Mariah Carey Re-Ups Christmas (VIDEO)

American Idol judge, Mariah Carey, re-celebrates Christmas at home while listening to her own Christmas music (at full blast!).

That’s one way to deal with being home bound during a snow storm. She’s got a few V-Day decorations thrown in there for good measure.

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  • Deon Oxivar

    It’s a lamb thing ;)

  • Li Wright


  • abbysee

    That was the most fabulously ridiculous thing Evah! So somewhere in Connecticut they still selling xmas trees? Or did they do it just for Mimi, lol.

  • Niall

    That was funny. I guess if you’re Mariah Carey and you want to have a second Christmas, you can.

  • Miz

    That was incredibly annoying.

  • chillj

    Nice of the help to put all that together for her.

  • James M.

    Nice. You can really hear how different Mariah’s singing and speaking voices are in this one lol.

    And at a certain shot near the end, the fireplace is positioned just so perfectly that it looks like the Christmas tree is on fire.

    I love Christmas though so I liked this.

  • Damien Roberts

    I can completely imagine Mariah Carey being narcissistic to the point that she just sits around and listens to her own music.

  • Jake W.

    I know right. It reminds of those washed up celebs that try so hard to remain as youthful and relevant from the days they once were. ONly in this case, it comes across as desperate. 

  • Ratchet13

    It was a song she did with her mom. And, she’s said she’s proud of it because her mother was an aspiring singer that never made it. It’s better than rapping about stupid hoes

  • ShannonM

    Gotta say I am glad she is home and NOT driving, heh heh!!   Me thinks she imbibed just a bit in the process of her celebration….but of course she is legal to do so : )

  • Mari Bassig

    Someone has issues.