So You Think You Can Dance 8 – Top 10 – Videos & Recap

Neil Patrick Harris, will join Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the So You Think You Can Dance judges panel this week! Hooray.

Last week, the permanent pairings came to an end. Tonight, the Top 10 will perform with a SYTYCD All-Star alum! They will also perform a solo.

Check out the spoilers for this week here.

Tomorrow night at 8/7c pm, tune in for special performances by the pan-Asian, all-female pop group Blush – who will make their American television debut with rapper Snoop Dogg – and ballet dancer Daniil Simkin.

The SYTYCD tour tickets go on sale July 29th. First show Orlando. Brand new production with this year’s Top 10.

VIDEO: IdolXfactor

Marko & Chelsie – Samba – Jason Gilkison – “Cinema Italiano” – Kate Hudson – dropped Chelsie right on her head. OUCH. NICE HIPS MARKO! Is there a dance Marko can’t master? He’s always a joy to watch. “Amazing”, says Neil. “That was so dirty! I would have kissed her too at the end of it!” He thinks Marko is the guy to beat. Mary says Marko is the REAL DEAL out there. You do EVERYTHING she says. “I won’t be surprised if you’re in that finale.” Nigel is impressed with Marko’s courage and perseverance. He’s lost a partner, but not the chemistry. “Now you are dancing with the stars!…Tremendous. Well done.”

Solo: Sasha “Syrup & Honey” – 1-888-836-7601

Jordan & Brandon – Contemporary – Desmond Richardson – Brandon is such a beautiful dancer! And look at you Jordan. I wondered if she’d be able to keep up with Brandon. She did! The best she’s ever danced. Mary says Jordan was fearless, fantastic. She is fighting, “dancing solid sister.” Nigel says Jordan doesn’t have many weaknesses. She can do everything they asked her. My eyes kept returning to you. Wake up dance fans! Keep this girl in the competition! Neil agrees. “It takes your breath away…watching you feel that dance was spectacular.”

Solo: Jess “Come By Me” Harry Connick Jr. – 1-888-836-7602

Tadd & Comfort – Hip Hop – Chuck Maldonado – “Look at Me Now” Chris Brown – Not sure how I feel about this. It didn’t really hold my attention. I’ve never been a big Comfort fan. Nigel remminds us that B Boys are not hip hop and is impressed that Tadd picked up the choreo. “I think you outdanced your all star”. OHHHH Nigel!. Neil says Spencer Liff will be teaching him to dance for HIMYM and now understands how difficult it is. He loved it. Mary says Tadd is something special. “fired right out of the cannon, didn’t let up. Unbelievable musicality. You have swagger.”

Solo: Melanie “You’re The One That I Want” – 1-888-836-7603

Mitchell & Melody – Broadway – Tyce Diorio – “Take Off With Us” All That Jazz – I think Mitchell will finally go home tonight. Nothing spectacular happening there. Neil didn’t get an airplane theme “It all seemed disjointed and not very well thought out. I think your a terrific dancer…but not may favorite.” Did Neil just dis Tyce’s crappy Broadway choreo? HILARIOUS. Mary thought the number was a lot of fun, but over baked, especially in the facials. Nigel thinks with Fosse you have to think more about style, than over performing.

Solo – Ricky – “Daylight Breaks” by Cassidy Haley – 1-888-836-7604

Solo – Clarice – “Royal T” – 1-888-836-7605

Caitlyn & Pasha – Argentine Tango – Leonardo & Miriam – Pash is so elegant and sexy! Caitlyn is doing a beautiful job here. Mary gives a standing O! “That was really a treat on the eyes, breathtaking. Effortless. The passion was more real than in any other number. You were a complete woman tonight. Took your dancing to another level.” Nigel agrees. “Far sexier than anything you’ve done…kept the intensity, didn’t over-perform.” Neil thought it started slow, but he was suddenly drawn in…it became great theater. The two of you were super in sync.”

