American Idol ‘Big Reveal’ to be Streamed Online

2nd update: Press conference with judges and producers going on now.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

UPDATE: Press conference is replaying now with sound

Guess what! We can all watch the Big American Idol Reveal TOGETHER tomorrow!  Check out the press release:

AMERICAN IDOL will offer fans a look at the AMERICAN IDOL Season 10 Team Reveal and Press Conference with a special live webcast powered by Ustream tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 22 (approximately 10:00 AM PT live/1:00 PM ET live), online at

Join host Ryan Seacrest as he reveals who will join AMERICAN IDOL in Season 10. Shortly thereafter, fans can catch the first press conference featuring the new IDOL team. The webcast will also be available on Facebook at and on Ustream at

The dias has 8 empty chairs. Who do you think will attend the press conference? Twitpic.

Watch the stream LIVE after the jump.

We’ll likely find out what we’ve been hearing in reports for months–that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will join Randy Jackson on the Idol Judges’ Panel for Season 10.

Unless Ryan tells us we’ve been punked, I can’t think of a more anti-climatic event in recent memory. Can you?

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  1. **chirp chirp** crickets.

    Is this a situation of.. “if you stream it… they will come?”

  2. Wouldn’t it be fun if there was one judge totally unexpected on season 10? i kind of like the idea they would have fool everyone on the subject

  3. Is this really necessary? I mean honestly.

    Well, if nothing else, the press conference will give some idea how they’ll work together. It could be pretty clear already from that who will take which role – this panel has basically no chance if Randy doesn’t step up and take over the alpha role. No way would Steven Tyler fit that bill, and regardless of how hard she might try, J-Lo will seem like Paula’s (or Kara’s) replacement. If Randy keeps trying the hip routine (not that he really succeeds), the panel will have absolutely no concrete base. Like or hate his sometimes harsh nature, they needed a Simon to be blunt and honest about his opinion, even if he wasn’t always right.

  4. @richardrushfield: Live from the idol press tent. Awaiting announcement. Antsy reporters praying for a surprise

    this made laugh.. haha.. i’m one of them praying for a surprise

  5. Yeah, definitely expecting this to be pretty anti-climactic. Randy, Steven Tyler, and J. Lo – with the first two pretty much definite and J. Lo being the only possible surprise (as in, if she’s not in and someone else is instead).

    And if this IS the panel, I for one will be very disapointed. I mean, I guess we’ll see how they actually play out next season, but J. Lo imo would be essentially the “Paula filler” (ex dancer turned pop singer), but I can’t imagine any of the warmth and sincerity that Paula brought. I just imagine her being a diva, all about her, etc, which would majorly suck for the sake of the contestants/show.

    And Steven Tyler, don’t really know either way how he’d be. He has the industry cred, but how is he with quips, banter, off the cuff remarks, humor, plus actually being able to articulate useful advice. IDK. We shall see.

    If this is the panel, I will be disapointed in Nigel’s first big moves for S10.

  6. Don’t know why they are making a big deal out of this, we have known for weeks who they judges will be.

  7. OK, eight empty chairs – Randy, J-Lo, Steven Tyler, Ryan, Nigel…..OK, I’m stumped after that. Maybe reps from the new label that will be the home of the new idol winner?

  8. If an Idol announcement about new judges fell in the woods, and nobody bothered to watch it, would Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler disappear?

    Does the Pope shit in the woods?

    Is the bear Catholic?

    So many questions, so little interest in answering them.

  9. OK, I’m stumped after that. Maybe reps from the new label that will be the home of the new idol winner?

    The other 4 chairs: Nigel Lythgoe, Ken Warwick, Simon Fuller and either Cecil Frot-Coutaz or somebody from UMG.

  10. Wheter we get a surprise or not, I’m happy that we return to a three judges panel. That’s by far the best move they could make.

  11. Valentin432:
    09/22/2010 at 12:58 pm
    Wheter we get a surprise or not, I’m happy that we return to a three judges panel. That’s by far the best move they could make.

    Good point. Me too. Waayyy too much time eaten up by judges rather than singing with 4 judges.

  12. Nothing happening?…

    Will they be doing something right if they surprise us w/ a fourth judge or wrong because it’s a fourth?

  13. So we’re supposed to read Ryan’s lips or Steve Tylers? Neither appeal to me. Turn on the sound, idjits.

    Well, now I don’t even have video. What a waste.

  14. I can’t believe they botched this anouncement with so much time to prepare in advance, someone should get fired for this.

  15. And the privileges begin why does she have fog and a elevador and Steve doesn´t?

  16. Lol, they fix the sound at the end of the broadcast, good job AI.
    Well, no surprise, at least they can start to tape the auditions now.

  17. i feel disconnected with them. hope it works.

    and really, that’s it?

  18. JLo is looking for the next Michael Jackson ? Good Luck.

    I guess no more WGWG anymore .

  19. jlo didn’t answer ryan’s question.. what she’s gonna bring, instead answered what she’s looking for. thanks.

  20. Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman Jimmy Iovine will be an in-house mentor for the contestants this season

  21. Now that it’s official, I am concerned!
    JLo is clearly being cast as the new Paula and I can see her doing a good enough job at that, but that would make Steven Tyler the “new Simon” which is not what I would have expected. He definetly has the kind of pedigree and carreer that could fit, but it’s a total unknown wheter or not he makes good tv.

  22. i officially felt the “where is simon” feeling and “for which show are they?”


    but i hope it works for S10, i really want this season to do well.. just can’t shake the feeling of half of the team are #strangers

  23. Oh thank you so much for bringing in the sound at the last minute. What a big ole fail!

  24. Steven Tyler is downright scary looking in the pic at the top. It’s OK for anybody to be ugly, but he abuses the privilege. ;)

  25. I think the new format sound interesting and what has been definitely been lacking….hopefully we’ll hear good vocals and be entertain as we were with Adam in Season 8!!! I think Steven & Jennifer will offer their best advice to the contests for them to learn & grow instead of some of the BS advice of seasons before…..I’ll check it out!!

  26. I think Steven Tyler is going to surprise a lot of people. He certainly has the music credentials. He’s been in the business for 40 years, he reinvented Aerosmith a number of times, he’s an accomplished musician and is a multiple Grammy winning singer/songwriter as well as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. The band Aerosmith still perform in large venues to sell-out crowds.

    Steven is an amazing showman – it’s very hard to take your eyes off of him when he performs live. He has that illusive quality called “charisma” which I hope will be as evident on TV as it is on stage. He’s bold, outrageous and unpredictable, all of which may help with AI’s ratings. I know I’m anxious to tune in just to see his truly horrible wardrobe choices. :)

    BTW, I noticed in one of the pictures that Steven is sitting at the judges table in Simon’s old spot.

  27. I like Steven Tyler and am interested in seeing him on idol – I think he may do well being a judge.

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