American Idol’s Antonella Barba Writing Tell-All Book in Prison

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American Idol alum Antonella Barba writing tell-all book while serving prison sentence

The story of American Idol season 6 semi-finalist Antonella Barba is sad. And according to The Sun, she’ll be telling it soon. The singer, who was sentenced to four years in November 2019 after pleading guilty to trafficking Fentanyl is writing a tell-all from her jail cell.

Antonella was arrested in 2018 and pleaded guilty last July.

The book will include details on her American Idol experience

“My book focuses on my life experience and what I’ve learned…everything from my childhood, to my American Idol experience, to my arrest,” she told The Sun.

She continued: “I have made some bad choices, but I came out better, healthier, and living a more stress-free lifestyle than before.

“I was so busy, caught up in the hustle and bustle of being successful, making money, the industry, that I got off course and wasn’t focusing on the right things anymore,” she told the Sun

According to Antonella, the book will focus on the “hard lessons” she’s learned along the way and how she is bringing herself to “the right frame of mind.” In other words, a bid for redemption. Once she’s out of jail, she’ll have to make a living somehow.

Antonella has been writing songs in jail, hopes to debut them and “can’t wait for them to be heard”

She’s probably to get back into the entertainment industry, somehow. In fact, she’s also been songwriting while on ice: “I’ve written some of my best songs in prison. I can’t wait for them to be heard,” she said, adding: “I’ve got nothing but time.”

It’s one thing to be user. However, it’s another to have trafficked a substance that has contributed to the deaths of millions of people. Sympathy will be hard to come by, I suspect.

Court docs blamed American Idol for Antonella’s downfall

The Sun piece mentions that Antonella laid at least partial blame to American Idol for her downfall. Court documents from her legal team stated: “One of the common themes is that the American Idol experience brought about a detrimental change in Ms. Barba’s life. Ms. Barba’s mother believes when American Idol happened and ‘the world intruded and interrupted her… dream of a career in architecture’ that this is ‘where it all went wrong.’

“Ms. Barba’s sudden move to Hollywood following American Idol ‘was a recipe for disaster’ and when it came to pass that Ms. Barba was unable to ‘achieve the results she wanted, it was devastating to her.’”

Dozens of singers have run the American Idol gauntlet, yet they didn’t wind up selling lethal drugs…

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