Movember – Show Us Your ‘Stache!

I am NOT a fan of facial hair. Many a male contestant has received a scathing review from me of their unfortunate facial hair choices. But, every November, I now make an exception. That is because November has become known in many parts of the world as “Movember” – the month when men grow mustaches, the more ridiculous the better.

The Movember movement started in Melbourne, Australia back in 2004 and has now spread world-wide. It’s aim is to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer – to take the discussion from squeamish whispered conversations to something people can just talk about. “Why are you growing that ridiculous thing on your face?” “Well, I’m glad you asked…”. Plus, I think guys secretly enjoy the ability to grow goofy facial hair every once in a while.

So, to celebrate Movember, I thought we’d take the opportunity to post pictures of our favourite contestants sporting everything from full-beards to tiny mustaches. As far as I know, no Idol or other reality contestant has supported the cause, but many have given me cause to mock them. So please scour the net for pictures of Idols/Voice/XFactorers with whatever facial hair they can muster and post them for others to either admire or chuckle. Let’s see if we how many contestants we can get – male and female (and yes, photoshop if you must).

To start us off, here is a small collection of Idols:

Some regularly decorate with lots of facial hair (Casey Abrams):

Some have dabbled in the past (Taylor Hicks)

Some seem to have forgotten to shave (Kris Allen)

And some just want to join the fun (David Archuleta and Joshua Ledet)

For those wanting more information about the Movember movement, here is a link to their US website.


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  • tomr

    Important that we raise awareness about all health issues (men & women) in whatever way that we can.  Thank you. MJ.

  • Liteasy

    Casey James’ and his band are also supporting this for St. Jude’s Hospital.

  • curly_yenta

    Tweet from @ballysvegas:
    You’re used to seeing our headliner Taylor Hicks with gray hair, but with a purple mustache, too? This is how we do Movember in Vegas!

  • tripp_ncwy

    The photo of Kris above was in support of music education for Donorschoose and Music Empowers .

  • Shoriagirl

    Prostate, right? 

  • Miz

    Yes, Kris didn’t forget to shave. He actually grew that last November … just for a different cause.

  • hellomusicgirl

    LOL this post is awesome, Kirsten! Movember is such a cool idea to raise awareness. Now I totally need to dig up some facial hair pics of my favorite Idols. I’ve definitely got a few saved… ;)

  • Niall

    Ace Young grew a full beard last November and it was for Movember.

    I think Justin Guarini is participating this year.

    Edited: nope, Justin isn’t. For some reason I thought he was; must have been someone else.

  • hellomusicgirl

    Who remember’s Mr. Cook’s rather unfortunate chin…thing?? LOL Cookie <3

    I vastly prefer this option Hello sir. You can support Movember like that year 'round and I'd be A-OK with it.

  • Larc

    That’s the first pic I’ve seen of Taylor where he doesn’t look like Grandpa Hicks.

  • chillj

    And to think, I just thought everyone was misspelling November.

  • James M.

    Movember is a really ****ty name for such a glorious month. Honestly, it’s sounds more like “moving out month” than “moustache month”.

    Also, for the most part, mustaches (with no other facial hair) make guys look like child molesters IMO. It has to be done right, and it almost never is.

  • sagi

    Okay, now I know what Movember really means! I just assumed it was the fact that a lot of men don’t shave in November for deer hunting! My 15yr. old son calls it No Shave November and has let his peach fuzz go wild this month! :D He did bag his first deer this year, btw.

  • http://MJO judes

    I’m proud to say that Movember started in Australia a few years ago & now it has caught on around the world . My son is growing a ‘mo” to raise money for this. [ not a sleazy one -just a normal straight across one]A very worthwhile cause as men need to be made aware of their health & alerted to anything they can do to improve it.
    Thanks Kirsten for the thread.

  • martin3939

    That Hicks guy was one hot, sexy dude and he still is. Hes been rockin a little scruff lately.  Great cause!

  • curly_yenta

    Couldn’t agree more!