X Factor UK Headlines for 01/27/13

X Factor Live! tour started this Saturday! Ella Henderson performed “Believe” at NTA! One Direction win NRJ award for Best International Duo/Group.

Back to the ‘day job’: Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark kicks off X Factor Live tour in Manchester
Less than 24 hours after winning Celebrity Big Brother, Rylan Clark was back in his X Factor guise as the singing show’s live tour kicked off in Manchester.

The Essex native, 24, kicked off the show at the M.E.N. Arena with his rendition of PSY’s Gangnam Style.

Rylan drew some of the biggest screams of the night as he put on a typically flamboyant performance with a troupe of dancers.
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The ‘X Factor’ tour: James Arthur, Ella Henderson, Rylan in pictures
The X Factor live tour kicked off in Manchester last night (January 26). Series winner James Arthur was joined by Jahmene Douglas, Ella Henderson, Christopher Maloney, District 3, Union J and Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark.

Clark was whisked off to Manchester straight after his stint on Celebrity Big Brother, and tweeted: “Great start to the tour ! And all on 45 minutes sleep!!!! Missing my CBB family x.”

During the show, Arthur performed his first single ‘Impossible’, Douglas sang Robbie Williams’s ‘Angels’ and Henderson performed her Boot Camp version of Cher’s ‘Believe’.
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X Factor slammed by watchdog for shameless plugging of £500-a-night hotel where contestants stayed at reduced rates
A media watchdog has rapped ITV after an episode of X Factor repeatedly plugged the luxurious hotel where contestants were staying.

The October 6 broadcast saw contestants James Arthur, Rylan Clark and Union J singing the praises of Corinthia Hotel London, where the stars stayed after reaching the live finals of the singing competition.

There were also numerous shots of the exterior and signage of the hotel, leading to a flood of outrage on Twitter.

A total of 19 contestants were put up at the five star hotel, which costs £500 a night, at a ‘reduced rate’, although an X Factor spokeswoman refused to say what producers paid and how many rooms they booked.

Now Ofcom has ruled the coverage ITV gave the hotel breached broadcasting rules, which rule that any product must not be given ‘undue prominence’.
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Ella Henderson Performs Believe HD | National Television Awards 2013

Ella Henderson’s first endorsement deal?
Ella Henderson performs ‘Believe’ on the Peugeot Design Lab Pleyel piano

Ella Henderson launches the Peugeot Design Lab Pleyel piano

EXCLUSIVE ‘I’m too focused on my career to have a boyfriend’: Ella Henderson dismisses X Factor romance rumours… as she admits she’s ‘a lad at heart’
She was linked to Union J heartthrobs George Shelley and Josh Cuthbert throughout her stint on The X Factor late last year.

But at the tender age of just 17, Ella Henderson insists she is too focused on her music career to even think of starting a relationship at the moment.

Dismissing rumours of romance with her fellow contestants, the talented teen admitted her ‘priorities lie’ with her music at present.
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‘X Factor’ Jahmene Douglas joins RCA Records, debut album out in May
Jahmene Douglas has signed a record deal with Sony’s RCA record label.

The X Factor 2012 runner-up will release his debut album in May, and will start recording his first collection after finishing the upcoming X Factor live tour.

“I’m so excited about signing to RCA. They have such a rich heritage of amazing artists,” Douglas said in a statement.

“Colin Barlow (head of RCA) and his team share my vision of being a timeless artist and I can’t wait to start recording my first album… let the journey begin.”

Douglas first confirmed a deal with Sony Music back in December, along with fellow X Factor finalists Union J and Ella Henderson.

X Factor champion James Arthur signed a deal with Syco as part of his prize for winning the talent competition.
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Still just good friends? James Arthur and Caroline Flack enjoy a night out together… as he reveals intricate new hand tattoo
They sparked rumours they were dating when they enjoyed a series of nights out together during his stint on The X Factor late last year.

And it would seem James Arthur and Caroline Flack are continuing their friendship now the show has drawn to a close.

The 24-year-old singer and the 33-year-old television presenter enjoyed a night out at London’s Groucho club on Thursday after James attended Raymond Weil Pre-Brit Awards dinner and 20th anniversary celebration of War Child earlier in the evening.
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One Direction – NRJ Music Awards 2013

One Direction – Kiss You Live NRJ Music Awards 2013

Showing Harry she’s the golden girl: Taylor Swift leads the glamour at the NRJ Music Awards… but it’s ex Styles who walks home a winner
It could be one of the most awkward moments in a pop star’s personal life – running in to your recent ex boyfriend at a highly publicised awards show.

But one thing’s for sure Taylor Swift wasn’t going to arrive quietly at the NRJ Music Awards in France on Saturday night.

The country singer lead the glamour set at the annual ceremony, ensuring if she did run into former lover Harry Styles that she would at least look her best for the occasion.

Taylor stood out on the red carpet, showing off her enviably slender legs in a plunging gold gown.

