American Idol 9 Top 9 Redux – Recap Roundup

MJ’s Take: The Top 9 Channel Elvis, With A Little Help From Adam Lambert

I’ll admit it: I was a little disappointed when I heard Adam Lambert would be mentoring this week. Nothing against Adam — I was rooting for him to win last season. But, I thought, if the producers were finally allowing Idols to mentor, the first should be one of the Idol winners with a successful track record, like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.

But hey, those chart-topping Idols are busy with their own tours right now — Carrie is traveling across the country in her flying pickup truck, and Kelly is currently playing shows Down Under. Adam is available, and promoting a single. Besides, he could give the season 9 kids something they desperately need: pointers on how to really entertain an audience.


‘American Idol’: Ryan completely loses his everlovin’ mind on the scene of Top 9.2 performance night

So I take off three weeks from collecting the best of American Idol behind-the-scenery, and what happens? Half of the ladies got the boot, Big “Stank Face” Mike got the save, and apparently, Ryan Seacrest completely lost his everloving mind. The best on-camera taste of Ryan’s spastic battiness was, of course, during Tim Urban’s dagblastit-the-kid’s-actually-getting-kinda-good performance of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love, ” when Ryan randomly grabbed Michael Sarver a beefy member of Lee Dewyze’s official cheer squad and proceeded to dance with him through most of the song. But dear readers, I promise you, that was merely a slice of the double-decker upside-down cake of crazy Ryan was baking during last night’s Top 9.2 performance show.

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American Idol recap: Elvis Has Left the Building

Adam Lambert and Elvis Presley certainly wouldn’t seem out of place in the pantheon of great flavor combinations. Like chocolate and peanut butter, mushrooms and bacon, lobster and (mmm) butter before them, there’s a tangy, cosmic harmony in the two singers’ high-haired, hip-swiveling, big-voiced, glitter-bomb styles. Unfortunately for tonight’s episode of American Idol, nine other ingredients got added to the Adam-Elvis batter, and not all of ’em proved pleasing to the palate.

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Live at American Idol: Who Needs Simon? We Have the Glee Stars’ Picks

If you’re still trying to figure out who to champion this season on American Idol, we have just the thing for you: Our highly scientific Glee-O-Meter!

OK, so it’s not scientific at all, but it is fascinating if you’re a Glee fan. We just so happened to sit right smack dab behind the likes of Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale at tonight’s performance show and can tell you exactly who they are rooting for in the competition. This is valuable knowledge, people, cause unlike Simon Crankypants, these guys actually know how to sing!

Come find out which Glee star shares your taste…


Nine Idolettes tackle Elvis tunes on ‘American Idol’

Let’s see how many ways this season’s Idolettes can find to turn Elvis tunes into muzak, shall we?

The Idolettes are flown to Las Vegas so they can take in Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis show for inspiration.

“I love Elvis, ” says this week’s mentor, Adam Lambert says, adding that it’s such an honor to mentor the Idolettes because “I’m just beginning my career, ” adding that his mission is to be “completely honest, but constructive.”

Washington Post

Ann Powers: Adam Lambert and Elvis give the Idols a little kick

“American Idol” has its problems right now — slipping ratings, an iffy Top 10, and Ryan Seacrest’s mounting manic streak, which this week had him slow-dancing with Michael Sarver (off-camera, but he announced it afterward) and extolling the wonders of Adam Lambert’s tongue, which he called “talented.”

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‘American Idol’ Recap: Adam Lambert Steals The Show On Elvis Night

It makes perfect sense that “American Idol” would pick Elvis Presley as a theme this season. Like Elvis, “Idol” was once a young, fresh, exciting force that changed music and television. Now it’s a bloated carcass of its former self that will probably end up dead on a toilet one of these days. (For the sake of argument, let’s call the seventh and eighth seasons of “Idol” their version of the “’68 Comeback Special.”)


Adam Lambert Shakes Up The ‘American Idol’ Top Nine

Tonight’s ‘American Idol‘ focused on the music of one of the original pop stars to hold that tile, Elvis Presley, and it was assisted by Adam Lambert, who was last year’s Great Audience-Galvanizing Hope. Lambert was given a fanfare fit for The King, with his introductory video package drawing a straight line between the two as such: “One of the greatest performers to grace the stage… one of our favorite performers from our own stage.” Okay! Kris Allen was, I suppose, unavailable for comment, as was every other ‘Idol’ winner. (And Daughtry.) (And Jennifer Hudson.) (And, well, you get the picture.)


