American Idol: Maddie Poppe Angry at Cade Foehner Gabby Barrett Brag (UPDATED)

Now Gabby’s Father Has Inserted Himself and it Isn’t Pretty


The American Idol season 2018 finalists seemed pretty chummy while competing on the show and out on tour over the following summer. But currently? All is not well in season 16 land.

It all started when Cade Foehner, who finished 4th in the competition, tweeted a braggadocious post about the success of his wife, Gabby Barrett, who finished that season in 3rd place. Currently, the singer has a major label single, “I Hope” climbing up the country charts.

Except, that the tweet below is actually a replacement for a previous tweet that specifically boasted that Gabby would be the most successful Idol of season 16. In other words, more popular than even the winner of 2018, Maddie Poppe. Of course, rewording the tweet to say Gabby would be the most successful Idol ever is kind of the same thing? As you can imagine, fans of other Idols took issue with Cade’s boast

Maddie, who is working her own single, “Not Losing You” to pop radio responded, “It’s sweet to be proud of your wife but you ain’t gotta take shots at everybody else from our season.” OOPS!

Cade responded…but not with an apology!

When fans stayed angry he deleted and reposted his original tweet. Of course, fans still stayed angry! “Apparently if you don’t POST your successes, you don’t have ANY. Sad,” Maddie wrote.

….AND CADE STILL NOT APOLOGIZING. Fans continued to call him out.

Eventually more Idols from Season 16 chimed in, including Ada Vox, Catie Turner and Maddie’s boyfriend, runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson.


Caleb joined in, but kept his reaction low key.

And then season 5 winner TAYLOR HICKS enters the fray. This might be my favorite part!

And as for Gabby herself? She stayed cool and above the fray. Of course, she’s probably the only one of the bunch with a social media advisor. Heh.

UPDATE: As it turns out, while Gabby lays low, she’s got surrogates doing her dirty work. Get a load of what her father posted on Facebook. “Super proud of my son-in-law! It’s funny how the snowflakes come out of the woodwork pissing and moaning. Once again they don’t like facts. Typical liberals telling him “ It wasn’t cool dude.” They were NEVER Your friends!!! They stab both of you in the back constantly. But don’t put it on social media so they can show how “sweet” they are. They are Perfect for Hollyweird. ”  Typical maga behaving like an a**h***. His Facebook is a dumpster fire.

UPDATE: Gabby’s father deleted or changed the privacy setting on his Facebook post. Thank Jesus for screen grab! Hallelujah!

Maddie and Catie respond to Gabby’s father. Catie eventually deleted her tweet. 

Gabby’s father’s brand new Facebook post.  Why delete the first post? Just who is the SNOWFLAKE here? The projection rolling off these posts is really….something. SAD.

AND WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF? Something is seriously wrong with this man.

Ada posted another one. Gabby’s Dad just cannot let it go. CRAY CRAY

I mean, who is really the “broken” one here? Hint: It’s not Maddie.

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