Even More From Sarah


I just heard from Sarah again.  Memphis isn't looking good for the girls.  Out of the 50-55 auditioners put through, only 17 have been female…hmmm.  And she added that a guy who looked like a dead ringer for Ace Young was put through.  In interviews the producers claimed they didn't want any gray-haired guys or bald rockers, but Ace look-alikes? C'mon down! Heh.

Great story.  An auditioner at table 12 was wowing the folks around him as he sang.  However, the judge was not impressed and didn't put him though.  The crowd booed.  The Idol hopeful went straight to Nigel Lythgoe, who's been roaming the floor all day.  Auditioner pled his case, sang for Nigel, and then NIGEL PERSONALLY PUT HIM THROUGH!  The entire crowd erupted.  How about that?


The auditions have begun.  There are 12 tables spread out across the arena floor.  Audtioners are three deep, lined up in 4 rows to take their place in front of the producers.

As of approximately 11:30 central time, 24 people were put through.  Auditioners sitting in the stands are watching the auditions progress.  When somebody makes it through to the next round, the audience roars.  Three people went through–a woman and 2 men–as I talked to Sarah on the phone.  I could hear the audience cheering.

Tables 3, 11 and 12 appear to be putting the most auditioners through.  Table six hasn't let anyone through yet. Auditioners waiting in the stands are keeping stats–who goes through and from what table.  Notes are also taken on the race, gender and look of the auditioners making it through.

According to Sarah, Nigel Lythgoe and his “entourage” of camera men are wandering the floor looking very “regal”.

Sarah says a “creepy” guy from Cleveland OH had been pestering her.  He owns every piece of music any Idol has ever made, including William Hung.  He brought all of CDs to the audition with him.  He sang his audition number for Sarah–“You'll be in my Heart” by Phil Collins.  Needless to say, the dude wasn't very good.

Auditioners who don't make it through have to climb a huge flight of stairs that lead them outside.  It's been dubbed the “Walk of Shame”.  Auditioners who make it to the next round are kept for another hour.  They fill out a questionnaire and get their picture taken–presumably information Nigel, Ken and Co. will use for the second round auditions.

Lot's of auditioners are getting together to sing and practice while they wait, but Sarah is saving her voice for her audition…

Stay tuned for more details!