Kree Harrison Hometown Visit – Woodville, Texas (VIDEO, PHOTOS) (UPDATED)

Kree Harrison’s trip back to Woodville, Texas involved everything from a crawfish boil with her family and hometown mayor Ben Bythewood to a trip back to her childhood home with her sister to a surprise performance at the Tyler County Rodeo from the bed of a pickup truck to a hometown parade to a sold out evening concert at Ford Park in nearby Beaumont, Texas. Check out pictures and video from Kree’s hometown visit!

This post will update as more pictures, video, and reports come in.

Concert at Ford Park: Kree was accompanied by Misa Arriaga, who flew in after a Friday gig in New York City on The Late Show With David Letterman with Kree’s close friend Kacey Musgraves, whom he regularly accompanies on guitar and background vocals. This concert sold out quickly when tickets were made available Friday. Check out some Vine videos from Kree’s friend Natalie Osborne (who surprised Kree at the rodeo), which attest to the enthusiasm of the crowd as Kree took the stage: Vine 1 Vine 2

Kree’s set list at her evening concert at Ford Park via @KreeFans:

  • “With A Little Help From My Friends”
  • “Don’t Play That Song”
  • “Up To The Mountain”
  • “Evidence”
  • “See You Again”

UPDATE: Closer-up video of “See You Again” via MrFlamingLyrics:

“See You Again” via hollyschnell75 – Kree choked up with emotion, but got through the song!

“Up To The Mountain” via James Blackshear

“With A Little Help From My Friends” via Ashley Jackson

Kree posted this photo of the crowd at her concert this evening with the following message:

Unbelievable. I’m still speechless and emotional from the love i felt today. I love all you! I will continue to try and make you proud! Xo

Kree interview with the Beaumont Enterprise. She wrote her first song at the age of 14, and it was called “Bring Me Sunshine.” More pictures & press conference quotes via the Port Arthur News (thanks Amy Manuel).

Full VIDEO of Kree’s hometown press conference via sitemistic

The Beaumont Enterprise has several pictures from Kree’s Tyler County Rodeo stop, as well as a lot of pictures from Kree’s homecoming parade.

12 News Now coverage:

12 News KBMT and K-JAC. News, Weather and Sports for SE Texas

KFDM (local CBS affiliate) news story link with video: link,with footage of Kree singing “See You Again” at the Tyler County Rodeo and covering her homecoming parade.

KTRE (local ABC affiliate) news story: | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Kree rides a mechanical bull at the Tyler County Rodeo. Photo credit Jose Enriquez via Twitter via the Beaumont Enterprise

Homecoming Parade via cadeluke

More homecoming parade footage via Warren Schenck

Kree speaks to the crowd during her homecoming parade, via April Perkins

Here is a set of pictures via @KreesKrew of Kree visiting the home where she grew up with her sister Laci Bruce.

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  • musiclvr135

    So happy for Kree! The parade looked like so much fun. I’m also happy she sung ‘Don’t Play That Song.’ I think that was one of her best performances, and I hope she gets to reprise that this week/next…

  • mtthew

    do we know the “judge’s choice” song yet? isn’t that usually revealed at their homecomings?

  • steve2013

    Love Kree she has to win

  • Amy Manuel

    Loved seeing all the pictures & videos of Kree’s hometown visit. She sounded amazing in the videos of her concert and the crowd was going nuts. Yay!! Kree is my favorite this season & I want her to win but I still think she’ll have a great career even if she doesn’t win.

  • Amy Manuel

    Local news article & some great quality pictures from today :

  • lollamape

    Go Kree!

  • Bazzle

    I think her best performance was Evidence it was a slightly different instrumentation to the Tedeschi version and added vocal runs…. almost turned country alternative rock sorta… it wasn’t even a performance night. She really needs to do one of those upbeat southern blues/rock songs… if she wants to make the finals. It has to be drastic at this point….

  • John S

    Looks like a great crowd!

  • girlygirl

    from what I remember, they don’t reveal them until they the footage from the homecoming on Idol. But of course, someone could get the scoop and leak the info.

  • girlygirl

    Looks like a nice crowd. Didn’t watch all the vids but she sounded good on the couple I looked at.