‘Idol’ singers get ‘All Shook Up’ on Elvis week

Tuesday night marked Adam Lambert’s triumphant return to “American Idol.” And much like any college freshman making an October appearance at his old high school, he was filled with advice and wisdom from the weeks he’s spent outside of the show’s cocoon and in the larger recording world.

He had the same basic lesson for everyone — show a little more energy. Given that the theme this week was the Elvis Presley songbook and that Lambert himself was so theatrical a year ago that Andrew Lloyd Webber would have been impressed, it was a natural message.


American Idol: The Top 9 (Again) Battle Elvis and the Weight of History

Siobhan Magnus > Michael Lynche > Crystal Bowersox > Lee DeWyze > Tim Urban > Casey James > Andrew Garcia > Aaron Kelly > Katie Stevens

It was Elvis night on “Idol” for the top 9, but in truth, Elvis’s influence was usurped by guest mentor Adam Lambert, last year’s runner-up. Remember 2009, when “American Idol” was a popular television show, not beaten the ratings by “Dancing With The Stars, ” nor on the verge of losing its biggest personality, or even its musical director?

NY Times

Nine Idolettes tackle Elvis tunes on ‘American Idol’

Let’s see how many ways this season’s Idolettes can find to turn Elvis tunes into muzak, shall we?

The Idolettes are flown to Las Vegas so they can take in Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis show for inspiration.

“I love Elvis, ” says this week’s mentor, Adam Lambert says, adding that it’s such an honor to mentor the Idolettes because “I’m just beginning my career, ” adding that his mission is to be “completely honest, but constructive.”

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Blake Lewis: Michael Lynche gave me ‘a couple shivers’

Tuesday, Elvis Presley made his comeback on American Idol. Although he didn’t really show up in any of the performances.

Seeing Adam Lambert back on the show as the mentor for this week made me happy: His advice was straight to the point, and most of the contestants actually listened.

The night started off with Crystal Bowersox singing Saved, and she really opened it with a bang. Blues and soul artists wrote most of Elvis’ songs, so, naturally, the music fit Crystal perfectly. Great choice.

USA Today

‘American Idol’ Crowns Lee Dewyze, Tim Urban Kings Of Elvis Night

On Tuesday night (April 13), Adam Lambert became the first former “American Idol” finalist to serve as a mentor on the show, and last year’s runner-up had plenty of advice for the nine remaining singers as they took on the Elvis songbook. In keeping with his vibe last year, Lambert encouraged the singers to bring their own special something to each performance, advice that served some in-danger singers well (Michael Lynche, Tim Urban) and enhanced the chances of the usual leading suspects (Crystal Bowersox, Casey James).


‘American Idol’ Season 9, Top 9 Perform (Again): TV Recap

The Idols took on Elvis Presley songs this week, mentored by last year’s runner up, Adam Lambert. (Boy, who canceled on “American Idol?”)

They’ll face a tough week — two contestants will be eliminated because Michael Lynche was saved last week. And those who get booted won’t get a prominent seat at Idol Gives Back concert next week, nor get to enjoy the safety from cuts that usually brings.

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‘American Idol’ Top 9: Elvis Has Most Definitely Left The Building

Viewers and bloggers, myself included, have rightfully whined all season long that this year’s “American Idol” just hasn’t packed the punch of seasons past. So this week (an especially important double-elimination week), Fox apparently lurked on a few expletive-riddled message boards, heeded these complaints, and decided to do something about it, by bringing back one of the “Idol” contestants who made Season 8 so memorable: Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert Brings Straight Talk to ‘American Idol’ Elvis Night

American Idol may have generated artists who have sold more albums than last season’s glittery runner-up, but the show has never birthed a star of Adam Lambert’s magnetism. But depending on who you ask, he became the first former contestant invited back as a mentor because he energized the series (and raked in big ratings), or needs the show’s help as he’s “struggling” to live down his controversial American Music Awards performance from November: the latter was what the show’s executive producer spun to EW earlier this week. (The show has certainly attempted to spotlight former winners with truly struggling careers, like Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks.)

