Idol Headlines for 3/22/13

‘American Idol’ Takes on the Beatles: 10 Things You Didn’t See on TV – 1. Before the top nine delved into the songbook of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Ryan Seacrest had some results to announce — the winner of the sing-off between Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew for the 11th spot on the summer Idol tour. While the results were hidden on a card Seacrest was holding, sharp-eyed members of the audience could have figured out the result prior to the reveal. That’s because there was a camera crew trained on Aubrey’s mother Renee and Aubrey’s boyfriend Alex. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’ Burning Questions: How is Paul Jolley Handling the Harsh Critiques? Why is Season 12 All About the Ballads? – Jolley would be lying if he said the negativity wasn’t getting to him. “It’s the thing that makes me feel so alone,” he told THR after performing The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” “I feel like I’m working so hard for every comment that I’m getting. It’s hard to keep my confidence level up and not cry, because I’m an emotional person. I wish I had time to write a song. I would’ve written a whole album right now.” This, of course, begs the question: What would it be called? “Alone,” he says with a sigh, adding: “I do feel a little homesick, but that’s OK because everybody does. I’m here living the dream.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Q&A: Paul Jolley on Negativity, Country-Pop Plans and Knowing He Was a Goner on ‘American Idol’ – Is there some relief at least that the roller coaster of the show is done? Well, I woke up this morning – and I’ve been telling everyone this because it really did happen, I’m not just saying this — but I woke up and I had my moment with God and I realized, I’m going home today. I knew it in my heart – 100% — and I was prepared for it because deep down inside, I gave it my all. In the end, God has the bigger plan and that’s all that matters. – Read more at Billboard

Eliminated ‘American Idol’ Finalist Paul Jolley: ‘All These Fans Means I’m Not Alone Anymore’ – Jolley might be done with song selection and rehearsing but he does have the future mapped out. “I want to be a country-pop artist,” he declared. “I’m not going to stop doing what I believe and know I can accomplish. I’m going to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry — that has been a lifetime goal of mine ever since I was a little kid. It was the first place I ever went to see a show.” “Now that I’ve been on Idol, I’m moving forward in my journey through life. And having all these fans means I’m not alone anymore. They’re going to be there for me 100 percent.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

American Idol’s Paul Jolley Talks Country Music — and Ryan Seacrest’s Breakup! – What did you think of Mariah saying you should record a dance album? You know what, I respect her saying that but I want to stay to my roots. I was born and raised in the country. I was born and raised on stories, and that’s what I relate to most. I don’t want to go and sing about this random stuff — let’s go to the party and dance and go have a beer. That’s not me, that’s what most of that is. That’s what I love about country. That’s why I said I looked at the lyrics before I looked at anything else because that’s where a song starts and that’s why I want to stay with country music. -Read more at Wetpaint

10 Questions for Paul Jolley | Interview | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

‘American Idol’: Candice Glover Reveals Huge Gift From Her Hometown – “My hometown actually raised money so my parents could afford to come out here,” she told The Hollywood Reporter’s Idol Worship. “They’re really generous when it comes to someone who’s from there. I really appreciate it.” So how did having her family in the audience help Glover on Wednesday night? – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’ Alum Jessica Sanchez on Upcoming ‘Glee’ Role: ‘I’m All About Risqué’ – As it turns out, the 17-year-old Chula Vista, Calif. native is not that innocent, telling The Hollywood Reporter that she’s approaching her upcoming two-episode arc on Glee (airing May 2 and May 9) by being ready for just about anything. “I’m all about risqué — I love that stuff,” she says proudly. “I love to be creative — that’s what the entertainment business is about. You have to be out there sometimes, and Glee is so colorful and unexpected with everything. I’m really excited to see what they have planned for those episodes.” One thing she hopes will happen: a scene shared with Naya Rivera. “I love me some Santana, she’s amazing,” says Sanchez. “I can’t wait to meet her. I hope I get to.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Jessica Sanchez – Life after American Idol

Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez chats with Access about returning to the “American Idol” and how her life has changed since the show. Also, she dishes on her guest appearance for “Glee.”

