7/05 Concert Follow-up – More Recaps

Katharine McPhee’s mother, Peisha McPhee, released a statement to Katharine’s fan group, Katharinefans.com regarding her illness.  She says,  “I can guarantee you that Katharine will join the tour as soon as the doctor gives the ok.”

Right now, Katharine is on complete voice rest.  There is no word yet about when she’ll be returning to the tour.  Here’s wishing Katharine a speedy recovery from her illness.  I’m sure her fellow Idols miss her, as well as her fans.

Speaking of Katharine, she’ll be guest hosting The View, filling in for the recently departed Star Jones, on July 19.


Here is a review of the show from the Manchester Union Leader.  The reporters go behind the scenes as excited fans meet their favorite Idols at the meet and greet.

More Recaps

Those of you checking comments have probably already read the concert recaps posted there last night.  The recaps cover things I missed and give a different perspective.  So for another point of view, check out Mrs Trep’s recap:

  • Mandisa I’m Every Woman – just as good as always, she’s a beautiful girl! It¡¦s a great way to open the show. If I Was Your Woman – dedicated to Ruben, was good, I had never heard it, but done well.  She had fun performing and seemed very happy to be there.  I could have done without the ¡¥pep talk¡¦ to the teens, but it¡¦s a great venue for it to be in and definitely had the right audience to get that message out to, so it was well placed and not overdone.
  • Mandisa & Ace I’m Your Angel – They sounded awesome together for anyone who doubted it, don¡¦t.  It was awesome.  They were all over the stage!
  • Ace – way way way hotter in person than on TV. His brother was there. Father Figure required jacket removal, which was nice.  The vocals were great.  Harder 2 Breath, I almost fell over. Incredible. Ace didn’t sing songs that did him justice during the season in my opinion. He started out in a purple shirt with a grey jacket over it in jeans, but he took the jacket off. It was very NICE!  Can I say that I am now all Ace fangirly now and I couldn¡¦t wait for him to get eliminated during the season?  He has great stage presence, called us all beautiful people and given the correct song his vocals soar.
  • Lisa – Signed Sealed Delivered, alright, she did well.  I personally think it’s unfortunate she had to record and sing this one over and over.   Your Song, good vocals but a bit boring, she sat at the piano and sang, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, same as YS good vocals, cool that she played piano, but it limits the stage presence thing. She had on a cool funky shirt that was flowy in the front and hung in the back and flipped over with jeans and big shoes.  She wore a lot of big shoes all night.  It looked like she was working hard to walk up and down the ramps.
  • Lisa & Paris – Waterfalls, very good, they even pulled out the TLC dance moves!!  They had a blast on stage together.  Paris looked more comfortable dancing than Lisa.

  • Paris Midnight Train 2 Georgia was a great performance, but lost a lot of vocals dancing, same with Crazy In Love, she just mostly danced.  She broke out into a dance routine that was pretty cool (I posted a link of it somewhere in the threads, with no sound).  She had lots of booty moves that were as tasteful as booty moves can be.  I loved her outfit though! The dance moves, they seemed to be her concentration, not the singing. She changed over her hair a couple of times throughout the show, as promised.

  • Bucky – Superstition, very lively, great performance.  He was having a blast, smiling.  He has WAY more earrings than I ever thought.  Lots of gold hoops in those ears.  Drift Away, more mellow performance but he was having a blast.  Jeans, cowboy boots and a pink button down only tucked in in the front. He’s hot.  I was hoping for some Wave on Wave, but DA was good.
  • Bucky & Kellie – You’re The One That I Want – disappointing for me. It wasn’t all that great for me.  I think the twang may have done me in and I like some country.  They had some cute dance moves, but Bucky was careful not to get too close to Kellie when she did a little grinding, which was fitting for the part of the song.  I think they were both working hard to remember the choreography parts because there were moments they didn¡¦t look super comfy up on stage.  Did I mention Bucky looked cute?
  • Kellie Walking After Midnight & I’m the Only One, both were decent.  The vocals were good, especially after some of her performances during the season. She did her stomping thing back and forth across the stage.  She was very worried about a wardrobe malfunction, as she should have been because she was about to fall out of the top of the corset.  Her outfits did her no justice; she just crammed herself into everything.  She did some comedy and talked more than anyone.  Unfortunately her last funny thing wasn’t very funny IMO.
  • Manchester LOVES LOVES LOVES Chris, and we didn’t get to see the tattoo.  I was sad.  Whole Lotta Love, was awesome, very energetic, great performer he is.  The crowd was insane.  It was straight up rock concert while he was on stage.  Wanted Dead or Alive, it was awesome, even let the crowd join in. This is when the show got insane and the audience got wicked into it. I think Renegade was alone MJ. He rocked it out. He wore a wallet chain, I know ya’ll must be in SHOCK!  He really put on a great show and I think this was probably the audience favorite of the night.
  • Chris & Elliott – I was drooling.  Savin’ Me – It was great, the guys all sound great together. It was good stuff.  Elliott on Nickleback was great, not what one would have expected.  He was a bit nervous I think more because he seemed a little unsure of when to come in a few times.  Chris was playing guitar and they worked well together.
  • Elliott  All My Love, I was drooling.  He so was sending ME all his love.  He didn’t do a lot of performance stuff, but he didn’t just stand there, he walked the stage.  He waved lots with that cute dorky wave.  He said it was his first concert ever and everyone should buy the AI CD and listen to it al the time. His JewFro was back in full swing. Trouble was awesome, full out growls and everything, Moody’s was a longer version was awesome as well. No vibrato, it must be a nerves thing for him. He wore pinstriped pants and a button down shirt with what looked like a fresh pair of vans, which seemed very out of place with the outfit. Scruffy face. He was having a blast.
  • Bucky, Chris, Ace, & Elliott Patience – It was incredible, these guys sound so awesome together. And they look SOO SOOO nice Wow. It was great and I’m sure it’ll happen every show, they just showed Kat’s video that they probably would have shown when she sang My Destiny (I assume this because they had a Taylor video they showed while he sang DIMYP). I didn’t watch the vid, the folks on stage were too nice to look at! I would have loved to have seen more of them together. They were having a blast. Bucky played guitar and so did Chris.  They harmonized incredibly and blended their very different sounds into an awesome song.  I so could have taken more of these guys.  They were having a blast and into putting on a good show.
  • Mandisa, Lisa, Kellie & Paris – Kellie hasn’t a clue what her dance moves are supposed to be, she checks with everyone else (in the encore she was watching E) to make sure she’s doing the right thing. She looked kind of out of place or super nervous or something on stage, just not comfortable, which might be related to having her wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago and apparently it was a last minute decision for her to actually perform.  Anyway, the girls didn’t seem excited to be there together doing this one. It was there.  It was almost like they were going through the paces for some reason.  The vocals were good, but it was kind of blah after the guys were so good.
  • Taylor Jailhouse Rock – He started in the audience, I don’t think he sang all of it.  The audience went crazy and it was cool.  Hollywood Nights was good, and I think he sang all of it, but I don’t know it. Sweet Soul Music – don’t know it, seemed good. Yadda Yadda, all were good.  He is a great performer.  All over the stage with all his crazy faces and dancing.  He was big on giving props to the band.  He was Taylor, what else can you really say?  On TI2TS he played tambourine & harp, that was cool. He’s not fat like some people said. He’s got a little gut, nothing to write home about.  He looked like he was having a blast and was really big into making sure everyone had a great time. OH yeah and Taylor came out for the encore in just the purple shirt, no white jacket, talk about a sweaty dude! The comments E got from Ryan should have gone for Taylor too!
  • We Are the Champions, the gang – huh, didn’t notice Taylor was missing!! It was very cool because we got to see lots of all of them. All had wardrobe changes it seems. Paris was wearing a cute flattering flowy shirt, but it kind of looked like the top of her jeans were stretchy material, not jeans any more. ¡V removed Pickler wardrobe comment, just see above – Elliott was showing lots of chest. It was good.  They have a blast performing together, which makes it more fun to watch!!  Lots of cheesiness and rotating around on the stage so there was always someone different out front.

