Whoopie Goldberg Set to Guest Star on Glee! (UPDATE: Lindsay Lohen is In Talks)

UPDATELindsay Lohen is reportedly in negotiations to play herself as a judge for the Nationals competition, which should take place in the last couple of shows of the season. If you recall, Glee mocked Lindsey via another guest star–Gwyneth Paltrow teaching her substitute Spanish class to recite the number of times Lindsay had been in rehab.  At the time, Lindsay’s mom angrily hit back at the show. (VIA TVLine)

More Glee stunt casting, courtesy of the creators of Glee. Heh. This time, it’s Whoopie Goldberg, the Oscar winning actress who currently presides over The View.

She’s signed on for a 3 episode arc and will play Carmen Tibideaux, a “theatrical grand dame” and professor at the fictional New York Academy of Dramatic Arts–or NYADA as Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) call it. The duo have their hearts set on heading to the big apple to study drama at the prestigious school come fall.

Kurt and Rachel’s quest to be admitted to the exclusive NYADA is a story arc that began with the very first episode of season 3. As it stands now the BFFs have been accepted as finalists. Whoopie’s character will travel to Lima OH to preside over their auditions and reportedly sticks around long enough to deliver a verdict.

The first of Whoopie’s episodes airs on May 1.  That would be  Episode 18, which the cast has been shooting scenes for in the past week or so.

Lea tweeted, late last week, “Great scene @chriscolfer :) But next time can we not cry so much please? Seems like that’s all Rachel & Kurt do by their lockers these days!”  Yep. I can envision Whoopie bringing Rachel and Kurt to tears!

Lea  tweeted yesterday  that “Rachel Berry is getting ready for her big NYADA audition today!”

Via TVLine

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    I like Whoopie being on the show, but not Lindsay Lohan.  I may have to boycott Glee for that episode.  lol

  • Anonymous

    I saw TV line tweet about Lohan on Glee and I was like “Whattt???” fearing she was going to be someone’s sister or someone..I was relieved to know she’s just playing herself as a Nationals judge…I can handle that. Whoopi Goldberg, however, I’m super excited about! She’ll be perfect for the NYADA role. 

  • http://twitter.com/Miztig Miz

    Oh, now this is something I can get behind. Whoopi on Glee is inspired casting. I’m looking forward to it.

    I’ll refrain from judging Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on it. I hope they don’t take cheap shots.

  • Axxxel

    I want my Gloria Estefan !!! Whoopi Goldberg ? Wow, just wow !! Looking forward how she will give Kurchel some tough love !! 

    Lindsay Lohan ? After the awful way Glee made fun of her ? I love Glee and hate Lindsay Lohan but I totally did not like how Glee was mocking Lohan.
    I hope that Lohan will step out of the negotiations at the last moment… so that she had at least some free public relation out of it…

  • Anonymous

    Whoopie has earned her EGOT!  Maybe this appearance will add to her hardware.

  • http://twitter.com/ladymctech ladymctech

    Why is Lindsey Lohan continually shoved down our throats? Is there someone out there who really wants to see her? Don’t get it…misbehave, get arrested multiple times, destroy your life, but get rewarded with plum acting gigs. Surely, I am leading the wrong life, LOL.

  • Anonymous

    I am SO HAPPY to have Whoopi appear on “Glee.” She is awesome in so many ways! 

    LiLo…no so much.

  • Axxxel

    The funny part is that GLEE is about the “Loser” who fell and stand up again and hold his/her head high… So why not have a real-life loser  cast in Glee ? Who knows she will stand up again after the fall and rise and shine ??