Jessica Sanchez Single in February, Album in Spring to Coincide with Glee Gig

The fans of American Idol runner up, Jessica Sanchez, have been waiting patiently for her post-Idol album release, and it looks like the wait won’t be much longer.

“I’ve been working on my album since the ‘Idol’ tour and I just finished it up,” Jessica told MTV News at the American Idol premiere in Los Angeles last week.

The singer is preparing to drop her long-awaited debut single in February. She won’t reveal the song title, but it is expected to feature a duet with singer/producer/songwriter extraordinaire, Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo is joined by Toby Gad (One Direction, Kelly Clarkson), Harvey Mason Jr. (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake) and Rykeyz (Wiz Khalifa, Fantasia) on the album, which is due in the spring.

“I wanted to make it perfect for the fans,” Jessica says of the long wait (by Idol standards) to get the record out, “I’ve worked in the studio before, but going to that next level with such high producers? It was crazy … working with Ne-Yo. Everything was such a blur and I was just a fangirl the whole time.”

“We wanted to develop her into an artist with longevity, and wanted her to put out a product that truly showcased her as the artist she wants to be and we wanted to take the time to make it perfect,” Jason Morey, a 19 record exec, told MTV, “She is truly a world class singer and we wanted to put her with the biggest producers and writers in the business … She literally blew everyone away in the studio with her talent and as she began working, more opportunities arose for her to work with different people.”

“It’s me, soulful, but more dancey,” Jessica said. “It’s all completely me. And I’m excited about all of it.” Even before she auditioned for American Idol, Jessica knew the kind of artist she wanted to be. Her goal was for the 17 completed tracks to sound  different from anything currently on the radio. “This is completely who I am and I’m excited to show it to everybody,” she said.

Morely described the record as as an upbeat, mainstream pop disc with an R&B edge. He’s confident that Jessica could land a rare Idol Top 40 hit.

The timing of the record release will also be co-ordinated with a huge gig–Jessica’s upcoming 4 episode arc on Glee.  The singer reveals that co-creator, Ryan Murphy called her people just a few weeks after the American Idol finale to invite her to a meeting, which lead to being cast in a guest starring role. She’s been taking acting classes and does not know exactly what role she will be playing.

On February 14, Jessica will be headlining a concert in the Philippines with Colton Dixon in front of 15, 000 fans. “There might be a sneak peek of some songs [from the album],” she said. “Some ‘Idol’ songs, some covers.”


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  • jdanton2

    Excited for the new music from Jessica  and the acting gig on Glee. . I am a big Ne Yo fan as well  so i am really looking forward to that duet.

  • anonoymous

    Glad to hear the news and best of luck Jessica! You got a load of talent and potential!

  • Jenny Williams

    Gosh, finally some good news about the album/Single release date. I’m a little worried that by pushing it back to May she may lose a little steam. Kind of like what happened to Haley Reinhart. I just hope Interscope/19 are invested in her enough to spend money on Marketing her like they did for PP.

    I hope having Ne-Yo on the debut single will make Radio PDs more willing to play her single.

    I liked what Jason Morey said about their plans for her “We wanted to develop her into an artist with longevity, and wanted her
    to put out a product that truly showcased her as the artist she wants to
    be and we wanted to take the time to make it perfect,” Somewhat gives me a little more peace and removes a few doubts about Interscope/19 not having a clue.

    Lets just keep our fingers crossed for good promo.

  • sweetmm

    Great scheduling move by her Management :)

  • girlygirltoo

    Interesting to do a duet as a first single. Looks like her management and label have a good plan in terms of having the single and album releases coincide with Idol and her stint on Glee

  • Tinawina

    Good luck to Jessica! NeYo is one of my favs, so I can’t wait to hear this. :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Unfortunately, I think that Jessica has already lost a lot of momentum from Idol. The Glee appearance may help to recapture some of that, but I fear that her window of optimal opportunity has long since passed. I hope not, and wish her the best of luck.