Solo: Mitchell “This Time” by John Legend – 1-888-836-7606

Sasha & Twitch – Hip Hop Christopher Scott – “Misty Blue” by Dorothy Moore – Couple in a relationship trying to rekindle the flame. WOW WOW WOW. Shasha hitting it HARD. She’s incredible. LOVE the choreo. Judges are shaking their hands like HAAWT. Nigel’s mouth is hanging open, at a loss for words. Compares this to the Alex Wong routine. First time he’s seen chemistry with a partner. Nailed it beginning to end, says Nigel. Neil thought it was the best of the evening so far. Niel loves Chris Scott. “You guys should dance every dance together. Mary says “that was smoking hot. You had the swagger, musicality, chemistry. I loved you doing that number. Sasha, you are an all star tonight.”

Solo: Jordan – “Tonight” Lyyke Li – 1-888-836-7607

Jess & Kathryn – Contemporary – Stacey Tookey – “The Lonely” by Christina Perri – About not being able to see what’s right in front of your eyes. I love Jess, but he looks really really awkward up there. Not loving this as much as the judges are. Neil thinks the choreo was great. He feels Jess’s face is “muggy”. Be as present and sincere as possible, he says. But, Jess was “As good as I’ve seen you. Well done.” Mary’s favorite piece from Jess. Feels Jess was “There every step of the way” for Kathryn. Nigel quip! “A routine with more lifts than Joan Rivers’ face.” ha! But feels Jess coped with them well. Nigel also thought it was Jess’s best work to date.

Solo: Tadd – “Everything I Can’t Have” by Robin Thicke – 1-888-836-7608

Melanie & Pasha – Viennese Watz – Jason Gilkerson – “Everybody Hurts” by Tina Arena – This is going to be a tear jerker! Melanie comforts a friend who has lost the will to live. Elegant, beautiful flowing. Like two angels gliding. STUNNING! Mary says, “Your feet never touched the floor, you were floating. I don’t know how you do it. You’re right at the top of the leader board” Nigel says it was a master class in flow in lifts. “You are a solid absolutely beautiful dancer.” Neil calls it “effortlessly perfect. You look like you’re from the past, but you dance like you’re from the future. You are beautiful in every way. My favorite dancer on the show.”

Solo: Caitlyn – “Cosmic Love” Florence + The Machine – 1-888-836-7609

Ricky & Allison – Jazz – Tyce Diorio – “Precious Dream” – Dance is about a bad dream. Big improvement over that Broadway number Tyce choreographed. I like this. Very fierce. INTENSE. Ricky danced beautifully, with emotion. Allison was wonderful. Nigel congratulates Tyce. “Sensational piece. Creative.” Felt Ricky kept up. Neil tells Tyce the he made a bold call. Ricky usually dances very young. Neil was prepared to not get it. But thought his moves were fierce. Mary thought Ricky “really brought it. Raw. Reckless, Intense. Spectacular.”

sytycd8-ricky-top10 by mjsbigblog

Solo: Marko – “More Than Anyone” Gavin DeGraw – 1-888-836-7610

Clarice & Robert – Bollywood – Nakul – Girl and guy play cat and mouse. That was fun as hell and looked wicked hard to do. Joyful, exhilarating. Neil loved it. Incredibly infectious. Neil connected with Clarice for the first time. Mary found it “Exhilarating, intricate and hard to do. So much fun. Perfect for you. Fit like a Chanel suite.” Nigel agrees. Perfect fit for Clarice. “It makes me happy. Exhilarated by it.”



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  • HermeticallySealed

    Is it just me, or did that dance seem to focus on Chelsea, rather than Marco? I like Marco a lot, but that just seemed to leave him as a second fiddle.

  • St.Lucia

    Is it just me, or did that dance seem to focus on Chelsea, rather than Marco? I like Marco a lot, but that just seemed to leave him as a second fiddle.

    I thought the exact same thing!!!! And then he gets praised for being the most fantastic samba dancer EVER(or so it seemed with that tongue bath), and I kinda sat there wondering if I missed something. I mean Marko was good, but that dance was all about Chelsea. Grant it, she’s the star and not up for judging. I love Marko, but I didn’t think it was the best.thing.ever.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Actually liked Jordan for probably the first time.

