American Idol Live 2014 – Binghamton NY – PHOTO GALLERY


Check out these photos from last night’s American Idol Live Concert. The Top 10 kicked off their summer tour in Binghamton New York.

If you’re asking yourself “where’s the band?” the answer is “there is no band.” The Top 10 sing with solo instruments, but perform with a pre-recorded track.

The photos come courtesy of Amanda ( @iammandurr), who tweeted the entire concert last night! She also managed to shoot photos, which is pretty amazing.

Click for the set list and details

Check out the photos!

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  1. It seems to make sense not paying a band to perform since all the performers can accompany themselves. The backing tracks clicking in for the group numbers seem to work quite well. By the way, that group performance of Radioactive was not bad at all. Some people in the audience seemed to have been enjoying themselves.
    I guess this tour may be dubbed the first Idol acoustic live tour.

  2. Poor MK looks like she got dressed in the dark, in a thrift store.

  3. Idk if it’s just that the pictures aren’t that aweosme..or just that the concert just wasn’t visually appealing whatsoever…
    And I won’t even give the wardrobe the time of day anymore. It’s just…wow

  4. I saw last year’s tour with three people who hadnt watched Idol. They all thought it was fairly entertaining and good singing, but they all said their wardrobe was the only professional part so its a shame they scrapped that too

  5. Well I don’t care that much for wardrobe as long as they perform their butts off. But with no band it’s going to be hard. I have been to quite a few concerts that artist just show up in t-shirts and jeans and just kill it. But this is an idol tour so they could of tried a little. Oh well…

  6. what a joke! And such a disappointment to the fans, and perhaps some of the idols that want/wish to perform with a LIVE BAND. Maybe Idol will see all of this complaining and negativity toward the show and hire a band.

  7. Wow…if I were a ticketholder and I saw these pictures I’d be scrambling to get my money back

  8. Maybe I’m missing something, but how do these few pictures paint this as a disaster? I’m not getting it

  9. i don’t think it was a disaster, just absolutely lackluster paying $80 to see Idols singing without a band, just with a recorded track.

  10. Can’t wait to hear from some people who were actually at their concert to get their reaction.

  11. I dont have a problem with the pictures. When I go to a concert I sure dont care about clothing. However after hearing there isnt even an actual band its VERY overpriced. Ridiculously overpriced. The Nassau Colliseum show I was going to go to the highest tickets are $85. I was almost going to buy tickets until I heard that. I’ve been to tons of concerts over the years and usually the amount of money that is put into production will be reflected on the ticket prices. Hell for $85 they should have had a small band. I just paid $90 for mid level Justin Timberlake tix and you should see the spectacle he has on stage!

  12. Idol Tour 12 can be known as the Toxic Tour, starting with auditions. Idol Tour 13 will be known as the Throw Away Tour, where TPTB just turned the kids loose without a band, no new songs and their own clothes. Next–only thing comes to mind is no tour. Give these kids a lot of credit for going out and doing their best to entertain. Have seen no reviews and wonder if we will.

  13. Honestly? Yes. Especially considering the entire “lack of a live band” thing isn’t helping the case.

  14. I honestly don’t get the complaints about the wardrobe. The most successful Idol tour was season 5 and those Idols wore whatever out of their own personal closets (although Elliott wore a local sports jersey which he didn’t have to buy after a while because the fans started giving them to him). They also had a much mocked tinfoil set that appeared to have been constructed of cardboard. There was much joking about which Idol was sent to Walmart each day to pick up a replacement roll of tinfoil to mend the set.

    I frankly find the costumed tour years a little bizarre. Idol the show has never been about costumes. Mostly, they just wear clothes that you can buy or wear at the mall. So, why would you switch for the tour? Sure, they had costumes last year, but they were trying to put lipstick on a pig.

    I go to the Idol tour to see Idols letting lose and performing live. I’m not expecting a flashy show with fancy costumes and set pieces like a Madonna concert. I’m there for the singing.

    I’m more troubled by the lack of a band, but I would still get the singing. Costumes? Don’t give a flip.

  15. Me either. The only Idol tour I’ve ever gone to see was Season 8’s. From what they said in interviews they basically wore the same outfit every show. And for the most part, what they wore on stage were clothes you could see them wearing off stage. For example, Adam wore his leather jackets and platformed boots, Kris wore jeans and a plaid shirt. It didn’t affect the quality of the show in any way.

  16. Maybe those concerts have additional sponsors….unlike this tour. I just hope the idols did not get cuts in their salaries as well…they’ll be needing the money to kick start their careers.

  17. The Idol tour has traditionally also had sponsors and does this year — AARP is a major one.

    As a ticket buyer, I’m not really motivated to go with the reasoning of “oh, it’s totally okay to charge top-of-the-line prices for karaoke because TPTB had a hard time getting sponsors.”

    Down at the $20 and under level, I’m extremely tolerant of whatever musical concept the act was able to bring on the road. At that ticket price, I’m simply out for a fun evening — it’s comparable to a movie with popcorn or other forms of amusement — so if the opener is a guy who tours in his compact car and has 3/4 of his instruments on a pre-recorded track, we’re cool. It’s all good.

    At $85 a ticket, that’s a special event of the save-the-pennies, monitor-the-budget sort. If the Idol tour’s target audience is people affluent enough that $85 a ticket is no biggie so there’s no motivation to hold out for a real show, that’s their call. But I’m not in that bracket. You want me to pay for karaoke, you gotta do it for cheap.

  18. For the 50+ crowd, AARP, the concert sponsor is offering discount tickets. It supposed to be at least a 25% discount depending on the location.

  19. I only saw season 10 and it was packed. The performances were also great.

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