Smash – The Workshop Preview plus “Touch” First Listen (Video) (Audio)

Everything comes to a head as Eileen, Derek and the team present “Marilyn the Musical” to would-be investors. Bernadette Peters guest stars as Ivy’s mom.

Watch Bernadette sing “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from Gypsy. She’s sensational! By the looks of the previews, Ivy’s relationship to her mom, who is a Broadway legend, is fraught with tension.

Also, as a bonus, listen to a full stream of the Katharine McPhee single, “Touch”. The tune was co-written by Ryan Tedder, who is set to guest star in an upcoming episode.

Bernadette Peters Sings

Marilyn’s Debut – “Marilyn” debuts in front of the investors.

Ivy Wants Mom’s Approval

Katharine McPhee – Touch

Katharine McPhee: Touch Me (from Smash) by PRO MOTION/LIFT

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  • Jenna

    Omg Bernadette Peters!! <3

  • steph6449

    I’m glad they are doing more to develop the Ivy character beyond her sleeping with the producer. She really is more interesting and enjoyable to watch for me than Kat’s character, although I like them both pretty well.

  • Tuki

    OMG! I cannot wait for this episode! It looks so interesting.
    I am getting obsess with this show! Love it. No wonder Ivy is an emotional insecure wreck when she has a mom like that.
    Love Bernadette Peters! She is sensational indeed.

    Also loved Kat´s new song! I think it will be featured in the episode after this sone. Cannot wait to see it!

  • Anonymous

    I never could stand Bernadette Peters.  That clip shows how wrong she is for Rose.  I won’t even mention ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ (oops I did)…which must have been awful (Tony notwithstanding).  And then came Reba, the real Annie!!!  But I digress… Poor Megan has to drag out yet another cliche, the one where the famous mother steals the limelight…OY.

  • kirk charles

    omg katharines new single is FLAWLESS!

  • Nele621

    Wow, Ivy. That scene made me cry. I’ve heard so many people saying Ivy’s RL patterns Marilyn’s RL. Megan is turning into a great actress.

    I can’t believe Peters is 64 years old. She can still belt a song (but then again, it was recorded). Who is Rose?

  • Anonymous

    It is a cliche–the famous mom or dad overshadowing the child–but it’s a cliche based in reality.  It is rare for the child to do as well or better than the parent (a few exceptions–alan alda, liza minnelli in the 70s), and there’s always the stigma that the child is only getting parts because of the connections of the parent.  I think the storyline has more to give if the actors do well with it.  Looking forward to it.   

  • Anonymous

    I love Bernadette. <3 

    Nele, Mama Rose is Gypsy Rose Lee's mother. I saw Patti Lupone as Mama Rose. Another diva that can't be touched. 

  • Anonymous

    This new Ivy story line makes her character more sympathetic, so I’m glad that she got the part over Karen.  Ivy really does look more like Marilyn anyway being blond and volumptuous.  It would be an easier sell for the investors with Ivy as Marilyn.

    I love how Tom is so musical and plays the piano and sings anything.  Can he sing more often?  He isn’t so visually good looking at first, but now he is attractive and charming to me. 

    Bernadette looks damn good and I like the new story line! 

    I also like the Karen single and can’t wait to see what happens to her. 

    Jack Davenport is divine!  I’m a sucker for that British accent.  I’ve liked him ever since Pirates of the Carribean. 

  • Kariann Hart

    This leaves you wondering if Mama gets to meet Karen.  It looks like another good episode!

  • steph6449

    oh, lol. Never recognized him as the guy from the Pirates movies. He’s much hotter in modern clothes, haha.

  • Anonymous

    Poipugirl – you should check out Jack Davenport in the British comedy series Coupling.

  • Anonymous

    There’s been a good episode? ;)

  • Ali Marilyn Rose

    Episode 1, 2, 4 and 5 have all been good. The music is always first rate though.

  • Ali Marilyn Rose

    I love Katharine’s new single and her work so far on SMASH, I love how they are developing all the characters and showing their lives off-stage.

    Anyways SMASH is a great show because of the emphasis on the stories of the characters and the music being utilized as a reflection of that and not vise versa.

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait to see the whole episode tomorrow!!! love it!!!

  • it’s me

    Yay, tomorrow is SMASH!  So excited for Kat’s new song!  She has a killer voice and can sing anything!