  • St.Lucia


  • lollypop12

    Loved watching Brandon! <3

    Tadd was kinda sloppy. Don't think he out danced Comfort either! Judges, I SMH!

  • Elf

    So far, Marko was as good as advertised, Jordan was better than expected and I thought Tadd out danced Comfort too!

    And NPH is just awesome.

  • HermeticallySealed


    Agreed, indeed. :D

    I liked Tadd’s routine. The second and third groups seemed to find a better balance i have noticed, between featuring the all stars, and the contestants. Wish Marco’s had done the same. Oh well.

    Loved Sasha’s solo, though I am having an hard time telling if a couple of moves were missteps or intentional. They were in time with the music, but iono, looked off.

    Can’t say the same for Jess’. I like him decent enough, but that seemed rather plain.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Have to agree with NPH. I just didn’t get it, but I blame it mostly on Ty. I have never been able to connect to his work.

  • St.Lucia

    I didn’t like Jess’ solo. I wanted more? It was a little lackluster. Really disliked Mitchell and Melody’s routine. It didn’t hold my attention and I agreed with NPH on his thoughts on it. I didn’t get it.. :X

  • bentley1530

    Lets not blame Mitchell for that lousy number because the choreography did not work and in fact in the musical All That Jazz that number was a mess so it was a strange music choice. However I am sure this is the end for Mitchell.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Yay for Daylight Breaks. Kinda of an unexpected, but nice. Oh, and Ricky was good too. :P

  • St.Lucia

    Mmm…Pasha. I love me some Pasha. Caitlynn’s footwork is not so great.

    ETA: Clearly I’m clueless as Mary Murphy just gave it a standing O? I’ll just sit back down and shut up I guess. :)

  • deppfan18

    Yay for daylight breaks! Unexpected choice but I love it!

  • eyin

    Caitlynn rocked that Tango. Holy shiz.

  • Elf

    St.Lucia says:

    07/20/2011 at 8:55 pm

    Mmm…Pasha. I love me some Pasha. Caitlynn’s footwork is not so great.

    ETA: Clearly I’m clueless as Mary Murphy just gave it a standing O? I’ll just sit back down and shut up I guess.

    I’m with you – I wasn’t impressed with Caitlyn either. I was she was just okay.

  • St.Lucia

    My GOSH that Sasha and Twitch routine was AMAZING. I wanted to get up and applaud that.

  • lollypop12


  • HermeticallySealed

    Wow, okay! That is chemistry right there. So in synch. Very well done.

  • sr4mjc

    The tango was great!

    Holy hell , Sasha and Twitch were spectacular!

  • May

    Wow Caitlynn. This is one of the few times I’ve seen someone stay almost completely true to Argentine Tango in this show. Of all the tango dances, it has the most difficult footwork and is the hardest to look good dancing. I really admire her for what she just pulled off.

  • lollypop12

    Love Stacey’s choreo. She makes people shine!

  • May

    Twitch and Sasha were incredible.

  • St.Lucia

    Gosh, can NPH be a regular one of the judges? :) I loved Stacey’s choreography!

  • lollypop12

    Joan River dig! LOL

  • bentley1530

    Kathryn does float but the lifts still seemed a bit labored.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Caitlyn’s solo was kinda a mess. :/

  • St.Lucia

    I think Caitlynn, Mitchell, and Jess had the worst solo’s tonight. They were all either lackluster or kinda a mess.

  • eyin

    Allison is definitely one of my favorite dancers to ever hit the SYTYCD. She is just amazing.

  • St.Lucia

    I actually liked that Tyce routine, and I don’t always like Tyce routines. :)

    I liked Rickey tonight. Feel like I was far too hard on him or ignored him too much because of Ryan. Glad he was able to shine free of her…at least for me.

