The X Factor 2 Premiere Party (PHOTOS)


L.A Reid, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato got their hands cast in cement in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles last night before the X Factor 2 premiere party.

Melanie Amaro comes out of hiding!

Check out a gallery of photos from the event below.

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  • Not fit to print

    WOW! Talk about good press. Simon knows what he’s up to in the promotions department. X Factor must have sprung for the stars – don’t know how much they cost but they aren’t cheap. You have to qualify but you have to pay.

    Thank goodness he didn’t add Khloe’s star as well, though it might have been nice to see Kim scooped. (Or has Kim already bought herself one?)

  • jcabby

    Britney and Demi look gorgeous!

    Congrats to the four judges, and I can’t wait for the premiere tonight!

  • TheGreatXL

    Britney’s dress is gorgeous! Tonight should be so much fun!

  • elliegrll

    Wil I Am will be a mentor for Britney Spear’s team on the X Factor.

  • harvestmoon

    What have they done to Melanie?!?! I barely recognized her.

  • Leandro

    Wasn’t Melanie hidden because they want her to be thin or something like this?  I guess it didn’t work.

  • SullyD

    Demi looks INCREDIBLE. Whoa!

    And Chris Rene improved a lot. I thought he was hideous last year, now he looks much better.

  • No Thanks

    Getting your handprints/footprints cemented for the Graumann’s Chinese theater is a rare honor.  I wonder how Simon swung that.  They’re in great company:

  • justmefornow

    She’s a little thinner, I think.  But the bigger change is Chris Rene. Wow, it’s amazing what some nice dental work can do!

  • genius13

    Melanie looks good!

  • Trina

    Thank goodness he didn’t add Khloe’s star as well, though it might have been nice to see Kim scooped. (Or has Kim already bought herself one?)

    Getting your handprints there and getting a star on the Walk of Fame are two completely different things and neither are handed out lightly.

  • No Thanks

     Exactly.  I live around the corner from Graumann’s.  I guess you have to understand the history of it to get just how hard it is to land that honor.

    If one could simply “buy” it, far more celebrities would have bought themselves one by now.

  • md

    “In some cases studios pay upwards of $45,000 to have the publicity generated from the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony while the prints are typically eventually moved to the nearby Chinese 6 theaters.

    In the meantime the front theater may soon add athletes and musicians
    prints, once again leading critics to ask if the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
    is for sale to the highest bidders and the “it” stars of the moment who
    many people won’t remember years down the road.

    Do you believe the Hollywood Walk of Fame is too quick to give out stars to the likes of Kim Kardashian and the Chipmunks?”

  • ohreli

    I dont understand…they sequestered Melanie away all this time to supposedly slim her down, and then they dress her up in a dress that SO unflatteringly exposes her not-so-svelteness…. Come on you guys, look at Adele….she doenst dress like a swimsuit model and it hasnt hurt her a bit.   Like Adele, Melanie’s voice is her asset, not her figure, so dont dress her up as if we are supposed to ogle at her physique!  That approach is going to totally backfire!

  • No Thanks

     The Walk of Fame is different than the cementing of hand prints.  There’s far less space for those.  And P.S.  The Chinese 6 is literally next door.

  • Trina

    Except, Kim Kardashian is NOT getting a star 
    I’m sure if she could dole out a few million for one her ego would love it, but read the quote from the Chamber of Commerce about how reality stars with no contribution to TV arent even on their radar.

  • Katie’s Uvula

    No offense but they took away to a physical training camp for half a year and she comes out looking the same

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Was that really true or just a rumor?