Adam Lambert Signs New Record Deal, Announces New Song

Adam Lambert Feel Something Cover Art

Adam Lambert will drop a brand new teaser song, “Feel Something,” tonight (Feb. 21), the American Idol season 8 alum announced on social media. Written by Benedict Cork, Josh Cumbee and Adam, and produced by Cumbee and Afishin Salman, the song will be released through the independent label and distributor EMPIRE, Variety reported.

Check out EMPIRE’s eclectic roster which includes several Rap/Hip Hop artists.  

“Hi. I know you’ve been waiting!” Adam wrote on Twitter. “Well I’m finally ready to bring new music to all of you. I wanted to give a gift to you to kick off this new era before I drop my first official single. It’s a preview of the upcoming album – and a song from me to you.” Adam writes about the struggles he experienced while writing new music:

First: Let me offer a most sincere thank you for your patience and continued faith in me. You’ve pushed me to keep going even when I felt discouraged. I love making and performing music, but there have been many times where I’ve had to compromise on my artistic vision, with executives making decisions based on money and not art. Don’t get me wrong—I’m VERY proud of my body of work. But I’m coming out of a dark period of second-guessing my own artistry and having my mental health suffer because of it. I started asking myself, “is all this hustle really worth it?” I put all my focus on work and started to feel detached in my personal life. My self worth was suffering, I was lonely, and becoming depressed.

Luckily, I have also been touring with Queen which recharges me with tons of positive energy. The fans we perform for are so full of love, and Brian May and Roger Taylor are a joy to play music with and always remind me of my value. Together we have collaborated creatively on our tours and this helped me to reaffirm my confidence in my artistry. Working with Queen helped keep my head above water, and I am so grateful to the spirit of Freddie Mercury, who has always inspired me to push ahead boldly.

With a bit of professional help, and the support of colleagues, friends and family, I pulled myself out of the darkness. I decided to begin my next album on my own so I wouldn’t be influenced by anything but my passion for music. I reached out to fellow writers and artists that I’d met over the years and began booking sessions with them. I wanted to make the music I wanted to make, and to get in the headspace I was in when I first dreamed of being a singer—before playing the industry game started messing with my love for music.

After the first few songs were written, I began to realize that the only way to get this new project released the way I envisioned it was to change up my team. So I hired a new management company and signed with a new record label. A fresh start!

I wanted to give a gift to you to kick off this new era before I drop my first official single. It’s a preview of the upcoming album—and a song from me to you. It’s called “Feel Something.” This was written about me climbing out of the low period, defying my disillusionment, owning my needs, and opening my heart. The life of a bachelor can be a laugh, with plenty of flings, but after awhile it starts to feel empty. Between frustrations with my career and many lost connections, I felt numb—and though I wanted to fall in love, I knew I wasn’t ready. That’s what inspired me to cry out, “I don’t need to feel love, I just want to feel something!” It was in this realization that I took my first step toward self-care and nursing my spirit back to health. This song is the emotional starting point of my new album.

The tracks will chronicle the journey of taking responsibility for my own happiness and strength, and searching for intimacy. Since writing this song, I’ve found the joy I was missing and I’m back in my power. I can’t wait for you to hear more!

“Feel Something” is the first new track since last summer’s “Two Fux.” According to Variety, Adam said he has written “35-ish” songs in a Twitter chat this month. The singer wrote: “I have been working really hard on it! The album is gonna be yummy! It’s basically all of my influences rolled into my own special blend…”

Adam responded to co-writer Benedict Cork on Twitter. “honoured to have co-written king @adamlambert’s new song out tonight with adam & @joshcumbee,” Cork wrote. Adam answered: “It was such a cathartic session! I am so proud of the feels we captured!!! Thank you Both!”

The new record will be a followup to his 2015 Warner Bros Records release, The Original High. His next gig is fronting Queen for a performance on Sunday’s Academy Awards. This summer, he takes off for another North American tour with the legendary band


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