  • bentley1530

    After watching Ricky, Mitchell is so going home tonight and I guess I can not blame them for sending Alex last week because he would have probably have gone home this week. The girls are a little harder to figure out. I am putting all of my points on Mitchell in this week’s poll.

  • bentley1530

    Who decided to end on this Bollywood number? I am not feeling it and I did not think Clarice was very good in it.

  • St.Lucia

    Holy cow, that Bollywood routine! Way to go Clarice!!!! She was super powerful tonight and she nailed it. Good for her!!! I found myself forgetting Clarice frequently….not tonight.

  • St.Lucia

    Man, there was some GREAT dancing tonight!

  • Valentin432

    I’ve been very disapointed in the solos this season.
    Normally there’s always one or two brilliant soloist in the bunch, this year, I don’t see one. They pimped that Ricky solo the other week when Blake did a much better one to the same song.
    Speaking of which, the songs are feeling very familiar and it’s too bad because I love discovering new songs on SYTYCD.

    Loved the ballroom numbers (altough the VW was more of a contemporary number), Ricky/Allison, the Stacey Tookey number and Jordan (didn’t like the routine as a whole tough).

    Mitchell is an obvious elimination, second one in the B2 could be interesting. For the girls it’s harder because they all did pretty well. If I had to choose one, it’s probably Clarice.

  • huckleberryfriend

    Other dancers position their arms, their legs, their head, etc. Melanie positions her entire body.

  • alonzo7

    Mitchell a definite to go for me.
    Girls are a little harder. I don’t really connect to Jordon or Clarice so either one is fine with me.
    Favorite routine of the night was Twitch and Sasha-so fierce-they were awesome.
    Melanie can do just about anything-she seemed to be floating in the air the whole dance.
    Rickey really caught my attention tonight-best I’ve seen him-glad he got a chance to shine.
    The solos aren’t doing it for me-just taking up time.
    Worst routine of the night was Melody and Mitchell and I loved her on season 2.
    All in all I enjoyed tonight.

  • Sarah

    There were a lot of good to great routines tonight. The only obvious weak link was the Tyce Broadway – which is to be expected at this point. I don’t know why they even still ask him to choreograph Broadway routines anymore. They are generally terrible, and even if Spencer Liff usually lands people in the B3 (and was off last week – even though I maintain that one routine would have been great with any other dancers, rather than the energy suck that is Ryan), he is generally LIGHTYEARS better than Tyce.

    I find myself liking Jess more and more each week. He’s still labored with the lifts, but he’s getting better. Caitlynn was also very good in the Argentine Tango, but I’m finding myself backlashing because Nigel so obviously favors her. When the spoilers came out, I KNEW Clarice would have Robert & Caitlynn was originally slated to dance with Alex. Because who else would Nigel put his fave with? But she did a good job tonight so I’m impressed.

    Routine of the night was Sasha & Twitch, IMO. Great choreo, great execution, great chemistry. It was all there and they nailed it.

    And all I have to say is…. ROBERT. :D Clarice is a lucky girl. Ha.

  • Valentin432

    Worst routine of the night was Melody and Mitchell and I loved her on season 2.

    Melody was on season 1.

  • chrislongisland

    I am two routines in on the DVR, and while Chelsie and Brandon were GREAT as all stars, Marko and Jordan were just ON FIRE!!!!!

  • Grammie Kari

    Melody was runner-up for Season 1 and my favorite. They gave her a reduced role with very little to do. I think this was deliberate in that they want to get rid of Mitchell. Other All-Stars were given some good material to work with.

    I thought Melody would be with Jess because of the height thing, but Kathryn McCormick is an excellent dancer.

    Melody weighs all of 90 pounds and is much shorter than Jess. Why not pair them and give Jess a chance for success with lifts?

    My favorite routine of the night has to be the Bollywood with Clarice and Robert. Yes, joyful, exhilarating and very difficult. Robert is just so much fun and they did an outstanding job.

    I could watch Pasha all night long!

  • chrislongisland

    My top 4 tonight:

    1. Melanie
    2. Jordan
    3. Clarice
    4. Marko

  • Grammie Kari

    Neil Patrick Harris was a great judge, probably the best they have had this season!

