Prince – Screwdriver Lyric Video

Have you guys heard the new Prince song, “Screwdriver”? Do you dig it as much as I do? I really like this a lot.

Maybe new music from the legendary singer will lead to another guest appearance on American Idol! Prince made a surprise appearance on the Season 5 Idol finale. He was fantastic.

Check out the lyric video for “Screwdriver” below.

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  • No Thanks

    Go ahead Prince!  He’s going back to his very early music style.  Pre- Purple Rain.  More like the “When U Were Mine” era.

  • ptslittlecomment

    I like!

  • DaisyMagnolia

    LOVE IT!  I agree that this sounds like his pre-Purple Rain era, but very contemporary.  Almost vintage Prince with a dash of Bruno Mars.  It’s easy to forget that Prince was the little big man in pop music 30 years before Bruno hit the scene.

    And he’s still a bit naughty.  Me likey!  Thanks for sharing!

  • hillstreetblooz

    Love everything Prince puts out… Like w/Mariah, stan for life – was stanning for him before she came on the scene… He’s awesome.

  • Miz

    I’m afraid to say this, but his voice sounds shot. Otherwise, catchy beat and lyrics.

    I’ve always liked Prince’s music. I’m disappointed.

  • justmefornow

    Wow, that’s bad.  Turned it off less than a minute in.
    Juvenile pop sung with a scratchy chipmunk-like voice. I’m definitely not his target audience, lol.

  • MyDailyComment

    Now I know how the american idol judges feel when they don’t want to say anything negative.  So I’ll say I liked the bright colors and the thickness of the letters..  

  • Li Wright

    Yes, I like it….it’s a throwback to the Rolling Stones sound.

  • Leandro

    You know the world is doomed when even Prince starts to sound like a crap generic contemporary pop artist.

  • meyers77

    Kind of like it. Much better than the pop crap out there now. 

  • David Facenfield

    very current… in a retro late 70’s & early 80’s funk/rock/soul kinda way… I like it

  • sdmama

    I used to pinch my nose at Prince, until I became deeply respectful for his integrity and what he has done to music. Some songs, I grew to love them. 
    This one, yes, retro. Whoever said Rolling Stone, spot on. I cannot tell if it is masterpiece or not. But it made me get up and dance! I liked it a lot more than so called dance music today.