Tate Stevens – Holler If You’re With Me” Available for Download – Listen to a Snippet

X Factor season 2 winner, Tate Stevens, released his first single today “Holler If You’re With Me.” and if your thing is red solo cup waving, drankin’ and hollerin’ to country music, then this song is for you. We’ll see if Tate can break through on country radio with this rather generic offering.

The music video for the single, sponsored by Pepsi, will debut during Sunday’s Grammy Awards telecast. Also, Tate reports that he is almost done with his album! He tweeted yesterday, “I wanted to say that the love you guys show me is awesome! I can’t believe that I am almost done with my album! Love me some #tatenation”

He may release sooner than that Season 1 winner. Oh what’s her name? Melanie Amaro.

Listen to a snip of Holler If You’re With Me:

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Download Holler If You’re With Me from ITunes and Amazon

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  • DB987

    Oh lord just what country radio has been missing.

  • kayd23

    I like it. Its sure is no better or worse than songs I hear played on country radio. The key is that Tate’s label and team need to get his songs played on country radio. I don’t see why they can’t. Great that Tate is releasing new music so quick.

  • Chrissie H

    I wish Tate well and at the same time- for my own taste´s sake -I´m just hoping my own idol will never record this kind of country music

  • Xentusk

    Strategically anthemic (for his live shows) but ultimately, extremely ‘non spectacular’ aka mundane, but who knows, the right timing the right tone, it may sell in country music…. :P

    Paraphrasing from a term that has been used to excess in the 21st century, He is who he is :P

  • TLB

    I would have appreciated an option to do something else if we’re not with him.

  • elliegrll

    He is who he is

    Based on the snippet, this doesn’t sound like who he is.  I would hope that the writers meant this to be performed in a tongue in cheek way, because I have a hard time buying that Tate is able to make some of these lyrics seem even remotely believable.  

  • kayd23

    I just checked and Tate’s song is #28 on the iTunes country music songs chart. Not bad for a song that was just released. The Grammys are going to be great promotion for Tate and his song. I saw that LA Reid sent out a tweet to buy it on iTunes.

  • jobeob987

    It’s not horrible, but it’s so similar to something Jason Aldean has done.

    And btw, what’s up with Melanie Amaro?  Did XF US EVER plan to release anything of hers?  It’s very odd.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S3ZGXZCUE2YYOS7QV6QSTKM4SA buffynut2001

    At least they got it out in a timely manner. Would love to know exactly what the prolem is or has been with Melanie!

    ETA: This is exactly the type of song I would expct from Tate. He liked the more upbeat party songs during the show. I think this will do well because it has an easy sing along line!

  • standtotheright

    I pay zero attention to X Factor but I thought this might serve up some lulz. And it did!

    Frat-boy country looks really embarassing on men approaching 40. (Yes, other men have hits with said material. Doesn’t mean I don’t shake my head at them.)

  • Xentusk

    My comment on ‘being who he is’ is a generalised reference to the particular genre he’s thrown his hat into, not necessarily his specific style or talent.   He never deviated from the path, following the Scotty McCreery game plan of “If it ain’t broke….” ;)
    (adding on the pile of “aww shucks family and country” that Scotty did with more subtlety…compared to Tate, anyway.) 

    Honestly, I lost interest in XF long before the finale, once it became blatantly obvious he would ride all the way to the win.  The win felt more a matter of demographic than working at his best to earn it.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    I am definitely a part of that young generation that destroys good old county by embracing it’s new rockish wave and generally displaying poor taste. (At least I would if I was living in US.)
    So I liked it. ;)

  • MyDailyComment

    He will have a hard time competing with all the success of Melanie.

  • http://twitter.com/LexieONeill Lexie O’Neill

    Oh, dear, some of the lyrics are very regrettable…

  • jpfan2

    “He will have a hard time competing with all the success of Melanie.”

  • Jaejae1

    A new artist doesn’t have to ground breaking, just catchy as heck and radio friendly. You can be ground breaking single #2.???? I wish Tate the best.

  • Chrissie H

    “I am definitely a part of that young generation that destroys good old county by embracing it’s new rockish wave and generally displaying poor taste. (At least I would if I was living in US.) So I liked it. ;)”

     Unless I´m a very unusual individual (which is not my experience), I don ´t  think taste can be devided into either young and rockish or old and good old country.  I´m still young and besides loving some country I love rock, rap etc.  Yet I do not like Tate´s song at all, but not because it´s rockish but because it doesn´t do anything to me. In my ears this song is utterly indifferent / boring. It just does not appeal to me. That´s all.

  • fantoo1

    So will this actually be his first official single? Because I remember Melanie’s Respect wasn’t her “official” first single.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    So while Epic was struggling along with the Cliche-o-matic 1000 in making Amaro’s singles, Sony Nashville has upgraded to the Cliche-o-matic XL 3500 (with turbo-banjo add-on).

    fantoo1, it’s still up in the air whether this is a first single for radio or not. I guess we’ll know when/if it’s sent to radio.

    jobeob897, Amaro’s had 3 official singles released, with results ranging from “meh” to “laugh nervously and pretend that didn’t happen.” It’s the album that Epic can’t seem to release, even though Walmart posted a tracklist maybe a month ago.