  • Living In America – yet again, great group performance, the gals are more excited when the guys are there. At the end they all danced around. My boy E has some serious dance moves in him! VERY NICE!  Ace was all over the place.  They enjoyed their first show together immensely, but I have to say that the guys out did the girls.  Maybe that’s my female perspective?

    Overall it was a great show. Oh yeah and according to my friend I went with I was about 3 inches from Taylor’s dad when we were leaving the show, but I didn’t see!!! Taylor’s family sat behind Ryan Young, but I didn’t recognize them!!

    I have to give BIG thanks to my friend Kelly for hooking me up with sweet tickets!  Turns out she hooked me up again and I’ll recap ya in September from Portland.

    Ok, my last important detail is an observation that occurred while there was a lot of hand waving in the air by the idols. There was some tummy/underwear showing. Taylor looks like he’s sporting some BVD’s. He’s either a boxer brief or tightie whitey kind of guy. I could see the white elastic band with the blue strip around the waist, screamin’ BVD to me. Elliott (this woman loves a man who’s so skinny his pants don’t stay up all the way) was wearing his bad self some crazy red and white boxers. (Sorry MJ, I can only be good for so long )  Not sure what that says about the rumors, but there’s a tid bit for ya’ll!  ;)

Another Comments recap

From hwc:

  • Pickler was there. She said she had her wisdom teeth out last week and wasn’t sure, but “I made it!”. Nice dig at the missing singer. BTW, Pickler was fanstastic. The girl is a natural and the big stage suited her.
  • The audience was all 10 to 17 year old girls. We asked a lot of the really young ones who their favorites were. One little girl said, “Katharine”. I felt bad for the kids.
  • Taylor did a very effective hard-rockin’ version of Hollywood Nights. Kind of reminded me of the Springsteen performance on Amercian Idol in a way.
  • He did the Beatles song in almost a soul/R&B groove. Definitely Taylorized the song.
  • The band was was the “Leno” band. They were fantastic, especially with Taylor. You could tell that he and the band had clicked in rehearsals.
  • He blew the roof off the place with Takin’ it To the Streets.
  • Taylor entered the arena right down our aisle and brushed up against my wife. She says she’s never washing that shoulder again.
  • Lisa was quite enjoyable.
  • I loved Paris’ energy and dancing. Vocals were just OK.
  • Mandissa screamed her songs and then gave a little sermon about Bible verses or something.
  • Ace was Ace. All sizzle, not much steak.
  • I think Bucky may have been the only one visibly struck with stage fright. He was OK on Superstition, but his second song wasn’t as good as I think he can do it.
  • The four boys (Ellliot, Bucky, Ace, and DAUGHTRY) did a very nice acoustic group song.
  • Taylor sort of rapped the names of the tour cities on the final song: Living in America.

I thought the three most effective tonight were:

  • Pickler (fantastic). Excellent performer. She got in a nice dig at the missing singer by saying that she had just had her wisdom teeth out last week and wasn’t sure she would make it as her cheeks swelled up bigger and bigger, but she made it!
  • DAUGHTRY (the crowd was all 10 – 17 year old girls). DAUGHTRY was quite good, has all the poses down pat. About three songs is enough for me.
  • Taylor. Of course. The guy is a natural born showman. Felt like a Taylor concert during his extended set.

All in all, a very entertaining, enjoyable show.

For Sale

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