The Voice 3 – Top 6 – iTunes Rankings, Poll Results, Predictions.

First, it’s worth noting that there is a huge disconnect between the blog preferences and what’s popular on iTunes in regards to Amanda Brown!  She is the most popular contestant and “Natural Woman” is your favorite song.

The second thing worth mentioning:  Nearly all of the Top iTunes songs were from the round chosen BY THE CONTESTANTS rather than the coaches. Cassadee Pope’s “Stand” is the exception.  It just goes to show you the finalists who make it to the later weeks do so at least partly on how well they understand their own strengths. Maybe the coaches shouldn’t shove them out of their “boxes” in ridiculous ways.  Melanie, however, totally miss-stepped with “Crazy.” a fact revealed in both the iTunes rankings AND blog poll.

So, who do I think is heading home?  I’m going to say Melanie Martinez and either Trevin Hunte or (sadly) Amanda Brown.  What do you think?

Sidenote: Holy cow at Terry McDermott’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” hitting #2 on iTunes? What? I still stand by my opinion of Terry as high end karaoke. I personally found that performance really bland and old-fashioned. I imagine Terry fronting an 80’s tribute band. But what do I know, I guess.

iTunes Rankings – 1:15 ET pm

2. Terry McDermott – Team Blake – “I Want To Know What Love Is”
3. Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – “Stand”
4.  Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo – “Over the Rainbow”
7. Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – “I’m With You”
8. Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo – “And I Am Telling You”
12. Melanie Martinez – Team Adam – “Crazy”
17. Melanie Martinez – Team Adam – “The Show”
21. Amanda Brown – Team Adam – “A Natural Woman”
30. Terry McDermott – Team Blake – “Stay With Me”
31. Amanda Brown – Team Adam – “Here I Go Again”
40. Nicholas David – Team Cee L0 – “September”
56. Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo – “Walking on Sunshine”

Blog Polls

Favorite Contestant

Amanda Brown – Team Adam – 29.96%
Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – 27.86%
Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo – 14.43%
Terry McDermott – Team Blake – 11.67%
Melanie Martinez – Team Adam – 10.13%
Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo – 5.95%

Favorite Performance

Amanda Brown – “Natural Woman” – 19.02%
Nicholas David – “Over the Rainbow” – 14%
Cassadee Pope – “Stand” – 13.04%
Terry McDermott – “I Want to Know What Love Is” – 11.6%
Trevin Hunte – “And I Am Telling You” – 10.89%
Cassadee Pope – “I’m With You” – 10.41%
Amanda Brown – “Here I Go Again” – 9.69%
Melanie Martinez – “Crazy” – 5.5%
Melanie Martinez – “The Show” – 2.75%
Terry McDermott – “Stay With Me” – 1.56%
Nicholas David – “September” – 1.08%
Trevin Hunte – “Walking On Sunshine” – .48%



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  • fantoo1

    I think it will be Melanie and Amanda. I have a feeling Trevin has that “silent fanbase” like Jermaine Paul from last year.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree that Melanie will leave tonight, but I don’t know about Trevin or Amanda. I think that if Trevin’s AIATY made it to the top 10 before the voting deadline, that may be enough to save him tonight. In that case, Amanda may be going home, which would be a shame, IMO.

  • Dennis

    I really hope Amanda doesn’t go home, if she does my interest in this show will just drop tremendously. While others are good, she is the main one that keeps me watching and invested.

  • Leandro

    Trevin won’t go home. He’s attached to viewers of this show like a WGWG is attached to viewers of Idol. It’s Melanie and (sadly) Amanda. Adam will lose his entire team this week and we might see, if the cameras are fast enough, Christina giggling a little bit.