Phillip Phillips answers 10 for Tap

Lauren Alaina, Boyfriend Have ‘Lucky’ Relationship – FilmMagic
Lauren Alaina is a regular 18-year-old high school senior, who spends time with friends, is ready to graduate and dates on the weekends. However, her less than ordinary “after school job” has already started to affect her social life. “It’s hard, when you’re in this business, to find people who accept this life,” Lauren tells The Boot. “Our schedules make it so we’re always gone working, and then when we’re home, our family, everyone, wants to see us. Finding the right person who can be faithful and be good to you while you’re gone and understand what’s going on is hard to find.” – Read more at The Boot

Stefano Sings Last Day for Clevver TV

IDOL IN A MINUTE: The Beatles Get Butchered, Paul Is Dead

‘The Voice’: 10 Season 4 Survival Tips from Past Contestants – 1. When THR asked the contestants for their number one tip for competing on The Voice, they unanimously echoed the words of the season’s winner. “All they have to remember is to be themselves,” says Cassadee Pope, whose win also gave Blake Shelton a second championship. “Authenticity draws people in, and it’s what the audience relates to the most.” Pope is set to tour this summer with Rascal Flatts and star in an upcoming CMT reality show. – Read more at The Voice

As Ratings Fall for Fox’s ‘American Idol,’ Advertisers Likely to Stay Put – Viewers may be leaving “American Idol,” but the show’s sponsors are not following suit. The venerable Fox musical popularity contest this season to date has an average audience of about 14.1 million, according to data from ad buyer Horizon, a dip of around 20% from last year at this time. And while viewer interest may be shifting, advertisers continue to be enamored with Ryan Seacrest and the program’s ever-shifting roster of celebrity judges. “The Wednesday edition is still the third-highest rated on adults 18 to 49, and Thursday’s comes in sixth or seventh. Both editions are still top five or top ten programs,” said Jason Maltby, a senior TV-buying executive at Mindshare, a large media-buying agency. “As long as the value proposition is there, I think people will stay in the show.” – Read more at Variety

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  • Axxxel

    Oh Jim Cantiello… eternal Kris Allen fan ! LOL…

  • Derrick Johnson

    And if Paul stay’s on that country route he will go nowhere because his voice is well suited for Pop/Rock like Keith said

  • Lexie O’Neill

    This may have been lost since I posted it on yesterday’s headlines after that thread was done…

    Scotty was on ESPN last night and did a great job.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Score another hit for Jim. lol

  • mad1son

    And having all these fans means I’m not alone anymore. They’re going to be there for me 100 percent.”

    Oh, Paul. The poor guy is in for a rude awakening.

  • mtlfan2

    Jim!! score! He’s so funny. I love his Kris plug every once in a while :)

  • Lucie Laniel

    Scotty sure did a super job last night. He did bring it full blast at the end and he probably could pursue a job as a commentator if he wanted to. Does he know his sports or does he not? Good job Scotty.

  • David Facenfield

    paul wouldn’t be credible in either pop/rock or pop/country… nothing to do with his voice… more to do with his image, persona etc…
    outside of musical theatre or AC he stands no chance… IMO

  • David Facenfield

    Jim was spot on again was his summing up… esp the ‘no-one knew the beatles or their songs’ and ‘balladeer idol’ bits… rofl at description of Jessica & Casey performances… also cute fan-boy reference to Kris, with album cover…
    interesting article on how ratings appears to have no impact on advertising for AI…

  • tripp_ncwy

    Z100: WATCH: Emblem3 Interview + Acoustic Performance
    ‘The X-Factor’ finalists stop by to chat with JJ & perform their new song “Chloe” live in the studio!
    Read more:

  • ali_359921

    I swear Jessica seems like a pro in her interviews .. easy to talk to,really nice answers.

  • Bonnie DeMoss

    Love the article about Lauren. It is obvious she’s really happy right now, about to graduate, singing GREAT, and tweeting happily with her new BF, who she has actually been dating since last summer.

  • curly_yenta

    Posted yesterday, Taylor Hicks is included in a photo gallery of best moments of Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno (in an article about it’s supposed move from LA to NY)

  • windmills

    Yesterday, Lauren was writing with April Geesbreght (who cowrote Dirt Road Prayer on Lauren’s debut album, the best track) and Nelly Joy (aka Danelle Leverett, formerly one half of the Jane Dear Girls and cowriter of Kelly Clarkson’s The Sun Will Rise) according to this tweet with a picture:

    Yesterday was musical magic w @Lauren_Alaina & @aprilgeesbreght ! Two amazing songs with two incredible people!:)

  • ptebwwong

    Interesting how most of the judges don’t agree with Jimmy’s critiques. Keith is the only judge who usually agrees with Jimmy. That makes sense. IMO he’s the best judge on the panel and has a good sense of who would actually be successful “in the real world.”

