On the Road to Washington

On the Road to Washington DC

It’s dawn, and I’m just about to load up my car and head out onto the Massachusetts turnpike for the long drive down the east coast to Washington DC.  I’m attending the Idols, concert tonight.  Afterward, I’m hanging out at the Hard Rock cafe.  Taylor Hicks’s old band, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra is the featured attraction.  I hear a very special guest might drop by later.  Ahem.

Saturday, morning, I’m off to Richmond, VA and the Idols’ concert later that evening.  Ok, well, hopefully.   I don’t have a ticket yet exactly….heh.  A minor detail I hope to work out soon.  What, me worry? 

I’ve installed blogging software onto my laptop, and I’m all set to post updates from my hotel room.  If everything goes right today, I’ll my next update should arrive early this afternoon. 

In the meantime, the Idols are scheduled to meet President Bush at the White House today.  Katharine McPhee will no doubt be there too.  She’ll perform with them for the first time on stage tonight.  And I’ll be there to bring you all the details.  Yes!

So later, people.  Be good.