Party Post Featuring Jordin Sparks, Cory Monteith, Megan Hilty, Casey Abrams & MORE (Photos)

Party post! Too many party photos to post in headlines, so I’m pulling them out into a separate post.

We have Glee and Smash stars at the Glaad Media Awards in New York City last night, Glee and X Factor stars performing at Perez Hilton’s birthday party (a fundraiser for VH1 Save the Music), An Idol and her boo at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight night and an Idol or two appearing at a private function.

Glee stars Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera co-hosted the Glaad Media Awards in NYC last night. Smash star, Megan Hilty was in the audience and bid $5,000 to kiss Cory Montieth! She won. Dancing with the Stars won Best Reality Show. See the full winners list here.  (Click on thumbs for larger images)

Perez Hilton threw a birthday party for himself in Hollywood last night to benefit Vh1 Save the MusicX Factor alum, Chris Rene and Glee stars Samuel Larsen and Amber Riley performed.  (The Backstreet Boys reportedly caused a riot when they took the stage.)  Photos courtesy of Lindsey Parker of Yahoo Music (@LindseyParker).  The theme was “Mad Hatters”. All attendees were required to wear a hat.   Over 22K was raised for Save the Music.

Chris Rene sings “Young Homie”

Amber Riley sings “Bust Your Windows”

Samuel Larsen sang “Sex on Fire”

Jordin Sparks and her boyfriend, Jason Derulo were spotted at the Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix, AZ.

Last but not least, American Idol music director, Michael Orland,  attended a private function last night with a slew of Idols, including Katie Stevens and Casey Abrams.  Michael played the music while Casey and Katie performed.  Casey sang “Harder to Breathe” and “Your Song”! (Via @michaelorland)



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  • Anonymous

    Jordin and Jason Derulo  seemed to hang out with Tom Hanks and his wife alot the past 2 nights.One pic was posted here yesterday . In another one he seemed to make an Idol joke .Also another from last night.

    March 24, 2012

    Jasonderulo, Jordin Sparks, Hanx, and Rita Wilson. Guess who gets voted off. Hanx!

    March 25, 2012
    @tom hanks @JordinSparks @jasonderulo with jordin’s mom and a dolce and Gabbana fragrant gentleman

  • Anonymous

    Jordin and Megan both look great!

  • Axxxel

    awww Amber Riley sang the song after her Glee character’s heart was broken by “the gay guy” !!

    When Smash and Glee smooch… what will we get… Smeel ? Gleesh ? Or Cory Monteith having a guest star role in Smash and Megan Hilty having a guest role on Glee ?

  • Anonymous

    I love how supportive Michael Orland continues to be to all contestants post idol. It would be a shame if the show were to ever lose him.

  • Anonymous

    Lot of parties last night. Why was I sitting home? LOL All the ladies pictured above look absolutely beautiful. Can’t get over how grown up Jordan looks.

    Michael Orland said Casey did some other songs of his own as well at the event. Wonder if any of them are from his upcoming cd. He has put up a few you tubes with just snippets of songs.  His writing seems very versatile–I’ve heard jazzy, folky, pop and the latest one is a reggae type song. They are all very good–he can really write melody. However, you can def hear the jazzy chord influence in all of them–which is awesome

    Here is the latest one

  • merkureye

    I hope S9 Katie Stevens’ career takes off.  I saw her on Idol Hangover doing a post-elimination interview with Shannon Magrane and then on the couch talking to Halperin.  She has a cute personality and seems mature way beyond her 19 years (in a self-awareness kind of way). 

    Went back on YT to see her performances.  Her voice has a rich texture and resonance that I believe is really marketable.  I particularly liked her cover of Fergie’s Big Girls Dont’ Cry.  It wasn’t perfect but her stage presence and vocal quality was impeccable IMO.  She was better talent than 8th place. Oh well, looks like things are going good for her anyway. 

    Sometimes I wonder if these kids are trying out for Idol too early in the development of their talent.  Once you go to the voting rounds you’re finished.  I can’t help but think that if Shannon (16) and Katie (17) had waited they would have fared better.  I guess the counter argument to my point is Jessica Sanchez.  That girl has superstar written all over her.  Voice, presence, style, beauty, maturity, it seems JS has it all.

  • raya

    I haven’t watched any of Katie’s recent videos, but I never thought she was as bad as she was often made out to be in S9. I think she’s another one that got caught up in all the conflicting advice she was getting from the judges and etc. and could never really win for trying so to speak.  But she seems to be working hard post Idol to make things happen.

    It’s an interesting point in that I agree with you in the sense that often we get these teens on the show who are immensely talented, but seemingly are not quite ready for the show in terms of their own development.  You’ve got the Shannon and Katie types, and also likely DeAndre even though he’s still currently on the show–but it’s hard to make the point across the board about the age limit being too low when you get folks like Jessica, Allison, Archie & Scotty, who seem to be just fine at such a young age.

  • Anonymous

     There are some types like Scotty, Jessica, Jordin, David, Allison, and Paris who didn’t need to wait. I think those contestants make a good argument of why the age limit doesn’t need to be raised. When you are ready, you are ready.

  • Axxxel

    I guess it depends on the person as well.. Remember Allison Iraheta (Season 8 American Idol), she was really doing fine for a 16 year old. Me personally, I would be a trainwreck if I join such a reality show at such young age.

  • Anonymous

    Jordin Sparks went to a charity even with her boyfriend AND her mom?? I don’t get it.

    I read elsewhere that Megan Hilty stood in for the person who won the kiss. Apparently, that person just wanted to contribute. (I think Corey, Megan, and GLaAD all made out pretty well.)

  • Anonymous

    Re: the age debate–experience helps but super talented people just persevere and medium talented people start to fall apart or perform inconsistently. I don’t think that the age of the contestant matters very much if that contestant is super talented.

  • SharonA

    Michael Johns was also at Celebrity Fight Night and performed with Rita Wilson.

    Also, he performed with Jordin at the Founder’s Club Dinner on the 23rd. From Twitter pic posted by Nancy Lieberman


    Jordin Sparks n Michael johns singing!/NancyLieberman/status/183407225488936961/photo/1

  • Tera2

     I wonder what song Katie Stevens sang at the function.  It only mention what Casey sang.  Anyway I like Katie too and she was my favorite to win season 9.  He voice is similar to Christina Aguilera and her style is Pop and R&B and I felt she would have been more marketable than Lee and Crystal if people just voted for her.  I think she would have done better than those 2 if she won or second.  I like Shannon too and she’s one of my favorites this season.  She has potential but like Katie some fans have issues with her for some reason, or think they don’t need much help cause they don’t come from poor families.  I hope both can still get a career going out of this.  They are still young. 

    I like Jordin Sparks too.  She’s one of the idols who can be on mainstream pop charts and still make some hits.  I hope she gets to do that with her next CD.