  • Jason Scott

    I know I’ve said this a million times before on almost every singing show…but if Amanda leaves, I will attribute it to Xtina’s stank attitude and never watch this show again…


  • Kesia Monteith

    UGH! I seriously do not want to see that smug smile on Christina’s face. It’s bad enough I had to listen to her “cough” while Adam gave his two cents to Amanda, or have her call out poor Melanie because she wasn’t looking at her. Now she’s all, vote Cassadee and Blake’s team rocks, he’s on my album, go buy it.  

  • Leandro

    I said last week she would be a major bitch now she doesn’t have a team. Adam  restrained himself last night to doesn’t explode but the War of The Divas from The Voice is ready to restart again.

  • Tuki

    I actually really liked Teryy´s first performance. He sang it amazing and it was very heartfelt. I think that connected with viewers so I am happy he is staying.

    I agree that maybe tonight Adam will lose his entire team.
    Melanie for sure is out and Amanda is in deep trouble, her only hope is that Trevin is out.

  • Ronny Dias

    My only hope is to see Amanda being the first to really do well after leaving The Voice (not depending on the graciousness of her former coach would be even better)!

  • Brittany Keener

    I would totally approve of Terry fronting an 80’s rock band. He’s my favorite, and I don’t really watch the show.

  • Jepoy Ramos

    I voted hella times for Amanda and even bought her songs. I really really hope she doesn’t leave tonight

  • twodollars

    I would be bummed to lose Amanda, but a part of me loves the idea of Adam losing his whole team. He is so damn smug and it would take him down a notch. 

  • Dennis

     I hate to see Christina get any type of satisfaction on this show. If Amanda and Melanie leave then Team Cee-lo all the way. I’m not going to be rooting for Team Blake because Christina loves them now. Anything Christina is trying push for I’m immediately against because she’s just a vile person. lol

  • Shander Maxwhite

    I’m afraid to say, the disconnect is the whole point.  It make 100% sense to me. This isn’t a vaulting or diving contest in most peoples minds.  

    Art isn’t a contest –  who’s better, Renoir, Giotto,  Picasso, or Warhol?

    Music is art, and pop music while perhaps not a meta sophisticated type of art, is a practiced art to reach people and inspire and uplift or help them vent bad emotions etc.

    People choose what to listen to based upon what a song does for them and especially what  uniquely a cover of a song does for them.  I thought Amanda’s performances were quite good,  but not very interesting.  I do feel like she was connected to the song,  but she seems like a self-controlled ,  self assured person without a yeasty sort of emotion.  I’m NOT saying she is un-emotional or gaurded, but somehow it just doesn’t come across as a bare soul of hopes and dreams and horizons, open or snapped closed etc.

    I think people might be especially less likely to buy songs when they can buy and listen to a rendition of the song they like better.   Terry’s sales went up markedly this week because his “I want to know what love is”  was a bare and emotional twist on a classic song… distinct from other covers,  with some electric moments of emotional connection (to some people) that people want to buy and hear again and again.

    Thats my take at least.  People might love Amanda that way… but I’ve not even downloaded any of her songs on a test basis (fair use, no transfer, no permanent intention) from youtube while I have all of Nicholas’s , (and bought a couple I like best from itunes) ,  Melanies, and Cassadee’s.   Just sayin.

  • Cindy Owens

    Not everyone that watches the show 1) votes 2) downloads itunes songs or 3) responds to blogs. THAT is apparent in the disparity with the itunes D/L numbers and the polls, which, I’m sure are NOT totally indicative of how the voting went.
    I’m still looking for a Top 4 with Amanda, Melanie, Trevin and unfortunately, Cassadee. The band did Nicholas NO favors with the overly loud backing vocals and crappy syncopation.

  • Cindy Owens

    Xtina won’tr be on next season and, with any luck ever again. Shakira is in her place for Season 4.

  • Jason Scott

    VERY TRUE. I almost forgot about that. Hopefully Shakira shapes up to be better.

