Jennifer Lopez Song Leak - "On The Floor" feat. Pitbull

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A new song from Jennifer Lopez has leaked on the internets! Listen while you can kids. The song, “On The Floor” feat. Pitbull was produced by RedOne (he’s produced for Lady Gaga and did a little unreleased work in the studio with Adam Lambert).

Ryan Seacrest tweeted that he’ll be debuting the song on his radio show early next week.

Audio after the JUMP…

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  • Mateja


    But JLo’s song is a good one.

    RedOne also worked with X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. Her song “Start Without You” also reminds me of another song, I just don’t know which one.

  • silverwings

    Enjoyed that a LOT more than Britney’s new one, that’s for sure.

  • iknowitall

    She doesn’t look like Jennifer Lopez anymore. What did she
    have done. Only Peyton Manning beats her in the forehead

  • iknowitall

    Really like this song tho. It doesn’t need Pitbull at all.

  • Valentin432

    Well, I Guess we can expect a Selena Gomez/Willow Smith version of La Macarena next year.

  • Madman

    Good song but it’s a bit too late for it, no? Sounds like a summer smash… I’m just not sure it will do that well at this time of year, especially with her name attached to it.

  • Mtlfan

    Good song. I like it much better than Britney’s new one.
    But then I’m a bit partial to JLo; I used to work out listening to her music sometimes :)

  • yaddabing

    MUCH better than Louboutins and Do It Well. Seems like a label switch was a good move.

  • oza902

    I like it, but JLo still sounds like a chipmunk. Pitbull has a sexy voice.. the song will do well. :) I also think this is better than Britney’s new song. I hate her new song and I’ve been on the Britney train for some time. Hopefully, her Toxic days aren’t over.

    Is it me or is the Lambada vibe making a comeback? There’s another popular song out there that screams Lambada right now also.

  • GreenHippo

    Although this is not my “cup of tea”, I like it WAY better then that Britney Spears crap. Yay JLo!

  • LoveDaRocker

    Where is the artist?
    The first full minute is techno beats and Pitbull, the main riff is a rip-off of a Lambada song, and JLo sounds like a whispering chipmunk.
    Seems like she is trying to capitalize on Idol to put her music out there again, but if the music fails, doesn’t that undermines her credibility?