Mariah Carey and Manager Randy Jackson Part Ways

Mariah Carey has parted ways with her manager, fellow American Idol judge, Randy Jackson. According to FOX 411, she and Randy decided their schedules were “too hectic.”

The singer has signed with Red Light, the same outfit Steven Tyler has just joined (HE parted ways with Simon Fuller’s XIX).

In the meantime, Mimi is set to debut the new music video for her song “Beautiful” on the May 8 Top 3 performance show. The tune is co-written, sung and produced by R&B “it” boy, Miguel.

Via FOX 411

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  • Incipit

    Hmm, Manager’s Musical Chairs. No pun intended. So is this particular “part ways” immune from the usual speculation of ‘who dumped who’? And what this means for Idol next season? Is Randy in deep yoghurt with FOX if Mariah goes – or would Mariah leaving be a by-product of Season 12 bad vibes and not a catalyst for Randy to go?

    So much fodder, I mean food for thought. Heh. . And nothing will ever stop Randy from name dropping Mariah at every opportunity – he’ll just stick with past tense. *wink*

  • b_james

    Guess Mariah won’t be around next season. I’d actually like to see her stay.

  • Michael Bishop

    Perhaps she wanted a fresh start, she hasn’t been producing a lot of hits lately, sometimes a shakeup is needed. They look friendly on camera, so it seems to be amicable.

  • Pippygirl

    Me too. Maybe this means she will stay and Randy will go.
    *prays to the Idol gods*

  • Pat H

    LOL! That’s the best excuse they could come up with “Their schedules are too hectic!” Isn’t that a good thing for a manager and his client?!
    IMO, Randy screwed up major when he didn’t get a clause in her contract that she’d be the only female. Huge oversight! They probably assumed it, since Mariah was replacing Jennifer on a 3 person panel. But no good manager should assume anything.
    She probably said, “Hey, Randy! For me, for you, for me, it’s not working out!”

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Guess once she had consistent contact with Randy he bugged the hell out of her like he does with all of us viewers who’ve had to withstand his nonsensical rubbish. She probably couldn’t tolerate looking at him anymore. I can sympathise Mariah, but not to worry…just a couple more weeks and you can close this long, ugly chapter of your life known as season 12.

  • Miz

    This is a super interesting development. I wonder how much Mariah regrets agreeing to do Idol due to the Minaj feud. I’m sure she did it primarily as a favor to Randy.

  • Li Wright

    Randy has produced several of her albums, there’s no love lost, they’re still friends

  • mmb

    I’d think the 18 million favors idol did for her had a lot to do with it…

  • Ira

    A bonus, Randy’s commission on MC’s AI contract.

  • Shia Belle

    I’d love to see Mariah stay too next season, but I don’t think she wants too especially after all this unnecessary drama with Minaj, on top of that Nigel doesn’t like her for some reason (well he’s Minaj’s friend). Although she has improved her judging a LOT the last couple of weeks, I don’t think she’s comfortable with judging other people. Anyway, I’m glad she did it, because it has changed my mind about her. She is actually a very nice and caring person and I love that. Hopefully her new management team will do a great job ! I’m looking forward to this new song with Miguel, sounds good !!!

  • Laura Corn

    Maybe he talked her into doing the Idol gig and we all know how that turned out. Even 18 mil can’t make up for her poor performance or having to sit through the Nicki ordeal. Wonder if she is even speaking to him? Lols

  • Wissam Lakhal

    No matter what she does, she will just flop…AGAIN!!!!

  • Li Wright

    It’s interesting you state she’s not comfortable judging other people….because Jlo turned the seat down many times because she said she didn’t want to judge others….but I guess they finally dangled enough $$$….

  • Li Wright

    Of course she’s still friends with Randy. He’s her producer.

  • chillj

    Never sit beside your agent for too long.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    Mariah is too big a star to be on Idol

  • bobo

    awkward. LOL. I wonder how mad she was that he got her the gig on Idol and then they hire Nicki without telling her.

  • Valarie

    Does this mean Mariah won’t be back next season? She has really been improving lately, but I can certainly understand if she regrets signing on for the three ring circus that is Nicki.

  • Michael Bishop

    Honestly, say what you want about Mariah (I’m not a huge fan, but like some of her music), but she is MARIAH CAREY. She is too big for this. I think being on AI, alongside that walking mouth Nicki has tarnished her a bit.

  • Michael Bishop

    JLO was a disaster. Yes, she’s beautiful, but I wanted to just look at JLO I’d tape her picture next to my TV and watch real judges who can provide useful critiques. That is not Jenny from the block.

