Matt Giraud – Interview and Performance – Eight West (Update: Plus Live At River City Studios)

Matt Giraud sits for an interview and sings “Miss You Tonight” at the WOOD 8 studios.

On Saturday, he performs at the Rockford Fine Arts Auditorium in Rockford Michigan. More information HERE.

Watch after the jump.

UPDATE: Also, Live at River City Studios, including performances of “4am”, “Brand New Day”, “I’ll See You In A Little While” and “Baby Girl”. High Quality Video!

  • Watch Live at River City Studios HERE.

Video after the JUMP…

WOOD 8 West

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  • hazuki

    Heres the River City Studios video with 4 more originals
    -Brand New Day
    -I’ll See You In A Little While
    -Baby Girl

    Baby Girl & I’ll See You In A Little While are my favorites, can’t wait for an official studio recording of those and others.

  • csprof

    I want to watch these but can’t at work!

  • cranberry

    Wow that River City Studios video is amazing! Go Matt!

  • hazuki

    BTW Matt hits top 20 on the Mediabase charts.

  • tierbee

    Just love him. He sounds great!

  • Q3

    I have just one question — why isn’t Matt signed!?! With a modest budget and a great A&R partner, he could put out a really solid album and make someone some money. Maybe Randy wants to try it again?

  • tessa

    OMG, I can’t wait to see this!!!!!! Matt’s always ahhh-maaaa-zzzing!

  • csprof

    Q3, I think up until recently Matt has been following his own creative direction and waiting until he had the material together to present to a label. I had the impression that he might have avoided some post-Idol rush opportunities where he wouldn’t have had that control, but who knows what really happened. And it may be hard now with a CD of material and several songs already produced to find a willing label, especially given the challenges so many AI alum are having selling CDs. On the other hand, he doesn’t need a lot of the artist development, writing support, studio costs, etc. assuming he finds a label that likes what he has done.

    What do you think he should be doing now that he has a lot of great material and at least moderate radio success? He is totally ready to put something out, promote it, tour, etc., and just needs the right opportunity.

  • poster

    I think Matt could potentially have a hit on his hands with “Miss You Tonight.” That sounds very radio-friendly. Maybe it’s a good thing that he waited a year (+) before putting his first single out there. In today’s music climate, it’s not necessarily such a bad thing to distance yourself from Idol. Plus, Matt understands he’s gotta pay his dues, which he’s been doing. I respect that.

  • KG

    Wow! After watching Matt’s River City Studio performances I am in total awe. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful vocals…just raw emotional talent that I haven’t seen in a long time. I would pay good money to see him perform over many of the current artists today. I certainly hope more people will know the name Matt Giraud in the months and years to come because this guy has definitely got “it”. Phenomenal talent!

  • crys

    WOW! My jaw dropped watching the River City Studio performances. I’m so happy for Matt for getting such great exposure. & I’m very pleased w/ the production quality too! now onto the watch the original post. But if you haven’t yet watched the River City Studio vid. don’t skip it! Matt is phenomenal!

  • crys

    Okay. Loving “I Miss You Tonight”! What a great song!

  • csprof

    I finally got to see the River City studio recordings. Absolutely stunning! He sounds great, the camerawork draws you in, the band sounds great, the interview segments show his personality in a different light. Love this!

  • readon

    I am hoping that we have not seen the last of Matt. “Missing you” could be a hit. I would buy this. Good for you, Matt. I hope this get’s to see the light of day.

  • 3DoorsDownFan

    I’m not even sure what else to say about Matt because I have run out of adjectives to describe him. Incredible, amazing, or great no longer seem good enough! So much talent and passion in one man! See You In A Little While is such a beautiful song! I have always loved Brand New Day but wow the studio version blew me away! I have to admit 4 AM has not been one of my favorites but I really love the song now…it has evolved and just gotton better and better! Baby Girl is so much fun….Love it! I can’t wait until Matt finally releases a CD! I know it will be incredible!

  • tessa

    The River City video is incredible! It’s not enough to hear Matt sing. You have to see him play the piano to have whole experience. What a brilliant artist! I really hope 2011 will give Matt the opportunity to tour and be heard everywhere!

  • crys

    I completely agree. It’s so great to actually get to see a high quality production of Matt performing live. I love it!

  • Landmd

    Love the video’s! Matt sounded great, I want to buy those songs like now! Why is he still not signed, I just dont get it?

  • everything

    I have just one question — why isn’t Matt signed!?!

    I don’t think it’s due to a lack of effort. I remember a campaign by the Idols of Season 8 to get Matt Giraud signed. I think it’s hard to fit Matt and the type of music he does into a genre. And it probably doesn’t help that both Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver have already “parted ways” with their labels only after a year or so of being signed. But I do think the more time that goes by, he harder it will be for Matt to be signed. You got to strike while the iron is hot and Season 8 is already become a distant memory. If Matt had waited a year, he could have easily won Season 9 or at least been in the Top 2.

  • BashiB

    It took my crappy internet connection over an hour and a half to fully load that 23 minute River City video but boy, oh boy, was it ever worth every second! I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for a chance to hear studio versions of Matt’s originals so I’m thrilled this video surfaced! Professional quality – Matt looks and sounds absolutely terrific. ‘Brand New Day’ (my fav Matt original) is gorgeous. Hope Matt puts out an EP soon…I’d buy it in a heartbeat.