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Bobby Bennett, 19, Denver, CO. Aud–Denver.

Bobby is one of the unpimped.   Like Melissa McGhee, we’ve yet to hear him sing.   In fact, his appearance in the chair and his reaction afterward were really our first real glimpses of him.   And that’s a shame because Bobby comes across as funny, and extremely likeable.   Bobby has been singing since he was 7.   Before auditioning for Idol, Bobby worked at Target.

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Kevin Covais, 16, Levittown, NY. Aud–Boston.

It’s kind of awful, but every time I look at Kevin I think of little Eggbert from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.   Kevin sang Josh Groban’s “You Lift Me Up” for his audition. Paula said he was an unlikely Idol, but that it didn’t hurt Clay Aiken.   Simon  observed  that, “Folks over 80 would love you…nobody under 20 would understand you.”   Kevin’s biggest competition will be the other teen boys.   Both David Radford with  his teen idol good looks, and the vocally talented Will Makar will be tough competition for Kevin, whose warbley tenor may not have broad appeal. Kevin Covais fans  Vote for Kevin


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Bucky Covington, 28, Rockingham, NC. Aud–Greensboro.

Despite the fact that we’ve seen or heard little from Bucky,  he appears to have a growing fan base.    His good looks and the hint of southern charm is intriguing to many.   Bucky picked up a guitar at age 19 and has played in various country and rock bands.    Bucky’s twin brother Rocky also auditioned in Greensboro, but did not advance. Bucky needs  to perform memorably right out of the box if he’s going to stay in the game. Bucky  Bucky Covington  Covingtons


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Chris Daughtry, 26, McLeansville, NC. Aud–Denver.

Chris sang “The Letter” for his audition, and his gritty vocal style impressed the judges.   In Hollywood he proved he could bring heartfelt emotion to a song, whether the classic Cat Stevens  tune,  “First Cut is the Deepest” or the banal Barry Gibb tune, “Emotions.”   Prior to Idol, Chris was a member of the band “Absent Element” and recorded a CD with them.  

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Patrick Hall, 27 Gravette, AR Aud–Las Vegas.

Who is Patrick Hall? A question many were asking after Paula singled him out in an MTV article as a  contestant the girls  would fall in love with.   We finally heard him sing during the Hollywood rounds where he managed to make the cheesy song “If” completely swoon-worthy.

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Taylor Hicks, 29, Birmingham, AL. Aud–Las Vegas.

Old man Taylor.   Ok, he’s really only 29, but that head of gray hair and world-weary look makes him seem mature beyond his years.    Taylor is probably the most experienced of this bunch, having performed his soulful blues in and around the Birmingham area for the past 10 years.  When he  auditioned in front of the judges, Simon balked.  Taylor is a gifted vocalist, but will his un-idolesque appearance and quirky mannerisms be embraced by the viewers?   I hope so. Taylor Hicks fans  Taylor Hicks  Taylor Hicks  Taylor Made Forum  Soul Patrol on MySpace  Taylor Hicks Yahoo Group  Taylor Hicks Weblog


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Will Makar, 16, The Woodlands, TX. Aud–Austin.

Will performed for two presidents–Clinton and Bush–while a member of the Houston Children’s Chorus.   His performance of “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” for his audition had Randy and Simon were ready to send him to Hollywood. But Paula thought he needed a few more years to mature.   She may have a point–competing on national television on a highly rated TV show is a lot of pressure for an inexperienced teen.   Still, Will is easily the most talented of all the teen boys.   He has a natural style that’s never forced or self-conscious.   His talent  could take him far into this competition. William Makar  William Makar Fans  William Makar Street Team  


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Gedeon McKinny, 17 Memphis, TN. Aud–Chicago.

We first heard Gedeon when he over-sang “Let’s Stay Together” during the a Capella rounds in Hollywood. He over-sold himself in “The Chair” when he told the judges that he’s “climbing the stairway to success and  ready for  America to see what God  has done.”  (?)   Simon said   if  Gedeon had said that first, he might have said no.   It remains to be seen if he has the goods to back up his big–confidence.   Gedeon McKinney Online



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SWAY, 28, South San Francisco. Aud–San Francisco.

Will  Jose “Sway” Penala have the Filipino-American voting bloc behind him  the way Jasmine Trias 3rd place AI3 did?   Some are predicting yes.    He performed “Superstar” for the judges who enthusiastically advanced him to the next round.   When  Sway auditioned for idol,  he was a member of  the group 6th Day whose  existing  record contract,   when discovered,  raised some    eyebrows.   Supposedly, performers with existing contracts are ineligible for Idol.   Sway didn’t perform well  during the Hollywood rounds.   He’ll need to  step it up in order to compete with this talented  group of guys. Sway  Jose


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David Radford, 17, Crystal Lake, IL. Aud–Chicago.

David sings in a crooning style reminiscent of John Stevens from Season 3.   David has talent, but has yet to develop an original style.   David  performed the rat-pack classic “The Summer Wind” for his audition.  Paula and Randy were reluctant to let him through, but after some coaxing from Simon, they relented.    David needs to  dial the mannerisms back a bit and relax.    But it may not matter. His megawatt smile insures that the girls will be voting their fingers off for him.    Rad  Rad Pack  David Radford Forum


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Elliott Yamin, 27, Richmond, VA.   Aud–Boston.

Elliott is a high-school dropout (really) whose singing experience has been mostly in karaoke bars.   The first time we saw him, he was pwning Terrell Brittenum during their group sing in the Hollywood rounds.   Elliott’s impressive R&B vocals weren’t showcased nearly enough during the auditions.  He’s just one more contestant who will have an uphill battle overcoming a lack of all-important screen time. Elliott Yamin Yahoo Group



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Ace Young, 25, Denver, CO.   Aud–Denver.

Buzz around Ace started early.   Along with Patrick Hall, Paula singled Ace out for heartthrob status.    He  starred as himself in an episode of “Half and Half, ” opened up for New Edition and has a single on the “Little Vampire” soundtrack.   He sang Westlife’s “Swear It All Over Again” for his audition.   Randy said he was one of the best singers in the competition.   Simon disagreed.   Though Ace is pretty and has tons of potential as a teen idol, his vocals  are breathy and lack power.   Nevertheless, he’s had tons of screen-time and appears to be one of the pimped ones.   I can totally see an Ace-Kellie final two…    Ace  Ace  Ace Young  Ace Young Forum  Totally Ace