  • ptebwwong

    The big advertisers for Idol such as Coke and Ford will stay put. But I think there will definitely be budget cuts.

    We are already starting IMO to see them. The Ford music videos are gone now. I think the music videos will be gone the whole season. It’s possible there will be a music video for the final 2 to reminisce about the season & other contestants. I do think Ford will keep giving cars to the final 2.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Scotty is in Nashville and this morning he tweeted.

    Scotty McCreery ?@ScottyMcCreery 3h
    Just had a nice writing session, now ready to watch the @PackMensBball game somewhere here in Nashville! #GoPack

    Hoping whatever he wrote makes the cut. And Ugh! NCState lost this afternoon.

  • elliegrll

    Keith isn’t critical of anyone, so I don’t know how he can be seen as having the same opinions as Jimmy, who is always very direct and blunt.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Yesterday Scotty was in Nashville and had a photo shoot. Thinking for the new single and new album.
    Jeremy Cowart ?@jeremycowart 6m
    Awesome shoot today with American Idol winner @scottymcreery. Photo bomb by @ondrace

  • windmills

    I actually think Keith tries to slide in little comments about what the person could’ve done better (to Candice about going for it more than she did, to Angela about how she’s clearly thinking about pleasing the judges/Jimmy & the audience instead of just singing the song). But he backed off the Angela comment by saying he didn’t mind her overthinking, and he’s giving such a positive frame for anything he says that it doesn’t seem like he’s being critical.

  • tripp_ncwy

    OK Mag: Kris Allen Reveals His Pregnant Wife Katy O’Connell Is Having a Boy!
    Read more:

  • ptebwwong

    Keith isn’t overly critical or mean. But he does give constructive criticism in between all the positive comments. For example, this week he told Lazaro he needed to find a song with the right key for him.

    He still says positive comments. But there are constructive comments in the mix. Actually, the majority of the comments he’s made towards a contestant since live shows started has included 1 positive comment and a comment/suggestion to help them in the future.

  • tucker davis

    Did P2 kill the Ford music videos…lol ?

  • durbesque

    Anybody know how to keep track of James’ shows?
    durbinrock is deserted, no current info.

  • irockhard

    Unfortunately James management likes to do things at the last minute and not inform anyone in advanced, even him. He did recently tweet that we should keep an eye on his Facebook page. God I can’t wait till he’s done with 19M!

  • David Facenfield

    total LULZ at the DJ’s comment… ‘the song could be about Lady Edith from Downton Abbey’… band start to sing… opening line is… ‘I know your sister turns everyone on, but you’re the one I want’… rofl

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t see him being a pop/rock or a country/pop artist, TBH.

  • girlygirltoo

    Paul seems to have very ambitious plans for his future…clothing line, jewelry designer, putting out an album. I hope he is going to be realistic about all this…

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I think that’s one of the things missing from this season…the stuff that makes the contestants people. The videos in S10 were great–loved the house footage, etc.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Looks like both Scotty and Lauren are doing a good bit of writing–great for them!!

  • Karen C

    Paul definately doesn’t have a pop/rock voice. Not enough of an edge on songs like Alone, and even Eleanor Rigby. Probably country pop is really better for him, I thought his best performance was Amazed.
    I just don’t think he’s a very strong performer. It shows that someone has to be more than just a cute white guy to win.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Hoping Paul can still realize his dream of a country career if this is what he really wants.

  • ptebwwong

    They don’t have house footage this year because they are staying in apartments this year. In the past Idol seasons where they were staying in apartments (Ex. S7 and S9), they didn’t show segments about where they were staying.

  • Bug Menot

    Keith gives critical feedback, but he’s not blunt like Jimmy, callous like Randy for the sake of show, or abrupt like Nicki.

  • Anny_nanny
  • ali_359921

    Loved the acoustic “Tonight” , I just wish that those guys were more into the song

  • mchcat

    I enjoyed this – he is so articulate. He had fun and it showed.

  • mchcat

    We are certainly hoping

  • MissMyEm

    Jim…cracks me up. I love how he showed Kris’ album at the end of this. And speaking of Kris, apparently the news of his baby has been picked up by European sources and is exploding all over the internet. I’m so happy for him and Katy. Also a guy name Jake from Boise, ID posted on FB that he will be playing in Kris’ band the whole month of April, when they do Round 2 of the Out Alive Tour.

  • Madilo