Whee!  This is like the old days!  Hee.

I have a little clue sent to me by a source regarding one of the tunes Taylor Hicks will be performing on the tour.

Taylor will sing something by a male singer who he mentioned as being a “favorite” quite a few times.
Not Ray Charles or Sam Cooke.

Ok, that’s a little vague. But it’s a good start for some speculation.  Who wants to play?

Perhaps there will be another clue later…

Spoiler Update: More clues from a mysterious stranger…. (posting in the comments section)

The song in question is from a recording with the word “Stranger” in the title.


Recording Title with “Stranger” not the song. (recording title = album title)


ETA:  Check out comments for some excellent clues…

UPDATE:  The spoiler IS:  “Hollywood Nights” by Bob Seeger.  Thanks for playing!  Heh.