  • Li Wright

    Breaking: Mariah is going negotiating to sing live on the finale….hmmm….aren’t she and Jlo opponents? ….so are both women going to be on the finale? That should be interesting.

    And no Nicki Minaj rapping? WTH?

  • meloday

    Anyone think the leak that tptb wanted JLO to replace Mariah had anything to do with the break up? Maybe Mariah was trying to exit early and they tried to get JLO..? Then Mariah was so upset the news got out she was being replaced by JLO she fired Randy? Hmmmh?

  • Li Wright

    The latest word on that Jlo replacement: Jlo’s manager, Bennie Medina approached AI in behalf of Idol for NEXT season.

  • overthetop1

    Maybe that’s why they talked to Harry Connick?

  • Shia Belle

    Simon ? or Harry ?

  • Mafs95

    I’m enjoying Mariah a bit more in these last few weeks, but she’s not a good judge whatsoever. I kinda understand what she’s trying to tell the contestants, but she’s not straightforward and mumbles for too long. I guess she’d be a great mentor because some of her advice is actually great. I hope we get a completely different judge panel for next season (except Keith, he’s alright).

  • Pippygirl

    In my opinion Mariah is as good a judge as Idol has ever had. I mean which judge has been good? Randy has always been useless, Paula was loopy, Simon was funny and outspoken but could be quite mean. Then we had Kara….I won’t say any more than that.

    Steven Tyler? Phoned it in pretty much from day 1. JLo looked gorgeous but everybody gave her “goosies” and got a standing ovation from her.
    Mariah rambles but she has definitely gotten more concise lately. She isn’t mean and she seems to really care about the contestants. She is a great vocalist and has given some good feedback on the contestants’ vocals. Plus she carries around glitter to throw on people after they give a great performance! What else do we need in a judge?

  • springboard2

    There must be a conflict of interest with both of them being on Idol. Randy will be looking after his own position on the show, when he also has to take care of his client Mariah, and it’s likely that he can’t do both.

  • Karen C

    It is possible they became closer friends since working together on Idol than they were when Randy is just her manager, so it would be better if someone else managed her.

  • ladymctech

    and Harry or Justin Timberlake and Alanis Morrisette.

  • Lynn Di Resto

    Her and Nikki were the worst they ever had. Bring back Paula. Only 3 judges needed.

  • Mafs95

    From worst to best judge (in my opinion):

    1. Simon Cowell – He was mean a lot of times and clearly had his favourites, but he would be honest when a performance didn’t go right and he was actually like a push to some contestants to improve next week. I think that in the first season there was that thing of “I’m trying to impress Simon next week” that actually made those contestants fight more for their place in the competition.

    2. Keith Urban – He’s got a great ear and you can see how knowledgeable about music he is. He knows and appreciates a wide variety of music genres and you can see by his comments. Sometimes he’s a bit soft, but most times he actually gives some nice pieces of advice to the contestants an you can see he pays attention to the performance.

    3. Nicki Minaj – Here comes the controversie. I hate Nicki when she’s like “OMG I love your legs” or “I’m not buying that lipstick” and I hate her even more when she has her diva/child tantrums. However, those things are mostly off air, so it doesn’t affect that much how I see her as a judge. I LOVE her when she’s absolutely honest and straightforward in her commentaries. Plus, she’s quite funny sometimes (her “Nickinames” were absolutely adorable).

    4. Paula Abdul – She was a bit too softy and other times she was completely nuts and made no sense. But her presence in the panel brought a feeling of serenity and she would actually be honest when the performance didn’t connect or wasn’t good enough. She wasn’t great, but she wasn’t bad either.

    5. Mariah Carey – She rambles a lot and doesn’t know how to say things directly. However, she gives great pieces advice sometimes and you can see that she truly cares about the contestants. The problem is that she doesn’t know how to express herself properly when she has to give an immediate reaction/critique to a performance. Like I said before, I believe she would be a great mentor.

    From now on, these are the judges I don’t/didn’t like (as judges, obviously because some of them seem like awesome people) and I don’t feel like commenting what I really feel about them. The last 3 are judges that I particularly didn’t enjoy at all!

    6. Ellen DeGeneres

    7. Steven Tyler

    8. Kara DioGuardi

    9. Randy Jackson

    10. Jennifer Lopez

  • ellen8

    I also have a different impression of Mariah – she has shown so much compassion to the contestants – like Paula did. But when I started appreciating her was when she was shared about tptb demanding more critique from her rather than just sweetness. Her honesty at that point showed that her compassion was genuine. And what’s wrong with one judge who empathizes with the contestants ? Most of them need some propping occasionally, and again, that’s what Paula did.