American Idols Live 2010 – Phoenix AZ

Tonight, the Top 10 Idols perform in Phoenix, AZ.  Season 8’s Scott MacIntyre is in the house!

The show starts at 7:30 MST (no daylight savings time in AZ!)

Check out the live twitter blog after the jump. And later, check back for VIDEOS.  If you’d like to write a recap of YOUR show, send it to mjsbigblog at gmail dot com.  Also, if you’ve got photos or videos you’d like to share, bring them on.

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Reviews: Phoenix New Times, AZ Central,

Video Sources: kipufalls10, brandibunn1, mmspeezybabii, siobhanmagnusrocks, xXDavidCookFanXx,

Videos after the JUMP…

Katie Stevens – Here We Go Again

Aaron Kelly – Somebody Like You

Siobhan Magnus – Paint it Black

Siobhan Magnus – Paint it Black & Spiderwebs

Aaron Kelly – Walking in Memphis

Casey James – Don’t

Casey James and Mike Lynche – Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

Casey James – It’s All Over Now

Crystal Bowersox – Up To The Mountain

Crystal Bowersox – Come To My Window

Crystal Bowersox – Piece of My Heart

Lee DeWyze – Beautiful Day

Lee Dewyze – Rocket Man

Lee DeWyze – Hallelujah

Lee DeWyze – Treat Her Like a Lady (partial), Use Somebody

Lee DeWyze – Use Somebody

Late-night sandwich

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  1. Well, this time change takes a bit of getting used to – but it’s now only 2.30pm in NZ so doesn’t eat up my sleep. Just gives me a feel for how big America is!

    Enthusiastic tweeters! Love a variety of comments! It’d be boring if everyone liked the same people!

  2. Issues with the high volume. One of the recent recaps had the same complaint. It used to be “if it’s too loud you’re too old.” What’s happening to this world?

  3. Maybe people are smartening up and realizing that if it’s too loud, it’s probably damaging your hearing. ;)

    (Not trying to sound like a mom here, although I am one. I was also in a band for 5 years that insisted on practicing at full volume, and I’ve been paying the price for about 10 years now. Yes, it really can happen.) I’ve heard that if you wear earplugs, it actually improves the sound. I intend to test this out at the next concert I attend.

    re: Twitter feed—Tim in Twilight? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, let alone a sweet kid like Tim.

  4. This time difference has done me in, thank you for the live blog. I will read it in the morning. I heard it was 112 degrees there today. I think this is indoor venue though otherwise we might not get Tim and Mike out of the freezer!!

  5. It seems to be the volume in Katie’s set the people are mostly complaining about today?

    Lots of love for Aaron. He’s moving to live in Nashville after the tour – I wonder what’s planned? Maybe he’ll be the next to announce a signing?

  6. erizin:

    Let’s not introduce cnpenguin25 to Brian_c82 from Dallas-Lol.

    That sounds like a good idea.

  7. Siobhan sure leaves an impression one way or another which is probably a good thing.

  8. It’s nice to see various idols from former seasons of the show coming out to support this season’s bunch (like Scott MacIntyre tonight).

  9. someone should really introduce cnpenguin25 to Brian_c82 from Dallas
    ..ahhahhahaa!!! LOL

  10. Sigh, can’t read the live blog. Doesn’t pop up on my web page :(((. Maybe something wrong with my computer. :(

  11. So was it just me or were there no tweets for the second half? I went to bed but when I look this morning there is nothing from 8:43 to 10:44. Funny late night sandwich…. Brb, hungry now!! Lol

  12. Yay! The live blog is working now. Love the cnpenguin25’s twits on Lee. Lee and Scott. great picture. But Lee looks so short. LOL.

  13. This is the funniest LNS! Casey & Big Mike are soo funny even without talking!
    they soo in love with food! hahaha! :)

  14. This is the funniest LNS! Casey & Big Mike are soo funny even without talking!
    they soo in love with food! hahaha!

    Yes, that was hilarious, lol.

  15. I notice they don’t film Late Night Sandwich from the bus any more- they must have been given the thumbs down on the filming on the bus.

  16. Yes, I think one of them mentioned they couldn’t film on bus any more. :(

  17. Great MJ you got the Crystal vid up as well – I got called away and have only just got back!

  18. Gosh. Just watched the video of Lee. I actually feel like jumping, screaming, singing, dancing and rocking it out with him. Ha ha ha!

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