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American Idol Recap: Who’s Leaving the Building?

American Idol handed its nine remaining contestants a formidable task: Perform an Elvis hit and have it sound fresh and fancy-free and Ke$ha-flavored for the more happenin’ preteens. Sounds doable, right? Except totally impossible? Right. Luckily, the surviving balladeers were also granted the help of Adam Lambert, who established himself as the best mentor of the season. But the real judging is up to us: Which two contestants ‘return to sender’ during tomorrow’s results show? Movieline’s rankings pile up after the jump.


Top 9 (Redux) Recap – Adam Lambert Climaxes to Get Some Head Voice on Elvis Night

Adam Lambert proved to be a shitty mentor, as predicted. He told most of the contestants they were boring and offered very little else. But then he 2 contestants that he had crushes on and that he wanted to sleep with them, but in fewer words. The contestants basically did a poor job with Elvis songs, but brilliant Timmy did exactly what he needed to do to try to advance another week: wear tight clothes and sing a song decently within his 3-note range to tween girls. There’s still a lot of floating fodder though. If Tim hopefully makes it another week, there won’t be almost any fodder left, so any elimination besides Tim would be hilarious. We’ll see if that can happen.

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Season 9, Final 9 Sing Slowly, Again

Coming on the heels of a successful Beatles week it seemed as if these jokers could pull another night of quality performances out of their collective butt-holes, but there’s a problem with doing Elvis Week. Lennon and McCartney are one of the all-time great song-writing duos. Elvis on the other hand, would take mediocre songs and re-interpret them into something soulful, dynamic and engaging with his incredible voice, dancing and engrossing stage presence. Oh, occasionally a “A Little Less Conversation” or “Suspicious Minds” snuck onto his albums, (both butchered tonight by the Idol turkeys.) But for the most part Elvis songs are simple, repetitive, old-fashioned blues songs, needing an Elvis like talent to inject some life into them. So is there an Elvis-like talent among these snooze-inducing Final 9? Do I need to answer that question?

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Only Fools Rush In: AI 9 Top 9 Elvis Week Recap

It’s the American Idol you’ve all been waiting for! Elvis! Adam Lambert!

It only makes sense that on tonight, of all evenings, I would be stricken with some sort of deathly cough/cold. Its a shame I don’t have any prescription-strength medicine to numb all the pain.

Ryan Seacrest says it was only natural to ask Adam Lambert back to mentor, since Elvis was one of the greatest performers to grace any stage and well, Adam Lambert was one of their favorite performers on the Idol stage. Lambert only gets some credit for admitting he’s only in the beginning of his career, but then I think back to the interview with Lambert in Spinner I read before tonight’s show and remember how he may really be a narcissistic ass clown.

Top Idol

American Idol Recap: Adam Lambert Is Officially Anointed the New Elvis

Last night the remaining nine contestants on American Idol stumbled through the catalogue of Elvis Presley, failing for the most part to make any of the King’s tunes their own. Season-eight runner-up Adam Lambert blessedly livened things up as a guest mentor, and he was actually a great tie-in to the week’s theme since Elvis also wore mascara offstage and the networks won’t show Lambert doing certain things below the hips. Glambert kept the episode afloat by actually giving some honest feedback, saying this season has great singers but a lot of them need to “wake up … let’s put on a show.” (And after weeks of the judges wondering what the problem is with Andrew, it was a relief to have someone flat out tell him his singing was boring.)

NY Mag

“American Idol” recap: Glambert to the rescue

If he were alive, he would be 75 years old. But on this week’s “American Idol, ” Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, who remains dead, despite what conspiracy theorists would have us believe, was resurrected for one night only. (Unless, of course, you’re in Vegas. There are a million Elvises every night in Vegas.)

As for Elvis week, it was as dead as Elvis.

But all was not lost. At least Adam Lambert was going to be the lucky contestants’ mentor. I won’t bore you with the ad nauseum details of what a ridiculously obsessed fanatical fan I am of Adam Lambert. What you should know is that Lambert was the first contestant ever to be asked to come back to be a mentor. He did a valiant job of trying to light a fire under the contestant’s behinds. Not an easy feat with this sullen and hesitant group.

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