    Sasha and Twitch did such a nice job. She is a better dancer than Comfort; however, putting Comfort down was inappropriate.

    I just don’t know which girl will be going home. I enjoyed most of the dances tonight. Jess’ solo was bouncy and fun.

  • chrislongisland

    Oh, and Caitlyn was HOT.

  • ituneit

    I liked Marko’s first number. Watched him and not the girl. The supposed all star was way out of shape. I thought she was going to pass out.

    Sasha and Twitch’s number was my favorite number of the night my second favorite was the bollywood one.

    Still can’t stand Melanie. The judges already picked her as the winner from day one. Why bother having the show then? Her routine was boring but once again the judges had to call her their favorite by far.

  • Steelers36

    Tonight is why I watch this show. If you stick with it, along comes an evening once in a while where the choreo, music and dancers come together and create a little bit of magic. Mostly very good routines tonight. Some brand new pairings sparkled.

  • chrislongisland

    Still can’t stand Melanie. The judges already picked her as the winner from day one. Why bother having the show then? Her routine was boring but once again the judges had to call her their favorite by far.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but the problem I see here is that Melanie DESERVES the praise she has gotten. She really is that brilliant so even if you don’t like her, I hope at the very least you respect her.

    As far as someone winning a competition from Day 1, are you telling me that didn’t happen with Carrie Underwood and Scotty McCreery, and perhaps even Taylor Hicks?

  • koshka

    Still can’t stand Melanie.

    She reminds me of a cheerleader for some reason.

  • Steelers36

    I think Mr Harris had the best description of Melanie. Sorry some people don’t get it. But it’s all about the favorite dancer and we all know that different look, style, personality as well as making a personal connection all figure into the impression. So I am with chrislongisland who makes the point of recognizing a dancer’s skill even if not your fave.

  • Pam

    chrislongisland says:

    My top 4 tonight:

    1. Melanie
    2. Jordan
    3. Clarice
    4. Marko

    That’s about where I would rank them. As far as Melanie goes, the voters must like her. She hasn’t hit the bottom 3 yet. I’m not saying she couldn’t or won’t at some point though. As far as the group as a whole, I think they are all good but some are just exceptional and I would put Melanie in that category.

    ETA: I thought NPH made a great judge for this show. He didn’t tell everyone they were great. He actually gave some really constructive criticism to these folks which is something that has obviously been lacking at the AI judges table. heh

    I think Mitchell is toast. As far as the girls, IDK.

  • movin2thabeet

    What an all around beautiful evening of dancing. I have to agree that the solos for some reason are not nearly as exciting as in past seasons. It seems like they are being more cautious. Perhaps the history of injuries on this show has made the dancers more careful during solos.

    The standouts for tonight are also the ones I think are likely to go farthest on this show. That is:

    ! Marko
    ! Sasha
    ! Melanie

    2nd tier for me were:
    ! Caitlyn
    ! Clarice

    And I agree that Neil Patrick Harris was an outstanding judge. Bravo Neil! And also that Sasha and Twitch’s routine was mind-blowingly great. A Big Thanks to all involved in putting on this show – from the dancers and choreographers to Cat Deeley and the judges and everyone else. I hope this show continues to keep and build an audience and stay on the air for as long as possible. It’s such a wonderful use of the TV airwaves – long live SYTCD!!

  • Steelers36

    Has it been decreed that one of each sex is leaving tomorrow? Or could it be two guys? (I think we all agree Mitchell is toast).

  • Truthiness

    I would like some ballroom content, back in the ballroom dances. So tired of all this lyrical/contempo getting into every single style. Ballroom, Hip Hope, and of course, all the contempo/lyrical/jazz pieces besides that, on the show.

    Oh and I was just watching season 2 the other day, pretty much the whole season. And there was so much diversity of choreographers. This show needs to bring that back as well.

  • Thirsty

    Tonight makes me super happy they brought back the all stars for the Top 10!

