these guys took the stage, I knew immediately what I was going to be getting, but that still didn’t soften the blow. These guys just did WAY to much! At points I just felt like they were straight up screaming bloody murder at me like my parents sometimes do after I’ve forgotten to turn off the sprinkler outside and I’ve flooded the basement for the 4th time, but I digress. I think these guys were easily the weakest singers of the night and should be eliminated tonight.

3- Chapkis Dance Family– Look, I know I have a rather harsh reputation here on this site, so I’ll give credit where credit is due. Last night, I thought these guys really stepped it up, but it was as if a small mouse suddenly became a cat and for some reason was dancing. That analogy sounded a lot better in my head, but anyway, they were good, but performing first means they will probably be forgotten for more inspiring dancer, Benjamin Yonattan. Chapkis doesn’t have as great a story as Benjamin, and that will be the reason that they will go home tonight. If they do squeak through somehow it will be so they can be fodder in a later round.

4- Metal Mulisha Fitz Army– Was I the only one who actually got mad when I saw the judges standing up for these guys? I mean sure, they are talented, but be honest, are they ever gonna win AGT? These guys have as much a chance of winning as someone like Rick Astley making a comeback. Oh god, now I have “Never Gonna Give You Up” stuck in my head… I need a minute. Anyway if you judges are trying to sway the audience to vote for them, only so you can toss them as fodder in the next round, then if they make it through tonight you will have succeeded for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully though they will go home. These guys never deserved a spot in this top 36 to begin with.

5- Howie Mandel– That comment was absolutely disgusting and unacceptable, and he only apologized because of all the backlash he was getting for it. Howie adds nothing to the show except stupid comments and advice that bands shouldn’t do originals, so can we ditch him on the bus of shame and keep Howard? Please?

This is when things get tight. One of the below 4 acts isn’t going to make it, and while I think there is a clear act that should be taking the fall, I doubt he will actually be the one to go.

Could Go Either Way

 1-The Professional Regurgitator- No no no no no no no no!!!! I don’t want to see this guy again, I don’t want him on my screen or anywhere near me, but why on earth do the judges love him so much!? Not only that, but I am seeing so much love for him across social media that I feel like my head might explode. I can’t watch this guy for 2 minutes, let alone an hour, so come on people, please do the right thing and send him home. My friends though were convinced that the whole thing was just a magic trick and he didn’t actually swallow anything, but who knows.

2- Gary Vider- He is a poor man’s Taylor Williamson, but on a season with such mediocre comedians Gary shines bright like a diamond. While there is no way he will ever get further then Drew, I still enjoyed his jokes last night. Whether or not he move on is another question.

3- Alicia Michilli- I had a few issues with Alicia’s performance, and since she is one of my favorites, let me explain what they were. First off, that song has been done on legendary levels set by Casey Abrams, Jacquie Lee and Quentin Alexander, all of whom put their stamp on this classic. That said, for me, if you are going to cover this song, it needs to have the screams, and it is one of the songs where a singer just has to go crazy with it and get ugly with the lyrics. It doesn’t work without the ugly parts unless you are handling it as delicately as the aforementioned Mr. Alexander took it. Alicia just doesn’t have the voice for this song and I wish she had just done a different tune. Hopefully she can stick around to deliver in the next round.

4- Daniella Mass- DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS!? Every week my number 1 ranking act in my pre-show rankings becomes jinxed and doesn’t deliver to the high standard. I hope she can still pull through because I really like Daniella.

Should Be The Top 7

1- Oz Pearlman
2- Freelusion
3- Benjamin Yonattan
4- Mountain Faith Band
5- Daniella Mass
6- Alicia Michilli
7- Gary Vider

Will Be The Top 7

1- Oz Pearlman
2- Freelusion
3- Benjamin Yonattan
4- The Professional Regurgitator (cause America is into this kinda thing apparently)
5- Mountain Faith Band
6- Gary Vider
7- Daniella Mass or Alicia Michilli

So those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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