Idol Records

Idol Records

Anxious Soul Patrollers looking for an indication of just how well Taylor Hicks’ debut album did on the charts this week are going to have to wait a bit.  Normally,  Hits Daily  would be running their Building Album Sales chart on Monday and Tuesday.  By Tuesday afternoon folks would have a pretty good idea of sales and charts position.  But, as you can see, HDD is on a two week vacation.  We won’t have an idea of how Taylor did until the Soundscan numbers come out on Wednesday.  Stay tuned…

It’s very odd.  Katharine McPhee is releasing a single today.  If this is news to you, don’t feel bad.  There’s hardly been any publicity or promotion around this release.  Up until now, there’s only been internet buzz that started when some fans found it on the internet.  Others were very surprised to see the CD out on shelves last Tuesday, even though the release date is officially today.

Katharine sent a bulletin to her MySpace friends today:

Hey everyone, I hope this message finds you well as the holiday is nearing. I am really excited for my little surprise coming up within the next couple of days. So look for it on On another note there is some question on the Walmart single and what is going to be the 1st single. The 2 songs being sold at Walmart are just exclusive for Walmart. That doesn’t mean either of them are singles being released for radio or music video. I don’t even think “I lost you” and “dangerous” are making it on the record. Just think of them as a little bonus track! If you do go out and get the two songs I hope you enjoy them. That’s it for now… much love and blessings. XXX  katharine

Not much promotion for this single.  Even Katharine seems less than excited.  The two songs are pretty much typical of the R&B being played on Top 40 radio these days…

UPDATE: Katharine has posted previews of her new songs on her My Space.  

Lastly item.  According to Elliott Yamin’s mom, Claudette, Elliott will have some big news to announce next week.  From a Chanuka celebration she attended recently, she had this to say:

Claudette Yamin, who quipped that last night’s menu did not include potato pancakes known as latkes, said her son planned to attend a White House holiday celebration this week before making an announcement about a recording deal next week.

Hopefully, this is the news Elliott’s fans have been waiting for.