Smash Officially Cancelled By NBC

It’s official. NBC has cancelled Smash after two seasons. The musical drama, detailing life on the Great White Way, has struggled from the beginning. After debuting in January 2012 with tons of buzz, the initial rave reviews didn’t last long.

While critics loved the pilot, the writing quickly unravelled, resulting in rounds of mocking on websites and social media. Ridiculous plot twists, terrible wardrobe choices and horrible acting turned the once must see show into an object of hate watching.

A season 2 reboot saw series creator, Theresa Rebeck, replaced as showrunner with Gossip Girl guy, Josh Safran. There were some big cast changes, and a new storylines that included more musical productions with intersecting storylines.  But it was all to no avail. The show did reasonably well ratings-wise in Season 1, when it had The Voice as a lead in. But when it returned in January 2013 on Tuesday nights, the numbers tanked, and NBC eventually decided to burn off shows with a move to Saturday nights.

Smash was a great idea on paper, with lots of wonderful talent such as Christian Borle, Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee involved, but once it got off on the wrong foot, there was no righting the ship.

RIP Smash.

Remaining episodes will air through May, with a 2 hour finale airing on Sunday, May 26. I’ll continue to put up posts here for those who are still watching.

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  • itsalleternal

    That was definitely inevitable. No show can survive on a major network with CW-level ratings.

    At least Nashville gets a second season…I am sad about Malibu Country (Reba McEntire) being cancelled though (that one was borderline coming in).

  • fuzzywuzzy

    This show had such promise initially. I hope to see more of Megan Hilty and Christian Borle, as they are incredibly talented performers.

  • calliebeckett

    No surprise. NBC was an absolute bloodbath today. Only 2(!) comedies are returning next year for them.

  • Bob

    NBC can always round up two more sets of judges and run The Voice from Monday though Saturday.

  • Eilonwy

    Shhhhh! Say it too loudly, and they will.

    M/T The Voice
    W/R The Voice Juniors
    F/S The Voice: Domestic Pet Edition

    Alas for Smash! The pilot had so much potential. I hope Megan Hilty reappears in something stunning.

  • girlygirl

    lol don’t give them any ideas

  • heartly

    This show started out with such high expectations and to see what happened to it was really sad.

    I’m also sad about Malibu Country. It wasn’t a great show by any means, but it was a light show with funny moments. I’m really going to miss seeing Lily Tomlin on there. And selfishly, I’m disappointed because it was a given that Kelly Clarkson would be on there at some point if there was another season. Jai Rodriguez has been tweeting with some fans tonight about the cancellation and said that it wasn’t about ratings, there were other things going on beyond just recently losing the showrunner. Here’s his twitter account:

  • Garrett Clayman

    So sorry for Kat! Hopefully this will give her time to work on an album. I did not like her performance on Idol, but I think that is the right type of song for her, kind of like Florence and the Machine

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Total bummer – season 2 has been really entertaining.

  • breakdown

    It had such promise at the beginning but by the end of last season I wanted no mas. Kat was kinda creepy in a Marilyn wig and I never bothered to watch this season but would like to see more of Megan.

  • Kariann Hart

    Yes, I also knew it was coming but am happy I saw the two seasons and learned more about theater production. I really enjoyed several of the characters in the show.

  • ellen8

    Spielberg could have done a great movie out of the Smash story line. Too bad. Wonder what he has in mind for Kat next ???

  • WestiesRule

    Sorry to see it go (and flop). I loved it.

  • Laurie

    While Kat has a great voice, she’s a terrible actress.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    She’s also a beautiful woman. For me, Kat was the weakest aspect of this show. It didn’t make any sense to me that she was chosen to play Marilyn over Megan Hilty, who just lit up the screen when she appeared, so there was a fundamental disconnect for me in the entire premise of the show. So I didn’t pay any attention to the plot (which was frequently illogical and lame), and tuned in for the musical numbers. lol

  • Bobbi

    If Kat wants to do more acting, I really hope she gets some lessons. Her acting performance on Smash was painful to watch.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thing is, Kat has known that she was gong to be starring in this show for a long time before it even started production. That was the time for her to take intensive acting lessons, not use the show to learn. It’s possible that Kat did take acting lessons prior to the show and this is as good as she’s going to get (which may be the more probable scenario). At any rate, Kat had a great shot at an opportunity for a major breakthrough in her career, and as it stands now, I would be surprised if she gets another shot as an actress in a major role. Yes, there were other problems with the show, but that didn’t prevent me from being impressed by Megan and Christian, despite some of the lame plot directions and dialogue.

  • Ladyguard

    I really liked the show. I will miss it. I thought Kat was good.

  • Larc

    Probably nothing involving TV or movie acting. Megan Hilty, Christian Borle and maybe Andy Mientus could have attracted the interest of some TV casting directors who may not have been familiar with them before Smash.

  • PinkClouds20

    NBC is so clueless. Didn’t they replace Smash with that lame dating show, moving it Saturday, where is had no chance to succeed??

  • Montavilla

    Yes. And they suddenly moved it from nine o’cock to eight o’clock without any announcement.

  • milwlovesadam

    I really enjoyed Smash, if for nothing else than seeing Borle and Megan Hilty shine on my TV screen. They are so uber talented and easy to watch. I just know they have futures on and off stage.

    ( Can anyone say Wicked the Movie with Megan Hilty and a certain Mr Lambert as Fiyero????)

    Kat can sing. That’s it. Her face is so frozen and devoid of emotion it was astounding. Between that and the incessant mumbling of Jack Davenport, rending his dialogue incoherent, Smash was ruined for me with every scene they were in. I liked him on Flash Forward, and could understand it when he spoke, it’s not the accent, it’s the mumbling.

    I am sorry to Smash go. Looking forward to a great finale though.

  • tucker davis

    In my area, The Voice is on every night of the week it seems…guess they are showing reruns over the weekend.

  • Axxxel

    Sorry to hear about Smash…just wondering whether Kat can be asked to be an American Idol judge next season …

  • EvenMoreron

    I don’t think Katharine was that horrible, I just don’t think the writing played to anybody’s strengths. Angelica Houston was floundering most of Season 1 and Debra Messing especially didn’t really know what to do with her story lines. You really shouldn’t have Oscar and Emmy winners struggling to make something happen. Even Uma Thurman went off the rails, but to be honest, I think the show was hilariously entertaining once she joined.

    And I know Jeremy Jordan is an acclaimed stage actor, but he was more than iffy up until the last episode. He chewed himself some scenery. Smash had its brilliant moments and it definitely stabilized this year, but the audience just didn’t have any patience to take the good with the bad.

  • Ratna12

    I love the incessant mumbling of Jack Davenport, I hope he’ll be in a hit TV show, so I can see him every week. Kat McPhee will be fine, she’ll be a working actress, singer, model, etc. Not everybody can be a superstar.