    HIYWM at least sounds roughly like an actual song. While I’m not particularly excited about encouraging country girls to shake it for Stevens while waving their red solo cups and making his speakers go boom-boom while they all yell “truck yeah!”, it could be worse. (But maaaan… the lyrics verge on self-parody.)

  • windmills

    There’s good, well written rock/country (like Eric Church) and then there’s unimaginative generic rock/country. Unfortunately, this falls into the 2nd category. Tate sounds shouty, the lyrics are really cliche, and the song doesn’t have a good hook.

    But there are also no immediate plans to push this to country radio. Tate even hedged in the interview he did with Rolling Stone, saying he’d prefer Ordinary Angels (an inspirational ballad). He’ll need to do a radio promo tour and a much better song to have a chance to crack country radio.

  • DragonFly

    Didn’t watch XF/don’t know a thing about the guy as coming from the show(personality).  Sounds like it will do well on radio if they let him/the song in.  Agree, a catchy, sing-along chorus, country lyrics that fly w/much of that scene & his voice is well-suited for country singing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1818332757 Seth McHale

    This song was done for a video to premiere during the Grammy’s through Pepsi, a ballad wouldn’t work. It’s a good drinking song, nothing more. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Ugh. Way too stereotypical country for me. lol Tate’s voice isn’t very distinctive, which could be a problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matteo-Rodrigo/1340430528 Matteo Rodrigo

    Not really into that type of music – and dont know that it sounds like any other country singer that sings that type of song.  I wouldnt hear this on radio and think _OMG its Tate!..Plus most people in the country have no idea who he is so they have a way to make him a household name.  I do wish him luck…and its amazing to see how the powers that me released music for him about six weeks after his win.  Poor  Melanie…Have they sent out a rescue team for her?  Her singles all flopped and we havent even heard of an album?  Hope she invests her money.  Im still waiting for the Jessica Sanchez debut; I th ought she had so much potential – as a young pop singer appealing to those tweens and youngins but also can remix for dance clubs.  So many people with good voices; you have to get lucky – keep thinking of all t hose former idols who got no where (including winners)…And while everyone talks about the white guys- the most successful are women – Kelly, Carrie, Jhud definitely are the most successful.  KatMcPhee is now on Smash, JordinSparks had a movie role with Whitney Houston, JHud while not seeming to sell albums -is the go to singer these days – from Grammys after Whitneys death to inaugurations and Super Bowls and anyone who needs a national anthem.

  • teacup

    Wow, that was bad.

  • girlygirltoo

    Melanie has had 3 singles released, if you include her cover of “Respect”

  • girlygirltoo

    They threw in a ton of country music cliches, didn’t they?

    Well, maybe that will help make it successful.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    Four singles, if the cover is included. But the chart performance indicates that forgetting one, two, or even all three of these is not an omission that’ll getcha into trouble outside of some pretty obscure Jeopardy questions.

    The more I reflect on HIYWM, the more I notice that my standard for a decent XFUSA winner’s single is “I made it to the second verse without sticking forks in my ears.” This is the impact of Simon Cowell on American culture.

  • mchcat

    Me too – mine should stay more country – this is pure pop

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathleen-Moore/100001271239732 Kathleen Moore

    Sounds like a song that would rile up the fanbase at a football game.

    Unfortunately, football season ended two days ago

  • http://twitter.com/tatenation2012 ?????????? ??? ????

    I loved it, it’s addictive, catchy and a fun song. Can’t wait to see the video.

  • http://twitter.com/tatenation2012 ?????????? ??? ????

    I think Tate will do well on this song, he will get exposer after the video, I assure you.

  • http://twitter.com/ilikevegetables hello

    i can’t believe they picked this song, had tate record it and then someone listened to it and signed off on it being his (first) single. they’re not even trying, are they? BLAND.

  • Anny_nanny

    Four. Something about “love”, something about “feet” and something about running. LOL I’m sorry, it’s really terrible.

  • http://twitter.com/ladymctech ladymctech

    I don’t think Tate brings anything new and different to the country music table, but the song isn’t bad. A 7 or 8 on a scale of 10.

  • kayd23

    Go TateNation! Love to see fans supporting their favorite music artist. I am really pulling for Tate to do well. It really would be good for XFactor to have a winner do well as The Voice has not been able to do that at all.

  • Caro3278sweet

    There’s good, well written rock/country (like Eric Church) and then there’s unimaginative generic rock/country. Unfortunately, this falls into the 2nd category. 

    Ah yeah.

    I also get this “I am a walking cliche” vibe from Mr. Stevens. Like – I will embody everything you can possibly want in a male country singer superstar. And you will love me.


  • Caro3278sweet

    Frat-boy country looks really embarassing on men approaching 40.

    Wow! Didn’t realize he was this old. Pretty old to break into music – even country.

  • WestiesRule

    Not my cuppa on a good day. Good luck to him.

  • http://twitter.com/HouswivesHodown Real Housewives News

     The X Factor team kind of alluded to the fact that Melanie Amaro is lazy… like she was supposed to do the NYE show last year but wanted to go home or something…