American Idol 9 Top 10 Results – Recap

Didi Benami is eliminated, she performs “Rihannon”, the judges do NOT  save her. Didi Benami is going home tonight.

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*Next week: The Top 9 butcher sing the Lennon/McCartney songbook. *SOB* Rihanna sings her hit “Te Amo”

Well, so much for the year of the girl. I can’t believe that 3 girls have been eliminated in a row. Granted, the three that left had problems. But I have to say, I find it interesting that contestants like Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia have been able to skate on by with performances that at the very least, aren’t worse than the girls who have  been eliminated.

Female contestants, for the most part, don’t inspire the kind of loyalty, amongst the female heavy demo that makes up the Idol voting audience.  At this point, I’m wondering if a girl is going to win this year.  I’ll be surprised if there isn’t at least one male in the Top 2.

Speaking of voting, Ryan hasn’t mentioned vote totals since the semi-finals, where he mentioned them once, I believe.  The vote totals must be way off this year.  Looking for some positive buzz, the producers allowed the contestants to meet with reporters after their performance Tuesday night. That is a first.  Such a strange, strange season…

The last time Idol tackled the Lennon/McCartney songbook was the Season 7 Top 12.  It went so well, the producers decided to repeat the theme (including George Harrison’s work) the following week.  The results were mixed–you had David Cook’s “Eleanor Rigby” and Brooke White’s “Let it Be” on one hand, and then Kristy Lee Cook’s “Eight Days a Week” on the other….

  • Ruben Studdard performs “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More” – VIDEO
  • Ford Commercial “Kung Fu Fighting” – VIDEO
  • Results – Katie Stevens is in the Bottom 3 – VIDEO
  • Usher and perform “OMG” – VIDEO
  • Results – Didi Benami and Tim Urban are in the B3, Katie is sent back – VIDEO
  • Diddy and Dirty Money sing “Hello Goodmorning” – VIDEO
  • Results – Didi Benami is eliminated, sings “Rihanna”, is NOT saved – VIDEO

Diddy with Dirty Money, Usher (with a special guest) and Ruben Studdard all perform tonight, as one more Idol is eliminated!

Live blog after the jump….

Hilariously, Idol has issued a warning to watch out for the strobe lights during Diddy’s performance. WTF?

OMG, there’s some weird “Clash of The Titans” opening. I’m completely confused by this.  GAH. Annoying! What a stupid way to pimp a movie.  It doesn’t even make sense.

Ryan says maybe they’ll use the save tonight! NOT!  Introducing the judges now….

Ruben Studdard takes the stage to sing “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More”.  Ruben’s looking sharp!  Fun Fact: Ruben is now a vegan! And he’s working out every day.

Big Mike takes the stage to give Ruben some training tips!

Ruben and Clay Aiken are going on tour this summer. It’s called “The Timeless Tour”.  Ryan says, “The Claymates will be happy” (Uhm Ryan, no they won’t)

Ford commercial: The Idols go “Kung Fu Fighting.”

Time for results:

Mike Lynche is wearing a purple tail glued to his bald head (he feels like Siohbahn). Crystal Bowersox says the first time she played the piano was at six. She quit at about 10 to pick up the guitar. She said she was comfortable playing the piano. Andrew Garcia says he thinks he’s pretty cool (yes, he has a personality! Dammit) Mrs Garcia is in the audience again. She tells Andrew to be himself because “Mama raised him right”.

The kids went to see Clash of the Titans over the weekend…in 3D! The cast introduces the elims from the London premiere..Kieran dim the lights!

Lee Dewyze stands up…Lee watched his performance back, and feels like he was himself for once, instead of worrying about the judges and the cameras. He tried to put it out there like it was the last time he would ever perform.  Simon says Lee put himself in a completely different place last night.  Lee is SAFE.

Casey James is next…Ryan asks him how he can challenge himself, Casey says he doesn’t have a good answer, but he can always do more. He always picks a good song, and does the best he can.  Casey is safe. Aaron Kelly is next…he says he’s never been in love. Ryan asks him how he can conjure up romantic feelings if he’s never been in love.  Simon interrupts Ryan,   “Ryan this is not the Oprah Winfrey Show.” says Simon.  The judges panel turns to chaos as Aaron awaits his fate.  Finally, Aaron is SAFE.

Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens stand up….Siobhan says it was hard to hear the judges negative feedback, but she’s not going to make excuses. “I’m not defeated” says Siobhan. Katie says she’s going to add the judges’ advice to what she wants to do. Randy agrees with Kara–Katie should sing  R&B.  Take that, Simon. More fake fighting between Ryan and Simon. Simon tells Katie he’s frustrated that she’s not taking his advice.

The Fetus, Justin Bieber is in the audience (he’s taping a performance today to air later).  He gives major props to his mentor, Usher, who  performs “OMG” (taped earlier, btw)  with Yes, Usher’s vocal is weirdly autotuned.  It makes him sound like he’s got the worst vibrato EVER.’s rapping sucks.

Back to the results:

Didi Benami stands up…she says she’ll go back to the guitar if she sticks around. She hasn’t been playing long, and doesn’t always feel comfortable performing with it. Interesting.  She’s in the Bottom 3.  Michael Lynch is next…Ellen says she saw subtlety last night, and she loved it.  FAKE OUT!  Ryan asked him to walk…and then declared him safe. Mike picked him up…should have thrown him across the room!

Crystal Bowersox is next…and is dispatched with quickly….she is safe.  Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia stand.  Kara doesn’t know what to make of Tim’s constant smiling.  Does Tim get what the judges are saying? He knows that when he steps on the stage, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he’s going to keep on smiling….Tim is in the Bottom 3, Andrew is safe and Katie is sent back to the couch before the break.

Diddy with Dirty Money sing “Hello Goodmorning” Whatevs. Diddy kiss and hugs all the judges. Kisses Ellen right on the lips! Diddy wants to thank the whole American Idol crew for this opportunity. Is he running for office?

ELIMINATION:  Didi Benami is eliminated. She sings  “Rihannon”. The judges chit chat. They are obviously not discussing Didi or listening to her sing.  The judges aren’t going to waste a save on her–and they don’t. Simon tells her she improved tonight (as if he was even paying attention).


Lee Dewyze
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Siobhan Magnus
Mike Lynche
Crystal Bowersox
Andrew Garcia

Bottom 3

Katie Stevens (Katie is sent straight back to the couch)
Didi Benami
Tim Urban

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