She sparkled in the ensemble, which flattered her slim physique, while she finished off her look with complimentary gold heels.

And it was a good job she looked so on form as she then had to sit through the ceremony watching Styles and his band perform, before then picking up the award for Best International Group.
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Are One Direction really as wholesome as they appear?
With lyrics that pressure young women into ‘taking things further’, are One Direction just like Nice Guys of OkCupid?

The most successful chart-pop acts target a particular demographic. Lady Gaga is a great example – focusing on those who feel like outsiders has been an incredibly lucrative tactic. Likewise, One Direction’s sensitive ballads and soft-rock anthems are pitched at teenage girls. It all seems innocent enough, right?

Not when you start to dig a little deeper into their lyrics – it appears One Direction are not quite so angelic after all. Much has already been made of recent single, Little Things, and its bizarre lyrical tack that seeks to reassure a girl with body image problems, but only itemises her perceived imperfections. “I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile/ You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs,” they sing, as if that’s going to help matters. Later in the song, they sing “You never want to know how much you weigh/ You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me,” like a particularly passive-aggressive Nice Guy of OkCupid.
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Sensible move, boys: One Direction appoint top firm to help them manage their new-found wealth
The boys have been advised by industry bosses to take on Grant Thornton, the company that looks after all the National Lottery big-money winner

They’ve got fame, fans flocking to their Jack Wills-socked lil’ feet, and it seems they’ve racked up a stonking great fortune too.

Following phenomenal success on both sides of the Atlantic, the One Direction boys have accumulated an estimated personal wealth of £15million each. In two years.

But those boys aren’t letting it go to their heads. Oh no.

So Louis Tomlinson hasn’t bought giant £10,000 Spiderman and Ironman figurines and his own football team.

And Liam Payne hasn’t developed a designer watch fetish and nor has Zayn Malik treated himself to a Bentley and two life-sized mannequin models of himself, etc, etc. Good grief, no.

Well, actually, yes they have.

Which might explain why the youngsters are signing up with one of the UK’s leading asset management companies.
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Only £14,999,880 left! Harry Styles takes more than £100 out of the cash machine as it’s revealed One Direction are worth £15million EACH
When you have got £15million stashed away in the back using a cash machine takes on a whole new meaning.

On the same day it was announced One Direction have accumulated a whopping £15million fortune each, floppy-haired member Harry Styles was spotted taking a trip to his nearest ATM and withdrawing what looked like around £120.

Their personal fortune means the teenagers, who have done the impossible and conquered America, can afford to splash the cash, although Harry’s post cash-point stash may not impress his ex Taylor Swift, who the 18-year-old is meant to be meeting for a post-break up date this week.
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Simon Cowell orders X Factor crisis talks
SIMON COWELL has called a crisis meeting with X Factor producers on both sides of the Atlantic after admitting last year’s UK series flopped.

The news emerged as X Factor was beaten by Strictly Come Dancing for the talent show prize at Wednesday’s NTAs at London’s 02 Arena, leaving Simon red-faced.

The fate of ALL the UK judges — Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger — will be decided at the think-tank in Sony’s London HQ next week.

Insiders claim Simon was already planning to drop Gary and Tulisa — but Gary could jump before he is pushed to save face, citing his Take That commitments.

Simon — who said he plans to “mix up” the X Factor — is also convinced Cheryl Cole could be persuaded to make a comeback, despite her ruling it out.

A major revamp of the show, which won NTAs in 2001 and 2012, will also be thrashed out during next week’s meeting.

As we predicted, the show could return to its former glory by AXING the arena auditions.

Instead, wannabe stars will audition in front of the judges, just like in the original series.

But they will be “tested” in front of a live audience before the Judges’ Houses stage and only progress if they have what it takes to entertain a large crowd.
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Irish Charts
1 Will.I.Am – Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears)
4 James Arthur – Impossible
7 One Direction – Kiss You
22 Olly Murs – Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
23 One Direction – Little Things
29 One Direction – Live While We’re Young
45 Little Mix – Wings
48 Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight
60 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
63 Amelia Lily – Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)

1 Les Miserables – Motion Picture Cast Recording
6 One Direction – Take Me Home
13 One Direction – Up All Night
16 Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time
25 Kelly Clarkson – GH – Chapter 1
37 Little Mix – DNA

_ _ _

The Official Charts
1 Bingo Players – Get Up (Rattle) (feat. Far East Movement)
9 James Arthur – Impossible
11 Amelia Lily – Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)
13 One Direction – Kiss You
18 Olly Murs – Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
36 Little Mix – Change Your Life
47 One Direction – Little Things
59 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
74 One Direction – Live While We’re Young
95 Little Mix – DNA
99 Little Mix – Wings

1 Les Miserables – Motion Picture Cast Recording
8 One Direction – Take Me Home
17 Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time
34 One Direction – Up All Night
40 Little Mix – DNA
46 Olly Murs – In Case You Didn’t Know
48 Kelly Clarkson – GH – Chapter One

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    Has anyone uploaded videos of the tour? I’m curious to see if they’re gonna boo Chris Maloney, as many predicted.