  • Laura Flores

    i think Trevin is in trouble b/c unlike last season, his silent fan base will hurt him b/c this starting this season, itunes downloads are counted so heavily, all else really doesn’t matter :(
    i can’t believe that amanda and trevin are at the bottom overall in itunes b/c they have the best voices hands down. bad song choices trump good voices this season unfortunately

  • twodollars

     Shakira doesn’t have the rep of being nasty that Christina so she should be an improvement. However, I am sure she’ll still be the most hated judge as female judges are always held to impossible standard, while male judges can do anything they want.

  • ellen8

    My favorite is any of them except Cassadee.  I guess they are pimping her because she is young and could possibly be another Country/Pop crossover
    (a la Carrie).   But I think Amanda’s voice is much stronger and easier to listen to than Cass !!    

    Melanie’s fan base may surprise us !!   I think it will be Nicholas and Amanda – just because they are the oldest and probably have fewer voting fans.

  • girlygirltoo

    That’s not entirely true. Steven Tyler got a lot of criticism while on Idol, and all the male judges on The Voice have received some sort of criticism at times as well. And Simon and L.A. both get blasted for their blatant bussing of contestants who aren’t on their teams over at XF. The difference seems to be that the female judges get accused of jealousy if they give bad critiques and/or don;t seem to like the pretty female contestants, which, IMO, is a silly accusation to make.

  • Leandro

    Terry had the best performance of the night and Trevin was good too and want them to be voted off just because Christina loved them (I would “root against” Cassadee too, but it’s worthless).

  • Lovesyesha

    Okay this Christina hate is getting ridiculous on here. The things all of you are saying here are much more personal and petty than anything Christina has said. She’s just giving her opinion for God’s sake! Would you rather she sit there and tell all the contestants they are beautiful…? You would probably attack her for that as well…

  • twodollars

     The male judges get occasional critiques but nowhere near the constant negativity leveled at female judges. Compare the criticism of Steven Tyler and Paula Abdul. Both of them only gave positive, vague comments and appeared high most of the time. But, Steven got 1/1000th the criticism that Paula got over it. Same with Adam and Christina. Both of them behaved like jerks last season and only Christina got backlash over it.

  • Claude Dee

    I’m okay to see Melanie go… but Amanda??? No, just no. Trevin and Melanie should go home… or even Terry… or Cassadee! Lol 

  • tomr

    I think it will be Amanda and Trevin. 

  • fantoo1

    I saw Steven get way more critiques than Paula.

  • Shander Maxwhite

    Cindy,  I hear you with the backing and particularly the “crappy syncopation  on Nicholas Davids take on September. 

    I’ve had lots of issues this season with the drummer in particular in the voice band… perhaps the fault is in the music directors instructions.. hard to know….the bass player hasn’t been anything to write home about either .. keyboard not too too bad in his choices but would really be helped by a top bass player.   The Idol band’s drummer is really really good.. in fact the idol band is fantastic even if occasionally a performer didn’t have the musical knowledge to hash things out there.

    The drummer just pounds the 4-4 downbeat in the cheesiest plainest disco way on September . giving no life to it.. and where was the bass … the bass has got to be funky  .  Listen to the Earth wind and fire and get a clue The Voice band.

    Its funny though, that they gave Trevin some syncopation and he didn’t really have a clue how to go with it.

    Lean on me was so good in part because Nicholas himself was at the piano and you had a true Gospel chorus that knew how to groove.

  • Jonathan Frahm

    I have a feeling that it will be Trevin for sure, and then any one out of Terry, Melanie, and Amanda. I’m sure Nicholas has a big at-home following and he hasn’t quite yet hit his peak yet IMO, plus with the pimp spot and iTunes bonus, he should be safe. Cassadee is Cassadee. Melanie got shafted with the production of off-key “Crazy” and schmaltzy “The Show” last night, Amanda got performance slots which just won’t help her gain many casual viewers and I still doubt she’s connected with the sheeple audience since “Dream On”, and Terry would be the obvious choice just based off of the past several weeks. 