  • No Thanks

    When I hear “spring”, I think April for her Glee arc.  Maybe her arc starts April and leads up to May and then an album drop?

    That sounds about right.  Drop a single in February, get it a 3 month build up on the radio before dropping the album.  That’s how most labels do it.


    And I hope they have her related to Blaine on Glee.  I still want her first scene to be her singing this:  Putting everyone on notice.

  • Eileen99

    Eeep Jessica with Ne-Yo should be awesome.  Really exciting news!

  • No Thanks

    Might be intentional.  To get people to forget the Muzak version of Jessica they turned her into on the show.  I’m hoping Miss Sassy Pants is back in full force.

  • jennyl2

    Eager tor heard her album and see her on Glee. I’m also glad she’s taking acting classes. Glee is still a TV show and most of the time, the acting is more important to audience than the singing. With the old cast graduating, if she hits a chord with the audience (like Alex), she may get a chance for a permanent role in Glee.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Congrats to Jessica…the contrast between this and the other thread with Tate is surprising.  I hope the promo surrounding the release does the trick.:))

  • Jenny Williams

    True. Which is kind of unfair to her and her fans. Which is why I hope they give her as much promo as they gave Phillip Phillips! In fact, if she even got 50% of the kind of exposure he got she’ll have a chance, and this may give her a better opportunity to find an audience outside the Idol bubble.

  • halo9125

    Clearly TPTB are concerned that she won’t get any radio play on her name alone- hence the duet as her first single. 

  • Axxxel

    Looking forward to Jessica on Glee.. Hope her character will interact with Marley, or Jake or Sam… As for Blaine… naah…just because the actor has filipino origins, it does not mean that they have to interact… unless they are addressing Blaine’s Eurasian origins and give Blaine an Asian mother..

  • No Thanks

    That’s how you do it.  The list is endless of now big name artists who debuted the same way.  Nicki Minaj, Drake, Destiny’s Child, Justin Bieber to name a few.

  • Jenny Williams

     Her character would be great as Santana’s Sister!

  • Eilonwy

    Duet with Ne-Yo? Excellent. Dueting or “featuring” with established artists is how R&B artists are developed these days. I am very pleased to see Interscope handling it that way, rather than throwing a teen-pop single out there. They be tellin’ truth about trying to develop Sanchez long term.

  • Axxxel

    isn’t Glee shown after American Idol ? I guess Jessica will get a guest spot on American Idol as well.. It is a risk though…if there is someone on season 12 that is similar or even better than Jessica and all the attention will be on her/him instead on Jessica..Hope not…Keeping fingers crossed… who knows her single and album will do well during springbreak/ prom season/summer holidays…

  • Axxxel

    I prefer her to hit on Chord (overstreet)… sorry couldn’t help it  LOL…

  • shell29

    Can’t wait to hear new music from Jessica-the collaborations sound promising!

  • Axxxel

    Great idea ! Then she could be in the New York part of Glee (if Santana is heading for New York)… Dream dream…

  • Bug Menot

    “soulful, but more dancey”

    Odds are this music is not going to be to my liking.

  • Aaron

    Kinda reminded me when Jordin Sparks did a collab with Chris Brown.

  • No Thanks

     EXACTLY!  “No Air” was a massive hit too.

  • raya

    I’d argue it’s a smart move.  How many idol alums get ample radio play just based on their own names, not named Kelly or Carrie anyway?  This article actually makes me more excited and I, maybe foolishly, think Interscope is going to do right by Jessica. 

    If Interscope is really intent on breaking Jessica in as a new artist then a smart way to do just that is hook her up in a collaboration with a super hot artist. PD’s will likely pay more attention and give her some spins.  Non idol fans will perhaps give her a chance since she won’t be seen as just another Idol also ran.  I don’t know if it will help Jessica sell albums, but it might help her sell singles and get people interested.

