Listen to Chris Daughtry’s Def Leppard Cover “Photograph”

The Chris Daughtry Def Leppard cover, “Photograph” from Santana’s new album, Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time is streaming now at Amazon. Nice cover. I forgot how anthemic that chorus is.

The album will be available everywhere September 21.

  • You can listen to the entire album right here
  • Pre-order Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time right here
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  • OhMyRawrrr

    He sounds pretty good when he gets up into the higher notes, but I have such a bias towards Joe Elliott <33333, not to mention that this is probably my all time favorite song, that I can only give him a "B" :D

  • gferna

    OMG. Give me a break… Is this a joke or what?

  • suenigma

    Hmmmm. Love Daughtry, love Photograph, but I don’t love, love, love this cover. It’s nice, but I’m not sure that it adds anything to the original. It seems, I don’t now, a bit poppy? It will probably grow on me. Have only heard a couple of the songs so far, but I think that this album is going to be a monster. There is such an appetite out there for good rock, and so little product. I’m loving Whole Lotta Love!!

  • adamland

    Just no. This is Joe Elliott’s song and Chris Daughtry can’t do it justice. Nope sorry, C+ is the best I can give.

  • suenigma

    IMO the best tracks are Whole Lotta Love (outstanding guitar work & Chris is in great voice), While my Guitar Gently Weeps (lovely, delicately handled), Sunshine of Your Love (love the Latin flair, Rob + Sanatana = win), and Little Wing (how does Joe Cocker still sound so awesome? Shouldn’t he be dead by now?). There are a few abominations, namely Back in Black (I thought I would hate Nas, but it is the chick that RUINS it)and Riders on the Storm (Dear Gawd, it is awful – think he was going for ethereal, but he just sounds insipid, to me).

    Unfortunately the site is not streaming Dance the Night Away – featuring Pat Monahan (Van Halen) or Fortunate Son – featuring Scott Stapp (Creedence Clearwater Revival)right now. Fortunate Son is the one I am most afraid of listening to, because I love CCR so freaking much, and I know I will be thinking, What If? What if they had actually had the balls to let Cook sing it? Cookie could out-sing and out-Creed Scott Stapp any day of the week. LOL

  • springboard

    After listening to the tracks from Amazon, I am not keen on the album as a whole, not a patch on the originals. There are also excellent covers around, but those are not great, sorry Chris Daughtry, Cornell and all the greats that have contributed.

  • pgc5368

    I am a huge Santana fan and a Chris Daughtry fan. I love Daughtry’s cover and will be purchasing the CD as soon as it is out. This is a really awesome opportunity for Chris. He is my second favorite idol of all time and I am glad that he is doing so well.

  • offside

    I think Chris did a good job.I didn’t care for Sunshine of Your Love; I’m a huge Jack Bruce fan and Rob Thomas was just meh for me. I also liked While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I didn’t think I would because Harrison is sacred to me as well, but I did !For anyone else who may love the song, check out what George Martin did with it
    for Cirque du Soleil’s Vegas Beatles tribute, Love. ( I hope that’s not too OT to write.)I Love Santana; always have.

  • OhMyRawrrr

    09/08/2010 at 2:04 am
    Just no. This is Joe Elliott’s song and Chris Daughtry can’t do it justice. Nope sorry, C+ is the best I can give.

    I was trying to be nice and positive, but yeah, this IS Joe Elliott’s song! It’s just that it didn’t sound very good as the song started, and then it got better when he went higher – so by comparison to the beginning it sounded good?
    Chris Cornell sounded great on Whole Lotta Love, but I had to shut Back in Black off – must we have rap interludes even on rock classics? Really?

  • jpfan

    MJ posted that Santana and Chris will be doing this on Dancing With The Stars. Interesting.