Adam Lambert: Another Producer Getting Ready to Release Pre-Idol Material?

Well, move over Hi-Fi records!   It looks like yet, another producer, in possession of material Adam Lambert recorded before American Idol, is hoping to make a buck off the new star. A single, called “Live The Live” is set to be released mid-July, according to the dance/electronica producer, J. Scott G.

The story begins with the discovery of a tweet by Adam Lambert fans last night. It seemed that Adam had been working on a song earlier in the day with a collaborator named J. Scott. G. who twittered this,

“Spent most of the day working on the new tune with Adam Lambert… This song is massive.”

On closer inspection, it became clear that J. Scott G. wasn’t actually “with” Adam, but working on a song he recorded with Adam months before he auditioned for Idol. In a recent post from his blog, J. Scott G. talks about a recent move to Austin, TX to work on a friend’s album. At the end of the post, he mentions working on an Adam Lambert song:

Oh yeah, you might also be wondering where the song with Adam Lambert is. It’s coming. I swear. I’m making the final adjustments to it and flying to LA soon to mix it. Look out for a mid July release… along with some amazing remixes. It’s all in the works now. I’ll also be starting a photo album of my adventures here soon on Myspace and Facebook, as well as some video blogs from the studio (and quite possibly the boat parties).

A blog post from his MySpace page makes his relationship to Adam clearer. About 6 months before his stint on Idol, Adam contacted the producer through MySpace, and the two eventually hooked up to write, produce and record a song called “Live The Life”.

Before J. Scott G. had a chance to do anything with it, Adam signed a contract with American Idol, and asked the producer to put the song “on hold.” He “gladly obliged, ” finishing the edits on the song at around the time Idol wrapped up in May. The producer believes his meeting with Adam was destiny, and that he totally hit the motherload:

I never doubted Adam was going to do well in Idol from the moment he told me he made it, because of my underlying belief that the universe brought him into my life for a reason. But I mean, come on’ ¦ seriously what are the chances of something like this happening? One in a million? One in ten million? I might have had a better chance at winning the *actual* lottery to be perfectly honest (thank god I’m not a gambling man). So I challenge you all to ask yourself these questions. Are Adam and I just incredibly lucky? Or is there, perhaps, some truth in the concept of manifestation through positive thinking?

You be the judge. In the mean time, you’ve got to live the life. Man I can’t stop friggin smiling. (again, so grateful)

Seriously, has this guy NOT been following the Hi-Fi saga? I can’t imagine Adam is going to endorse the release of this single either, in which case, there’s a good chance his fans won’t be downloading. Not as lucky as you think, bud.

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