Adam Lambert – Glam Nation Tour – Putra Stadium – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 10-14-10


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Adam Lambert finishes up the Asian leg of the Glam Nation Tour in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia before heading down under. He will be playing Putra Stadium which has the capacity for 16, 000 which is a combination of GA standing and seating. According to twitter the show is sold-out. Showtime is 8:00pm local time and 8:00am EST/5:00am PST.
Adam tweeted this morning (i.e. his morning not ours)

@adamlambert Excited to perform for my Malaysian fans tonight!!! My priority is giving you a great show, and I don’t mind making a slight compromise to do so. You all are more than worth it!!! Bust out the glitter!!!

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REVIEW: Glambert Fever hits Malaysia!
Alot has been written about Adam having to tone down the show. And the conservative Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS) has tried to get the show cancelled because Adam is gay. PAS’s youth chief Nasrudin Hassan has said that

Lambert is morally unfit. His gay lifestyle will harm our society. He is of bad, bad character and poses a danger to young Malaysians

We want the government to cancel the permit. The country is battling a serious problem of moral decay. We are experiencing rising social violence and crime

They also plan on protesting the concert and handing out leaflets to concert goers in hopes of convincing they to not attend the show. Hassan states that

We will use a soft approach to protest against his performance. He has admitted he is gay. We feel his lifestyle will influence and destroy the young generation. We will not use violence to stop the concert

And to be clear Adam has not agreed to alter his show because of the PAS but because it is required by law for any forgein performers to adhere to the Malaysian goverments guidelines to be allowed to perform. Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia and can carry up to 20 years in prison. Some info on Malaysian laws and history of LGBT

Here is the guidelines that ALL foreign performers have to abid by in order to perform.


2.2.1 Dress Code Male Artist Dress Code

Male artist shall dress appropriately and it is prohibited to:-
a) Wear clothes which is unbuttoned or too exposed until chest and
body can be seen.
b) Wear torn clothes, patched pants or untidy attire.
c) Wear short pants.
d) Wear clothes which show vulgar symbol, picture and words or
brands of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.
e) Remove the clothes during the performance; and
f) Other terms set by PBT / Licensing Officer. Female Artist Dress Code

Female artist shall dress appropriately and it is prohibited to:-
a) Wear clothes which expose herself from the top of her breast to
the knee level.
b) Wear clothes which are split up too high or too tight.
c) Wear clothes that overly exposed her body shape.
d) Other terms set by PBT / Licensing Officer.

2.2.2 Behaviour During Performance

Foreign artiste is not allowed to show action and say words which cause
discomfort to the audience and touch sensitive issues of the society and
against local cultural values, such as:-
a) Throw object towards the audience.
b) Show behaviour or say vulgar words with provocative action, for
example kissing, kiss the audience or do something similar among
the artists. This is in accordance to: Rule 22, under Entertainment Rules (Federal Territory of
Kuala Lumpur) 1993 which says that no vulgar entertainment
is allowed in any entertainment outlet.
c) Making wild performance and actions which is against good
behaviour and morality of the performance.
d) Do action or say words that could be understood as instigating,
attracting to pride a certain group of the society or religion in the
context of race polarization which could jeopardize stability of the
e) Sitting together with the audience at any time. Their performances
are restricted on the stage of the premises only.
f) Other terms set by PBT / Licensing Officer.

I think that according to these guidelines (and not knowing if/what other terms there might be) the biggest change will be to wardrobe.  I don’t think Adam will cut Fever.

Press Conference with Malaysian media

Adam confirms he has filmed a “It Gets Better” video which will be out soon.

Ironically this is one of the poster that the PAS protesters were using.

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