Thank You Sarah…

OK. The bad news first.

Sarah wasn't passed to the second round.  Boo.

The good news:  The judges were impressed with her performance of “The Nearness of You” (a standard recently covered by Norah Jones).  In fact, one of the judges told Sarah she had a “really sweet voice” and that if she had shown up earlier, she would have been put through!  Apparently, it pays to show up early, before the judges quotas are filled.

Sarah felt good about her audition–the key she started in was a bit high, and she had to switch from her chest voice to her head voice–but in the end,  wasn't a problem.

Other songs Sarah considered for her audition: “First Cut is the Deepest”, “Break Down Here” and “I Feel the Earth Move”.

What she wore: A pair of Seven jeans, turquoise heels and a brown strapless shirt dress.

Sarah's glad she auditioned, but also glad it's over.  She's on her way back to her friend's house where she plans to chill and spend the night.  She'll make her way back home tomorrow morning.

Thanks again Sarah, for your updates from today's Memphis auditions…