Katharine McPhee Shares Her Struggle With Bulimia

Katharine McPhee Shares her Struggle with Bulimia

In this week’s People magazine, Katharine McPhee shares her struggle with Bulimia.  This, according to Extra TV.com:

The American Idol sweetheart is dropping a bomb in the new People magazine, bravely revealing the torment she’s kept hidden for years — a dangerous battle with bulimia that nearly destroyed her brilliant voice.

‘When she was at her worst with her ordeal, she was throwing up seven times a day, ‘ People’s Jamie Bufalino revealed of Kat’s struggle with weight, which she claims started as a teen. Bufalino told us that McPhee credits Idol with saving her life. ‘She decided this is the point where she just really has to stop it because this is her chance to become a singing star, ‘ Bufalino added.

Katharine sought out help at an LA area eating disorder clinic.

Katharine revealed she’s dropped 30 pounds and gone down three dress sizes the healthy way, thanks to getting help and the support of her parents and boyfriend, Nick Cokas.

In addition to People, McPhee is also Teen People’s next covergirl. ‘I’m very honored, flattered, that people say I’m a role model for young girls, ‘ she admitted.”

Just. Wow. Katharine is a beautiful girl, just the way she is.  But the pressure to be stick-thin in Hollywood is enormous.  I can imagine Katharine going out for parts and being told time and time again that she needs to lose weight.  Which is insane, but that’s Hollywood–it’s size 0 baby. Undernourished actresses are the norm.

Good for Katharine that she’s taking care of herself now and maintaining her weight in a healthy way.  That particular struggle is a difficult one.

ETA: More on Katharine’s story from Access Hollywood  thanks xoxycs

“Right before starting American Idol, Katharine went in for treatment for the eating disorder, which she had already been battling for five years.

Katharine hasn’t binged since two weeks before entering the eating disorder program, yet she still managed to drop 30 pounds throughout the Idol process.

‘You start doing something you love doing and the weight just started falling off me. I was still eating, ‘ McPhee said. “It was a really amazing thing that happened with me and my body has just been kind of falling to its natural state and I don’t know if it’s finished going where it want, but it’s doing its thing.'”