X Factor Australia 5 – Finale Results

The road we have all been watching has finally led up to this. Who will be the next heir to the X Factor Australia crown? Taylor Henderson? Dami Im? Jai Waetford? Many have battled, but it all comes down to this one night. So there is no better way to kick it off except for a group performance of a Ke$ha song, obviously.


You know, Cat Vas, killed her part in “Blow.” I seriously wish she wasn’t eliminated week 2, she had so much more to give to the season. I swear. Actually, more than Joelle ended up giving. Other standouts include the surprise of Adira-Belle. If only they didn’t have that terrible week 1 song choice, they might have actually had a chance at making it a month into the competition. Taylor Henderson sounded fantastic in his falsetto, should’ve been using it throughout the competition more.



Jai Waetford getting third place is a great step in his career towards Justin Bieber fame and success. As for the other two “Purple Rain” was one of my favorite Dami performances. It was one of the best, being both semi-modern and classic, giving it a timeless feel to the song. “Wake Me Up” emphasized everything Taylor could be for current pop-stardom. This folk meets electronic dance is where it is at right now and there is really no reason Taylor couldn’t be a part of it.


Congratulations to the girl who was eliminated before the final 24, but ended up winning the whole thing. Dami Im. Crazy. I always see Overs as having a disadvantage in these competitions, but apparently not in Australia with Samantha and Dami winning back to back. She is a worthy winner and I am excited to see what she comes out with in the coming months. “Alive” is a decent tune, I am not sure if it is as good as “What You’ve Done To Me,” but I do suspect it will grow on me.


Did the right person win? Sound off in the comments below! Thanks for reading all season guys, much love Ed.

  • crackinthewall

    I didn’t like What You’ve Done to Me when it was first released but I definitely love Alive. It’s funny how Dami looks more like a superstar when she’s not being made to look like Lady Gaga.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    Yep, the right person won. Her only competition was Taylor and he chocked. So happy for her (as the other contestants are).
    PS: Were´s that girl that kept commenting that Dami wouldnt win because she was this year Bella Ferraro, only casted to get viewers?…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    Yep, she has her own look. Just see the cover of her single (right now climbing in #2) and the cover of her performances compilation album. She looks like a star.

  • steve2013

    The top 2 were the right top 2 & the right person won

  • hcpoirot

    Australia X factor producer at least pick the over 25 category seriously. Not like the UK version, over 25 are sacrificial lambs. either they were jokes contestants who cannot sing or old fashion singers.

    Even in US version, over 25 categories are cannon fodder but Tate manage to win thanks to his country root.

    In Australia, over 25 are the big winner cause they have 3 over 25 winners. Season 2, 4 and now 5.

  • Vetle

    Plus the Overs have always hit at least second place if they didn’t win. Ridiculously strong category in Australia. :p

  • raymarhead

    It might be a lil racist but I was so afraid for Dami. Being an Asian woman competing against two cute white boys, I doubted her chances of winning. I was afraid the Aussie Frau would push Taylor to the top or the Tween-Tards with Jai. Thankfully, Austrailia isn’t like America and doesn’t think with their…you know. Dami defeated not one but two WGWGs!!! Australia, you have my respect. ^__^

  • Blackbeat

    Me too. I had a feeling that Dami wasn’t gonna win either so I was ready to accept that Taylor or Jai could win. Very surprised when she actually won.

  • Blackbeat

    Maybe for the last two years, I thought it was the X Factor producers who ‘arrange’ their winners but this year I really thought that they were gonna have someone from Boys category seeing as how much commercial coverage Jai and Taylor got.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    Seems like that was their first plan. Things probably started to change on how a great impact Dami performances had on the show and with the audience on the first couple weeks (like, the woman that wasnt choosed at first was actually outshining the other contestants). Glad the producers gave to her a chance and werent stubbornness about the earlie choosen ones (like sometimes we see on Idol, The Voice or other X Factor shows).

  • crackinthewall

    lol that’s a pretty stupid comparison for him/her to make. The two are so far apart in style and vocal ability.

  • Jason Gorny

    I love this version of the x-factor so much. i really wish the usa version was like this one, then maybe it would be more popular than it is now. i think xf aus is good because simon does not have much to do with that show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    The most manipulated/overdramatic X Factor versions: US and UK. Why? Simons hands all over both series.

  • May

    Another season where you correctly predicted 2 out of the 3 finalists, however the one you’ve missed both times has been the winner, and they’ve been fairly low down your list too.

  • Blackbeat

    I’m glad the producers let her win. It was irritating to see Jai & Taylor get all the attention in the commercials. Dami even got bad comments one week even though she sang better than the two. The people on Facebook were smart enough to call it out that the show is rigged if she didn’t win.

  • crackinthewall

    Definitely not racist. I’m sure the producers didn’t expect her to have such a huge following so they were probably surprised when she did so well in the live shows.

  • hello

    dami has been the most consistent so i’m happy with the outcome. loved taylor too though so let’s hope he gets to release some music as well

  • mtlfan2

    Just catched up on XF winner Dami Im. Well the show got her ‘Kelly Clarkson’ type of winner imo :)
    Beside her incredible voice, she is a good damn singer! just wow. I’m a fan

  • STMX

    Most of the contestants on the US show are cannon fodder. Having watched THe Voice for a couple of weeks, many of the eliminated contestants are better than the people who made the finals on XFUS

  • STMX

    The host seems as good as Dermot. The US fails on that end too

  • bostonred

    Congrats to Dami, but I still feel Taylor has a bigger career ahead of him. His voice is unique. His take on songs is original. “Girls Wanna Have Fun” completely blew me away. Dami tends to do nothing with the song except sing it well. She bores me. Nevertheless, a fantastic season, exceptionally well done, way better than the very sad, X Factor US and X Factor Uk, where the talent this year is a bit lacking. I am sad to read Ronan has had enough. The show is extremely challenging for the judges as it goes year round. He has family and other dreams. He is a terrific mentor and judge. The show will miss him. I do hope they can Foo. He adds nothing. His comments are mostly useless. I am sad to see it end, but happy the ratings are strong. I am afraid the US X has about had it. Great job with this blog. From the states, Cheers!

  • judy smith

    I’ve been away but just has to add that the right 3 made it to the top. Dami was the most consistent so deserves the win but I love Taylor’s voice & his single which has just been released on Friday is now number 1 on i-Tunes. Its a great song-Borrow My Heart