Does Mandisa have a record deal?  This Q&A with Mandisa by her hometown newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, reveals that she has been talking to some gospel labels:

I'm talking to four different labels. I definitely think I'll be doing a gospel album — I'm sticking to my roots. It's not about the money for me — it's about picking the right label. Right now, it looks like my CD will come out the beginning of the year.

Mandisa is also modeling plus-sized fashions for Ashley Stewart.  Click on box #3 to see her model a kimono-style tunic.

And this interesting interview with Mandisa's high school music teacher reveals that Mandisa hung with the wrong crowd in high school, until a parent-teacher conference/intervention convinced Mandisa that she had a musical gift worth developing.  Afterward, she turned things around and pursued singing with a passion.

Interesting little fact:  Mandisa, in an attempt to fit in with the “cool kids”,  re-named herself “Kandi” in high school.  She said it was because she was “so sweet”…

thanks kirsten