  • Tinawina

    Oh history says releasing this late is the kiss of death as far as Idol fan sales, if she’s lucky she’ll pull Gokey numbers opening week. She has to rely on the strength of her singles in the marketplace. That’s a given. So I’m glad she’s getting a collab and I hope the song is hot. She’s in a slightly better position than a complete unknown, and that’s still something others would kill for. So good luck to her! I like the girl and wish her well. She can sing her ass off. :)

  • abbysee


  • H.A.

    Jessica and Ne-Yo? You go girl!! I can’t wait.

  • Aaron

    Well there’s Jett Hermano, but Jessica is prettier and has a better voice than her. 

  • girlygirltoo

    It wasn’t Jordin’s debut single, though. People already knew Jordin from her own original music.

  • J

    This is all great news! I loved Jessica on AI and I think, based on the album description, I will love this version of Jessica even more.

    Can’t wait to hear all her songs!

  • No Thanks

    Not really. “Tattoo” wasn’t exactly a mega hit. “No Air” put her over the top and helped kick start initially sluggish sales.

  • No Thanks

    It sounds like they’re treating her as a regular new artist and not simply an Idol alumni.  They probably realize the typical Idol audience isn’t going to line up for R&B leaning Top 40 music.  That’s not the crowd they’re aiming for.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    That’s kinda scary her saying “It’s completely me”- I think every single Idol has said that when they have put out their record and if it tanks, they then say “The first record wasn’t me at all!” DeGarmo, Lewis, Bice, etc.

  • Axxxel

    thanks for the tip…

  • Aaron

    I always thought Battlefield was Jordin’s biggest hit. I remember hearing that song all the time on the radio. 

  • CB40

    Tell that to Haley and her bob collab that didn’t get released as a single before she got dropped.

  • Axxxel

    Comparing this thread and the one of Tate… In Jessica’s case it is called synergy… of Jessica fans, Neyo fans and Glee fans (like me)… also looking forward to the promo around Jessica.

  • Aaron

    First of all, Neyo is more well-known than B.o.B. Second of all, Haley is really niche. Jessica’s type of music is what plays more on the radio nowadays.

  • No Thanks

    Well, considering the B.O.B. collab never got released as a single, you can’t really use that as an example, can you?

    They plan on releasing the Ne-Yo collab to radio.  Ne-Yo is a proven hit maker.  It might help with some initial important radio adds like Z100 and KISS-LA.

  • Jenny Williams

    True. Her album went platinum, despite starting off with 120,000. 10th Spot. The No Air Duet really pushed her sales through the roof. Hope this duet can have a similar effect for Jessica.

  • Tommyo2000

    So happy for Jessica!!! … They are certainly handeling her different than any other Idol winner or runner up. I think Idol wants to create a young, fresh, female, star that appeals will help the show appeal to a younger hipper audience … They have that in Jessica and I think she will get a good push from Interscope, Idol and Glee … 

    Funny to say a seventeen year old worked their whole life for something, but she did and she is off to a great start ….  Best of luck!!!!

  • Lion's DENN

    …as well as of casual (and older) fans (like me) who appreciate true talent regardless of age, ethnicity or some such (irrelevant) factors or considerations. Jessica’s Valentine concert in Manila – which my group of not-so-young Jessica-converts plan on watching – should be a test to her drawing power. Filling up a 16K-capacity venue is a formidable task for a first-time concert artist, let alone for someone who has yet to release a record. And the tickets are not cheap! Hopefully, we’ll hear some of the songs in her album at the concert. :)

  • teacup

    Good news. I was having my doubts she would ever release an album.

  • ali_359921

     Even if she didn’t like some of the songs , She has to make people excited 4 the album. She should believe the first one who should promote the album is her.

  • maymay

    Vicci Martinez comes from The Voice. Her debut single Come Along has featured Cee Lo. Come Along does good on the HAC(#28) and AAA(#31) chart. It is #621 on the iTunes chart.