  • John S

    KACEY MUSGRAVES ?@KaceyMusgraves So so SO proud of the angel that is Kree Harrison and her homecoming show today. There is no soul more deserving of such love. @KreeAI12


  • macfae

    Wow ! Great crowd and enthusiasm for Kree. And I was concerned that she wouldn’t have a big turn out with it being such a small town. Texans definitely support their people.
    I am excited for her and hope the visit gives her a boost of confidence and adrenalin
    …I would love to hear the full version of Evidence.

  • Kariann Hart

    Kree has friends in Nashville and Country Music. Even if she doesn’t win, I believe she’ll have a successful career. I’d love to see a Candice/Kree Finale!

  • macfae

    thanks for posting, Amy !… I enjoyed them all …she really looks happy.

  • Madilo

    wow huge crowd for Kree

  • HMc

    So happy for Kree ! I love her voice, still hoping that she wins this thing.

  • Madelon Laca

    Great homecoming reception! And she looked and sounded amazing! Go Kree :D

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    Kree seems so down to earth and real, I really hope she is very succesful, regardless of what happens on Idol

  • artemis112

    I’m glad she had such a big enthusiastic crowd. Her voice is so gorgeous; she’s been my favorite all season.

  • lollamape

    Waow.. Such a heartbreaking pictures of Kree and her sister when they’re visiting their childhood home. Their all memories with their late parents are in there.. *tears*

    Okay after saw those, she really needs to sing ‘the house that built me’ by Miranda Lambert. That would be sensational.

  • steve2013

    I hope someone got all the songs really wanna see evidence

  • CB40

    Kree is just so gifted — she has that natural warmth and has endured so much. LOVE this crowd!

  • Pat H

    Wow! Unless Idol chooses to edit this badly (and they might,) Kree will shine in her hometown visit. It really showcases her personality!

  • tati83

    Kree’s crowd looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Miz

    I thought they usually did that at an event (usually outside an AT&T store) outdoors with people and local news all around.

  • Miz

    Really looks like Kree had a dynamite homecoming. I’m looking forward to it. I really like this girl.

  • SaSa8

    I didn’t realize until reading the news article posted below that Kree has not lived in Texas for over 12 years. I knew she now lived in Nashville but guess I thought she had moved there just a couple of years ago.

  • Amy Manuel

    Kree’s family moved to Nashville when she was 10 so she could purse her music. Then she tragically lost her dad at the age of 12 and then her mom at 17. Her sister Laci lives in Nashville with Kree but most of her family still lives in southeast Texas.

  • CB40

    Last year they received texts while in their limos / travel cars as to not spoil it.

  • macfae

    the interview is long but so worth it ( I just got the audio though )
    I feel as if I almost know her now.. So warm and at ease with the crowd, I love that she answered so many questions from children…so thoughtful
    She may have been in Nashville for a long time but it looks as if Texas is still home to her….” I’ve been homesick for 13 years” …sweet

  • chili1000

    I planned on only listening to the first few minutes of her press conference but just couldn’t stop. Kree is very humble and down to earth, and easily deflects the praise heaped upon her to those around her. She is a NATURAL in the public arena. Favorite parts:

    1) Questioner asks Kree when was the last time she had a good home cooked meal. Kree’s response: If you’re offering I’ll take it.

    2) Young girl asks Kree who her favorite judge is. After skillfully deflecting the question, she asks the girl who her favorite judge is. The girl says Nicki is her favorite and Kree promises to pass it on.

    3) Kree asks: Anyone going to the parade? I’ll be there.

  • Damien Roberts

    I’m really rooting for Kree, I think Candice has been more consistent, but Kree has really captured my interest.

  • Connie Stamley

    Thou not a country fan, I really love her voice and chill personality. I agree with what Mariah said about not faking her performance style. It certainly hasn’t hurt Adele. Or Carrie when she was on idol. She seems so genuine. I think her biggest problem is not knowing what to do with her arms. Playing her guitar would solve that problem. I’ll be okay with Candice winning. But I really want a Kree and Candice finale But I’m afraid that it might not happen. I hope they don’t bus her or any of them for that matter.