Adam Lambert – Glam Nation Tour – Copley Symphony Hall – San Diego, CA – 07-30-10

Adam Lambert and his Glam Nation crew are playing in Adam’s home town of San Diego tonight at the Copley Symphony Hall. This is another show that is starting earlier than what was printd ont the tickets. The show is starting at 7:30pm instread of 8:00pm PST.

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Photos from twitter poster created by our very own mlg_0621

Orianthi is opening up solo for the show tonight.

UPDATE: According to Allison Iraheta’s website she IS performing tonight which explains starting early.

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Review:Whole lotta love for Adam — Lambert’s homecoming concert a sure fire treat for his fans

Rumor has it that there might be a few DH’s in the audience tonight.

DH DH or DH who likes music alot  well this DH is late…such a rebel

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Sleepwalker with dancer interlude suz526

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