    OMG, but how much do I love getting to see Pasha TWICE tonight? So very, very much. That man sure has charisma. He was really the last fantastic male ballroom dancer they’ve had on the show.

    Sasha and Twitch were fantastic. Great choreo danced amazingly well. LOVE that song too.

    I loved the VW with Melanie and Pasha — so beautiful and dream-like.

    Loved the tango with Caitlyn and Pasha. (She looked good, but IMO that was mostly down to him leading her.)

    Was really impressed with Ricky tonight! I thought Allison would dance him under the table, but he really came through aces.

    I’m pretty sure Mitchell is gone, but bet Tad will join him in the B3. Wouldn’t be surprised to see either Clarice, Jordan or Caitlyn go.

    NPH needs to be a judge every week. Love him and he was much better than any of the other guest judges.

  • DogBitez

    @ MJ:

    I love the video clips you provide, MJ… because they offer the backstory/practice part plus the judge’s comments. I feel like I’m able to see the entire show with just those clips. Only thing missing are the solo routines. Any chance of including those at some point, too? Solo routines on performance night and dance-for-your-life routines from results shows. Anyway, thanks for the effort you make to post these links. They’re very much appreciated! :)

  • Dlynne

    Fabulous dancing tonight with the all stars. If only the solos had been as good.

    I thought NPH was a good judge. I’m so happy he called Tyce out on the less than stellar Fosse-esque choreography. I wish he would just stop trying to channel Fosse when he is choreographing Broadway routines because he really sucks at it. Tyce’s other routine was amazing, however, and Allison and Ricky were incredible.

    I think the end has come for Mitchell and also think that Caitlyn or maybe even Clarice will be going home.

  • stelladallas

    I usually really enjoy NPH, but I thought he seemed cranky and a little sudued tonight.

  • DogBitez

    Oh! Solo clips! I love you, MJ! Thanks!!!!

  • chrislongisland

    After sleeping on it and letting all of the routines sink in, it really is amazing to me how much the all stars really enhance the entire dynamic of this show. Also, I love that they are rotating all stars so we get to see more of our past favorites.

    MY DREAM ALL STAR PAIRING: Heidi with Marko, choreographed by Travis!!!!!

    My full rankings:

    1. Melanie – strongest and most versatile dancer I’ve seen in years. I put her right up there with Allison Holker as the two best contemporary women ever on this show. I just hope she gets the votes to make the finale. And I’d also love to see her and Allison dance a Mia routine together!

    2. Jordan – she just sneaks up on me every time and is just emotionally zoned in / connected / technically brilliant. Plus she’s a jazz dancer so that’s awesome to see.

    3. Clarice
    4. Marko
    5. Ricky
    TIED at 6. Sasha and Caitlyn
    8. Tadd
    9. Jess
    10. Mitchell

  • MayMirabella

    My favorites tonight were:

    Sasha, Ricky, and Caitlynn

  • sunchick

    I love the All Star concept, but I wasn’t really excited to see anyone but Chelsie and Robert. Although Twitch did kick serious ass, overused as he may be. The rotating All Star idea is a great way to prevent the All Star fatigue that set in last season, though, when it seemed like we saw a handful of them every week, and I am keeping my fingers crossed at some point they will tap Jakob or Evan for a Broadway with Jess and Spencer Liff inspired by Singing in the Rain. Sasha had the best night last night by far even though she’s not my favorite. My personal overall rankings (overall meaning just not for this week) are

    1. Jess -I think he’s super muggy OFFstage, but fully engages his partner ONstage, so I disagreed a bit with NPH. I also think it was kind of assy of the show to give the smallest guy all those lifts with a bigger All Star chick when most of the choreographers cater their choreo to the dancers they are given each week. Billy was amazing but wasn’t the best at lifts, either, so Stacy Tookey actually had him being lifted by Ade the second time they worked together.
    1 (tie) Melanie- I’ve loved her since her audition because she dances intelligently which I enjoy.
    3. Clarice- she grew on me
    4. Marko
    5. Ricky- he grew on me too
    6. Tadd
    7. Jordan
    8. Sasha
    9. Mitchell- He’s also getting a bum deal, but I don’t think he connects with his partners very well so I’m not as incensed as I should be.
    10. Caitlynn- Her solos are like bad outakes from Glee’s Hairography episode. I have no idea why the judges are enamored of her because she’s prettier than she is talented.