  • iani

    So, RCA still trusts in and supports artists coming from reality shows, it would be interesting to follow and see how Jahmene Douglas’ career develops with/under his new label. Hopefully he will not get the same treatment from RCA as some AI winner got, it seems that the X Factor UK has no “reality” stigma or “manufactured artist” meme in US at all. I think the RCA reps. have an AI-winners/idols selling issue, a kind of selling syndrome/reaction towards them. Looking at radio charts, I’ve seen that New Politics band has a new single out on Alt chart and then I read they will have the sophomore album out in few months under RCA. I don’t think they sold more than 10K under the same label 2 years ago with the first one and they had some promo, videos, opened for a great band, festivals, not really “nothing” to say “they are not so costly as the idols are”. No AI/”reality show” act-no problems about how much they have to sell in order to still be part of their roster. Great for JD and good luck!

    On another note, I’ve enjoined Ella’s video(her voice is OK) for the Peugeot Design Lab Pleyel piano launch; nice piano, ergonomically designed, the sound coming from the high technological material, not so much in MO.

  • Mateja Praznik

    RCA also signed Union J (4th place).

    Meanwhile, Syco singed winner James Arthur and Simon’s AdElla. (6th place).

  • iani

    RCA also signed Union J (4th place).

    Wow, “fresh from the oven” news about Union J’s deal with RCA. Do you know if X Factor UK has a partnership/negotiator company like AI-19 had with RCA, or RCA simply wants to develop foreign-acts? Thanks again.

  • Incipit

    The fate of ALL the UK judges — Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger — will be decided at the think-tank in Sony’s London HQ next week.

    Seems Cowell’s shows are usually in some sort of crisis mode lately, and his first answer seems to be change the judges, make some minor tweaks…but not cast more interesting singers, or stop smothering them in OTT production, lousy song choices, or Drama Rama. And all of that ‘used’ to work pretty well on the UK show – even if it hasn’t worked very well on XFUS. Looking for more revolving/recycled judges to come – not expecting it to make much difference, though. 

    Ah well, as long as he sells enough advertising for his shows, and gets an artist or group for Syco to promote/profit from for the next year, it probably doesn’t have to, financially. But those dreams of crushing the opposition in the ratings die hard, I suppose.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Syco was created as a partnership between Simon and Sony. The company includes a label, which is a Sony label (a small one). But it’s a real label, not like 19R, I think. Some X Factor UK finalists sign with Syco and some with Sony’s UK big labels: RCA, Epic, Columbia.

    Basically, Sony is heavily involved with X Factor, so it’s no surprise that 19 switched to Interscope the moment Simon left Idol and announced that he is bringing X Factor to the US.

    And yes, I think Ella is signed.

  • iani

     Thank you! I understand now…Interesting to see now how the XF UK artists evolve under RCA compared with the AI-artists.

  • http://twitter.com/facenfield David Facenfield

    There’s def reality stigma here in the UK, as well as all the usual musical snobbery about pop and manufactured artists… there is possible more outlets for manufactured pop here as some of it does sell…
    as I think manufactured pop / girl and boybands is more part of the UK culture… there has always been a long history of creating this sort of music to appeal to teens & tweens, even pre  reality shows like X Factor, Pop Idol et al… however  the UK X Factor acts face the same issues as the US reality acts… high expectations of sales by the record labels… being pushed into a certain sound/genre that may not be their preference… being overshadowed by the runners up as Cowell thinks they are not as marketable… being dropped 10 mins after their  album doesn’t go platinum etc…  just look at all previous male winners  of XFactor UK (Steve, Shayne, Leon, Joe and Matt all had struggles of one form or another)… doesnt bode well for James Arthur…

    even the very successful acts are still considered by many as manufactured / tarred by reality brush long after  they have established themselves… look at Olly Murs, in the last 3 years he’s had 4 or 5 UK #1 singles, 3 multi-platinum albums… but he has recently complained about the fact he gets no love from the music critics and is not nominated for industry  awards… even though in this time he has probably sold more than any other UK male solo act of any genre…

  • Mateja Praznik

     Well, I don’t think RCA UK is the same as RCA US. They have different websites and different roosters. X Factor UK alums sign with Sony’s UK labels and they get American record deals only if the suits think they have potential for international success.

    Right now, I think RCA US has two Syco’s artists: Leona Lewis and Labrinth (one of the few non- XF, BGT artists on Syco). It still seems like RCA US is trying to recover from years of handling American Idol alums. New X Factor UK alums sign either with Columbia US or Epic US. For example, olly Murs is with Epic UK and Columbia US, One Direction and Little Mix are with Syco and Columbia US. Cher Lloyd is with Syco and Epic US.

    Last year Sony hooked up Amelia Lily and Misha B with Xenomania and Relentless Records. I don’t know the status of these two labels, but there must be some connection with Sony.

  • iani

    Thank you David and Mateja, I see your POVs and explanations.