American Idol XIII – Top 12 – Poll Results and Predictions


I was in such a state of shock last night, I didn’t put up a proper poll post. I totally blanked out on the elimination polls. Ergh. I’m not happy that the American Idol train is once again derailing.

What’s frustrating, is that the show actually has so much going for it. Many of the production changes are fantastic. The show is edited beautifully. The song list is finally expansive. The judges panel is smart and sassy. But this crop of contestants is NOT BRINGING IT TO THE TABLE. It’s so disappointing. Unlike other singing competitions, Idol lives and dies by it’s talent. Even in last year’s messed up season, there were moments from winner Candice Glover and runner-up Kree Harrison.

Blergh. I don’t want my favorite show to be cancelled. Anyway. Here are the results.

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Favorite Performance:

Welp. Maybe I should have titled this poll Least Offensive Performance?  Well, look at that.  Majesty Rose has PEOPLE. People who are willing to vote for her performance, despite it being a hot mess. She’s in no danger of leaving the competition.  Sam Woolf and Jessica Meuse have some fans too.  I would have said their performances last night did them no favors.

It’s important to note that nobody ran away with this thing. Usually there are one or two performances that are clear favorites. I think this week, folks voted for their favs, regardless.

Favorite Performance:

Majesty Rose – Fix You 14.81%
Sam Woolf – Just One 14.2%
Jessica Meuse – White Flag 12.37%
Malaya Watson – Take Me To The King 11.5%
Dexter Roberts – Lucky Man 11.32%
Caleb Johnson – Working Man 10.63%
Jena Irene – Suddenly I See 6.62%
Ben Briley – Turning Home 5.66%
Alex Preston – I Don’t Want to Be 4.36%
CJ Harris – Waiting On The World To Change 4.09%
Emily Piriz – Let’s Get Loud 3.05%
MK Nobilette – Drops of Jupiter 1.39%

Who SHOULD Go Home

This is super un-scientific, because the poll went up late. But, here ya go.  Nevertheless, this looks about right.

MK Nobilette 45.66%
Malaya Watson 13.21%
Emily Piriz 12.83%
C.J. Harris 10.19%
Dexter Roberts 6.42%
Jessica Meuse 3.02%
Ben Briley 2.64%
Sam Woolf 1.89%
Alex Preston 1.51%
Caleb Johnson 1.13%
Jena Irene 0.75%
Majesty Rose 0.75%

Who WILL Go Home – I’m going for an all-female bottom 3 this week. Because that’s how Idol rolls. But even otherwise–the girls just didn’t bring it this week.

MK Nobilette 62.89%
Emily Piriz 10.55%
C.J. Harris 7.81%
Malaya Watson 3.91%
Ben Briley 2.73%
Jena Irene 2.73%
Alex Preston 2.73%
Sam Woolf 2.73%
Caleb Johnson 1.17%
Jessica Meuse 1.17%
Dexter Roberts 1.17%
Majesty Rose 0%

PREDICTION: Female bottom 3 will include MK Nobilette, Emily Piriz and either Jena Irene or Malaya Watson. MK Nobilette will be eliminated.

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