    I think the song quality is the most important. I am curious how Jessica`s debut single sounds.

  • ali_359921

    I think it is a clever move that the first single would be a deut with ” a proven hit maker – Ne-Yo .. ” . Jessica needs to start her career just like that.

    16 songs !!  I think I will like more than 10 songs .. and as usual
     ( Can’t wait 4 the album -_-‘ )

  • girlygirltoo

    According to wikipedia, Tattoo peaked at #8 on the BB Hot 100 and has sold more than2 million copies. That is a pretty big hit.

  • steph6449

    Glad to hear that Jessica has some definitive news on her music, I hadn’t realized quite how long it has been. 

    “Gokey numbers” for his debut album release were something like #3 or #4 album on Billboard, and peaking at #1 on iTunes. She could do a lot worse ;)

    I guess not much is happening with Joshua Ledet, seems a shame.

  • Liteasy

    It sounds to me that her record company knows she won’t sell on her own, so they get a big name star to duet with her.

  • H.A.

     Collaborations are what’s popular today. It’s smart for her to hook up with Ne-Yo. It will introduce her to a whole new audience. Jessica is known only to Idol fans and I don’t think this is the demo they want to target.

  • Jenny Williams

    And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. She’s young and incredibly talented but like most people, she needs a little push

  • Tinawina

    “Gokey numbers” for his debut album release were something like #3 or #4
    album on Billboard, and peaking at #1 on iTunes. She could do a lot
    worse ;)

    I know, that’s why I said she’d be lucky to get his numbers. :)

    Still, it’s not going to be a 100k+ debut like you get sometimes for a fall release. That was the underlying point. She’s releasing too late to get the huge album debut numbers. But if the stars align maybe she’ll do about what Gokey did, as that’s actually pretty decent in this situation.

    Frankly, I think even that is a stretch. The spring is a long time to wait. But if she manages a decent hit song that should be enough for her label to keep hope alive. Fingers crossed.

  • Taylor

    She won’t reveal the song title, but it is expected to
    feature a duet with singer/producer/songwriter extraordinaire, Ne-Yo.

    Good move!

    She’s been taking acting classes

    Smart girl!

  • sjames08

    In the R&B world, collabs do work best in terms of new artists. I know Bruno Mars isn’t really your typical R&B artist but he did collabs (Nothin On You, Billionaire) first before making it huge as a solo. And Jessica did say that she’s quite a female version of Bruno Mars.

  • Lion's DENN

    “And Jessica did say that she’s quite a female version of Bruno Mars.”…Perhaps in the sense that they are both half-Filipino and half-Latino.

  • zaclona77

    Her goal was… ….to sound  different from anything currently on the radio”

    *headdesk* *groan* *facepalm*

    …God help me, but I can’t hear those words anymore…. Nothing against Mrs. Sanches personally, but didn’t every special Idol snowflake claim the same so far?
    Just go and make the goddamn album because you can not live without making music and then go and make me believe it, but please back off from these kinds of statements. If a new single from JT does not sound different than anything currently on the radio then nothing probably ever will, especially not a single from an Idol. *my two cents*

  • ali_359921

     Jessica didn’t say that or that what I believe . The writer made that assumption from the interview + He didn’t quote ” ……… ” .

  • Jenny Williams

    Since we’re talking Jessica, I should mention that she was involved in a short but interesting exchange with Adam Shankman ( ) on twitter regarding The ‘Miss Saigon’ movie! She has been rumored to be in contention for the role of Miss Saigon in the past.

    Jessica : @adammshankman hey, lets do miss saigon lol ;)

    Adam : “@JessicaESanchez: @adammshankman hey, lets do miss saigon lol ;)” amazing lol :)

    Jessica : “@adammshankman oscars 2014 :)”

    I’m probably reading wayyy too much into this, but Les Miserable and Miss Saigon (the broadway shows) are both produced by Sir Cameron Mackintosh. He produced the Les Miserable movie too.

