American Idol 9 Top 9 iTunes Performance Reviews

I review this week’s iTunes performances. No surprises this week. If I liked the stage performance, I dug the itunes and vice versa. My favorite recording this week is Casey James “Jealous Guy” followed by Crystal Bowersox’s “Come Together”…

New feature: I’ve added links to You Tube uploads so you can sample the tunes for yourselves…

  • Download iTunes performances HERE. Or, click the individual links below
  • Aaron Kelly – “The Long and Winding Road” –  If you can get past the syrup and the bombast in the original production of this song, McCartney’s vocals convey heartbreak and longing.  Aaron’s version is competent, but snoozey.  Or, sleepy, as Randy would say. – AudioVideoYouTube
  • Katie Stevens – “Let it Be” – The recording is as good as the live version. Just goes to show you, what a difference the right song makes.  She connects emotionally to the song–her vocals here are soulful and rich. – AudioVideoYouTube
  • Andrew Garcia – “Can’t Buy Me Love” – I like Andrew’s vocals here, but the arrangement? Not so much.  Way too cheesy–it’s the opposite of what Andrew needs to do right now.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t go acoustic.  I love Rickey Minor, but he’s killing Andrew here. – AudioVideoYouTube
  • Michael Lynche – “Eleanor Rigby” – I was a little surprised to find that a lot of folks had a negative reaction to Michael’s performance Tuesday night.  Michael has a tendency to overdo it sometimes, but he really knows how to phrase a song. – AudioVideoYouTube
  • Crystal Bowersox – “Come Together” – Crystal is at her soulful best here. She could record this song for an album, it’s that good. AudioVideoYouTube
  • Tim Urban – “All My Loving” – Tim picked the perfect song this week.  He’s not a great singer, but when he sticks to the teen idol material, he’s got a winsome charm. Aaron needs to take note. –  AudioVideoYouTube
  • Casey James – “Jealous Guy” – Casey’s vocals are front and center here, with a delivery that’s absolutely heartbreaking.  I get a chill when he sings, “I was swallowing my pain.” Amazing. – AudioVideoYouTube
  • Siobhan Magnus – “Across the Universe” –  When Siobhan’s not singing in her upper register, she sounds flat and unemotional. She’s either soft or loud, without much shading in between. – AudioVideoYouTube
  • Lee DeWyze – “Hey Jude” – Believe it or not, I kinda miss the bagpipes!  The background vocals are LAME, but Lee’s raspy vocals are spot on, as usual. – AudioVideoYouTube

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