  • beanowl

    If Amanda gets voted off, I swear I will flip a table. Amanda is (or should be) a legend in the making. Everyone on the show can sing, but Amanda is in a different league than the rest of them. 

  • Jordana33

    Last season there was a lot more Adam hate than Xtina hate (which I actually found baffling). On Idol, Randy is generally  the most disliked judge and on SYTYCD Nigel Lythgoe gets a lot more hate than Mary. No one seems to like LA Reid on X Factor and we all know that Simon is pretty polarizing . The irony is that there’s tons of Simon, Nigel, LA and Randy hate here and no one every objects to the male bashing.  
    We should be able to criticize a female judge or contestant without having to endure accusations of sexism, especially since many of us do not automatically criticize all female judges.  Personally, I thought J Lo was the best of the three Idol judges. I would also take Paula Abdul and JLo over Steven Tyler and Randy any day. Simon is the main reason I don’t like X Factor. I think he’s mean, egotistical and manipulative (but supposedly its OK to think this about the male judges?)

    One reason I love The Voice a lot more than X Factor is that the judges are generally nice and respectful to the contestants (and usually to each other).  Some might find bitchy, petty and passive aggressive behavior entertaining, but I don’t, and unfortunately, Xtina has it in spades. That fight that she instigated with Adam over Tony Lucca is probably the main reason people ended up voting for Team Blake. And now she’s pulling the same nonsense this year by elevating Blake’s mediocre team. What’s even more frustrating is that a season that started off with such great contestants could end up with a boring Terry/Cassadee finale, with Xtina’s help. The only thing that would make Xtina leaving the Voice more perfect, is if Blake followed her instead of Cee Lo. Perhaps X Factor would be a better fit for her.

  • Loretta

     Bravo Jordana33 so well stated and I agree with every point. 

    I love Paula and felt she was a very good judge on Idol and XFactor.  I miss her.  Was she sometimes looney?  Yep but her heart was always in the right place and her enthusium for great performances was contagious.

    Christina’s behavior is without conscious.  She goes after anyone on Adam’s team that is good with both guns blazing.  Last year Tony and this year both Amanda and Melanie.

    Like you I am not sexist in my opinion.  I do not like Christina as a judge.  In fact I would go so far as to state I really just don’t like her. 

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    I’m not prepared to see Amanda leaving in that stage of the competition, this girl is miles above the other contestants, too bad she peaked too soon

  • nncw

    Actually I think Christina’s critiques are pretty interesting. It is also interesting that Adam commented on Melanie’s pitch problems and Ceelo mentioned Nicholas not singing the chorus for September. I take their comments in a positive way as constructive criticism.

  • Lauren Newcomb

    I hate Christina’s attitude too, but that’s not fair to Terry and Cassadee… Terry’s performance of “I Want To Know What Love Is” was brilliant, and just because Christina liked it (or pretended to) isn’t a reason to root against Terry…

  • EH

    Based on performance placement, I think the show would like Trevin and Terry to go.  I’m sure Cassadee is safe, and I don’t think anyone besides her leaving would be a shocker. 

    Christina often has valid comments and criticisms, but she’s kind of off-putting in her delivery. If I watch the show in real time, I usually just zone out or do something else while the judges are talking anyway, but I guess some people take their voting cues from them instead of from their own ears?  

  • chessguy99

    Actually, Jermaine’s “silent fanbase” wasn’t all that silent. Alicia Keys would tweet after every show, to rev up her fans to vote for Jermaine. Those tweets would go over 200 retweets. With a limited vote system, getting numbers of people is more important that getting fanatically devoted fanbase, as on Idol/XF.

  • mjsbigblog


    Finger-wagging and lecturing fellow commenters is OFF TOPIC. Everybody around here gets to have an opinion without having to endure attacks or naysayers. You can criticize the contestants but not your fellow posters. That’s how we roll around here. 