    He recently mentioned recently mentioned that the production of a ‘Miss Saigon’ movie will depend on whether or not Les Miz is a box office hit. So since Les Miz is on it’s way to being the box office hit they wanted,Sir Cameron Mackintosh’s next move would presumably be the production of Miss Saigon.

    Again I’m probably reading too much into what might have been a few playful tweets, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Jessica is auditioning for the role or hear Jessica’s name come up when they starting talking seriously about the movie, especially if her stint on Glee is a success.

  • Lion's DENN

    Jessica was, in fact, asked in a TV interview when the Idols were in Manila whether the rumors linking her to Miss Saigon were true and she said they were just rumors. Jessica did say that she would audition for the role if the creators decide to do Miss Saigon the movie, and Hee Jun teased her that she was ‘horrible’ at acting. Incidentally, Macintosh’s group was in Manila a few months ago to conduct auditions for the re-staging of the musical at West End.

  • raya

    I thought Jessica’s tweets with Adam had very much a joking “inside joke” kind of feel.  Probably in the sense that everybody asks her about Ms. Saigon when really, at least when she last discussed, it’s not something that was ever on the table.

    That said, I think a lot of her fans that are so anxious for her to do Ms. Saigon and think she’s perfect for the role tend to be getting ahead of themselves.  It’s a heavy musical.  This isn’t Hairspray or Rock of Ages.  It’s more Les Mis. They’re not going to cast somebody in the lead who doesn’t have decent acting chops.  Jessica hasn’t even done Glee yet, so her acting talent is an unknown quantity.  The assumption that just because you look a part and can sing your face off, therefore you must be able to act (I suppose the opposite of Adam’s complaints about Les Mis), is kind of silly.  Jessica might turn out to be a decent actress, but I don’t think she’s ready for something like this.

  • ali_359921

     I agree ..

  • Jenny Williams

     You’re probably right, and I’m probably over-analyzing a simple conversation. And she did deny all rumors the last time she was asked about it.

    As for her acting skills, we don’t know if she’s a good actress or not yet. Remember, no one knew Jennifer Hudson could act until her debut role in Dreamgirls. If she ever was interested in auditioning for the role, I’d say go for it. You never know what you can do well until you try. I tried looking at the synopsis of Miss Saigon and whilst it’s a complex role, if Jay has gift in the field of acting, then I’m guessing it’s something she’d do with the right amount of guidance.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Jason Morey, a 19 record exec, told MTV”

    Considering that Jason Morey is the “executive vice president and worldwide head of music for 19 Entertainment”, I’m glad that the quotes about Jessice are attributed to someone who is at the top of 19E and not just some random executive.

  • IrisandLilies

    The collaboration with Ne-Yo could be a double-edged sword.  If radio is more likely to play the song because of Ne-Yo, then, I would think, the song has to sound like a Ne-Yo song, meaning that Ne-Yo’s singing is the focal point of the song, not Jessica’s.  I doubt that Jessica would get airplay for a second song merely on the basis of having been a “back-up singer” on a Ne-Yo song.     

  • Eilonwy

    I doubt that Jessica would get airplay for a second song merely on the basis of having been a “back-up singer” on a Ne-Yo song.    

    She probably wouldn’t, but since a duet isn’t a “back-up singer” situation, that concern doesn’t apply here. Interscope’s ept handling of Idols from S11 suggests it’s a bit too smart to try to launch a Sanchez as a back-up singer.

    A duet actually involves more prominence for Sanchez than the more typical “featured” roles that are used in songs to launch newbie singers. Since there are plenty of examples of “featured” working as a launch mechanism — where radio does play subsequent songs from a person launched as “featured” — I can’t see why having a larger role would create some sort of handicap.

  • Mateja Praznik

    One hit single is not enough for an artist to become established. If Jessica’s first single becomes a hit, that won’t mean a thing for the second one.