    ETA: Cat has the most amazing hair. I look forward to her weekly ‘do change almost as much I do the actual dancing.

  • weese

    I will have to agree Mitchell will be leaving tonight as will Caitlyn.
    I was so excited for Ricky just killing his piece–he is a new body type for SYTYCD and choreographers need to take advantage of this!
    1. Sasha, Melanie, Marko
    4. Ricky
    5.Tad, Clarice, Jordon
    10. Mitchell(choreography DID NOT help him)

    I did not necessarily agree with NPH on some things–Jess stopped mugging while dancing a while ago and Ricky never danced “young” to me–I would describe it as fresh,light and graceful as compared to Ryan’s heavy. As for Clarice finally breaking through, I would have to agree.
    I did not think it was Jess’ best night but did think it was Tad’s. He was really really good. Marko, Melanie and Sasha–cannot even express how good those three are–I love this season because along with Ricky we have four dancers who are nothing like anyone we have seen before. I believe Ricky has a lot of room for growth while I can’t even imagine the other three getting better than they already are.

  • May

    My ranking would be:
    1. Sasha: Amazing chemistry, although Twitch tends to have good chemistry with anyone he partners. Sasha is incredible.
    2. Ricky: Not usually a Ricky fan, but I liked him a lot in this routine.
    3. Caitlynn: She gets big points for effort and staying true to the dance. Yes, I’ve seen cleaner footwork from professional tango dancers, but the fact that she was able to accomplish that in a few days with limited ballroom experience was impressive IMO.
    4. Jordan: Definitely one of her better performances
    5. Jess: Also one of his better performances.
    6. Marko: Fun dance, but Chelsea outshone him. However, in all fairness to Marko, this is a dance where the female is generally supposed to shine. People don’t usually watch the guy in this kind of number.
    7. Clarise: She get points for technicality, but I found the dance a bit cheesy to watch.
    8. Melanie: She wasn’t waltzing and I wish the judges had pointed that out. I’m beginning to think that she can’t step out of her comfort zone. Nevertheless, she looked lovely and graceful.

    9. Tadd: I’m not a big fan of Comfort, but I don’t think that Tadd outdid her. Plus I don’t think he’s as funny as he thinks he is.
    9. Mitchell: I really like him, but I couldn’t get into the choreography at all. Plus, his onstage personality is kind of bland.

  • ituneit

    You are entitled to your opinion, but the problem I see here is that Melanie DESERVES the praise she has gotten. She really is that brilliant so even if you don’t like her, I hope at the very least you respect her.

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t see her as brilliant at all. I haven’t seen her step outside her comfort zone once. I think like Idol did this season they pick a certain contestant and they can do no wrong.

  • Buffynut

    8. Melanie: She wasn’t waltzing and I wish the judges had pointed that out. I’m beginning to think that she can’t step out of her comfort zone. Nevertheless, she looked lovely and graceful.

    Yes!! That dance had 5 seconds of Waltz in it. The rest was contemporary. I was waiting for a judge to say that but they never did. It seems to me that no matter what style Melanie is doing that night, it always looks like Contemporary. I have yet to see her truly challenged with another dance style.
    I think she is adorable and very, very good, but I want to see her challenged and deserve all the praise she is getting.

  • mandabutter

    I hope Jordan and Tadd are safe. They are now 2 of my favorites now that they are split up. Wow, what a difference a week makes!
    My fave routine of the night was Brandon and Jordan’s contemporary, understated and absolutely beautiful.

    I think going home will be Clarice and Mitchell (or even Marko cuz he went early in the night & had ballroom -tho that would be a super surprising elimination :(….)