  • IdolyEverAfter

    I’m not sure what’s missing with Amanda.  She really is a great vocalist (although I kept hearing Kelly Clarkson’s Natural Woman from AI season 1 in my head, and hers was better), and she can sing pretty much anything. I think it’s partially she doesn’t connect to the audience, and also bad song choices for itunes.  They need to pick songs that people are going to want to buy.    I like Terry, but I gotta admit to being confused about that song going to #2!   He’s a great singer, but to my ears, he sounds a tad robotic on the recordings.  

  • Loretta

    I still think Amanda and Tevin are going tonight.  Itune sales just solidify
    my gut feeling. 

    As I have made note of before those who post on MJ’s do not seem to have the same musical taste as itune buyers and tweeters. 

    It will be a nail biter for sure. 

  • sweetmm

    With Trevin managing to break the Top 10, the chances of Adam loosing both Amanda & Melanie is pretty high.  I agree that Team Blake has the best 2 performers last night as they nailed both their songs.  Furthermore Blake’s coaching seemed to work with both good song choices and ensuring they have the best advice to showcase themselves.  

    Adam’s blatant preference for one contestant over another and Ceelo sabotaging his own with weird song choices turned me off last night.

  • steve2013

    Trevin was #11 at approx 10.11 est so he didn’t make top 10 before voting closed

  • steve2013

    Trevin wasn’t top 10 at vote closing so he won’t get the bonus

  • steve2013

    Sadly I think it’ll be trevin and amanda if amanda goes I’m done for the season while I like the others amanda is the only one that keeps me invested.

  • maddie schlotman

    If Melanie goes home i am never ever watching the voice again! i am serious!

  • maddie schlotman

    Christina is really mean! She tells Melanie that she didn’t get the notes right on, but she did! She is saying things like that because she has no team! Well to bad Christina! No body cares! She just picked the wrong people! She shouldn’t take it out on others just because her team wasnt as good as Adam or Cee Lo.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Christina is really mean! She tells Melanie that she didn’t get the notes right on, but she did!”

    Sorry, but Melanie was very pitchy last night, especially on “Crazy”, so she didn’t hit a lot of the notes.

  • Jordana33

    I’m not sure what’s missing with Amanda.  She really is a great vocalist (although I kept hearing Kelly Clarkson’s Natural Woman from AI season 1 in my head, and hers was better), and she can sing pretty much anything. I think it’s partially she doesn’t connect to the audience, and also bad song choices for itunes. 

    I’m a big fan of Amanda, but I have to admit that she doesn’t pick songs that I would listen to anymore, with the exception of “Stars”. She performs the hell out of everything, which is why I like her.  70s and 80s-style rock is not very popular today and for someone who also likes alternative music like Radiohead, I don’t understand why she doesn’t try to pick 21st century rock or alternative groups.  

    Admittedly a lot of the current rock songs don’t lend themselves to the great power vocals like Dream On, but that doesn’t mean she can’t tweak them to fit her style. There are a lot of U2 or Muse songs that she could tap into and have another “moment”. Or since she likes Radiohead, she could probably put her own spin on “High and Dry” or “Karma Police”. A more “rocked up” version of “Stay” by Sugarland would be cool, or she could tap into more soulful artists like Joss Stone, Brandi Carlile or Rebecca Ferguson. And if she really likes older “staple” songs, then she could try the Beatles, who tend to be timeless.  

    That Whitesnake song was a terrible choice on Adam’s part. I like the song, but not for a competition! Sigh. I don’t think I can watch tonight’s eliminations. Too painful!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree with your entire post, especially the song choice. I think that Amanda is a super-talented vocalist and has great stage presence, but tbh, I haven’t even bought one of her songs, because I haven’t like her song choices.

  • Thevoicegirl

    I think Melanie is way underrated. I think she is unique and very good especially only being 17.

  • Thevoicegirl

    I think Melanie is way underrated. I think she is unique and very good especially only being 17.