  • windmills

    Well, this is promising :) I wasn’t too happy about that Fairytale song so I’m hoping Jessica’s found/cowrote songs that are better showcases for her. Good luck Jessica, I’m excited to hear her new material.

  • Aaron

    Of course! Why the hell would they want to market Jessica to old, southern women? 

  • ali_359921

    IA ..  “established” is a strong word … Sometimes, I find it hard to describe any Idol alumni with that

  • raya

    Of course one single being a hit is not enough to an establish an artist, but it would be a start.  That is true for anyone, whether from Idol or not.  But I would imagine Jessica would have a greater shot at a second single being a hit if her first one, a duet with Ne-Yo, were to become a hit.  All the label can do right now is give Jessica the best possible shot to succeed.  I don’t really get the doom and gloom and how it’s a bad sign for Jessica that her label hooked her up with one of the hottest R&B guys in the business right now.  Maybe their gamble won’t work, but it certainly doesn’t say anything bad about Jessica and her chances.  If anything it should say something positive that Ne-Yo was on board for doing a duet with a relative unknown.

    Jenny- I agree with you on the Ms. Saigon bit.  Of course Jessica could turn out to be an amazing actress and she has nothing to lose trying out.  She should go for it if that is something she seriously wants to pursue.  My only point was about some of her fans who just sort of leap to Jessica being perfect for the part because she looks a certain way and can sing her face off.  I don’t think some realize the dramatic heft of that show.  I’m in a let’s let her get her feet wet on Glee first before we have her stage accepting Oscars mode basically.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I hope that 19 is sincere in their efforts “to develop Jessica into an artist with longevity”, because she faces a real challenge in transcending the Idol viewing/voting audience who are not very representative of the target audience that she seems to want to reach.

  • girlygirltoo

    Honestly, I’d love to see Lea Salonga reprise her role in the movie version of Ms Saigon. She was amazing in the Broadway show. But, unfortunately, at 41, she’s too old for the part.

    Whether Jessica gains real momentum of this duet with Ne-Yo will (IMO) depend a lot on what her role in the song is. If it is mainly a Ne-Yo song with her singing just the hook, that might be less of a boost for her career than if she sings the majority of the song and he does the hook, or if it is a true duet, for example.

  • usedtobelucy

    “Honestly, I’d love to see Lea Salonga reprise her role in the movie
    version of Ms Saigon. She was amazing in the Broadway show. But,
    unfortunately, at 41, she’s too old for the part.”

    Yeah, but I, for one, would be willing to squint throughout the movie to sustain the illusion of her being her younger self. ha. Talk about somebody with both singing and acting talent to burn.

  • standtotheright

    I don’t really get the doom and gloom and how it’s a bad sign for Jessica that her label hooked her up with one of the hottest R&B guys in the business right now. Maybe their gamble won’t work, but it certainly doesn’t say anything bad about Jessica and her chances. If anything it should say something positive that Ne-Yo was on board for doing a duet with a relative unknown.

    Exactly. It may not work, but at least it’s a sensible strategy, backed by a launch that is making the best of the late timing and other media opportunities. I hope Glee’s ratings are stable over the rest of the season for her sake.

  • irockhard

    The momentum she’s lost could hurt her (see Haley Reinhart) but taking a page out of the Jordin Sparks playbook is a very good idea. Pity it wasn’t done earlier, they really couldn’t get a single (not an album, a single) out before the end of 2012? If they did I’d be a bit more confident about her chances. As for Glee, ratings for that show are pretty bad lately so I don’t see how that will help anymore than a performance slot on AI will.

  • Mateja Praznik

     I think labels are hesitant to put debut singles out in September or October without an album to follow by the end of the year. Quarter 4 is so competitive, and Jessica’s single would have to compete with all singles from artists that planned to release their albums by the end of the year.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    I think she lost a lot of ground too from her Idol stardom. Meh….never appealed to me. Nice strong technical skills…..never loved her tone. Good luck anyway…